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Open Communication . Built on Respect

The essence of our culture is openness. Ideas, suggestions and advice are all welcomed, as confirmed by 85% of our employees. Constructive feedback is both given and received. We encourage total honesty, while never compromising on the highest respect for each other.

Culture of Trust . Enabled by Ownership

We trust people to execute on their full potential in every role – a fact stated by 93% of our teammates. We don’t micromanage or limit anyone. By respecting our unique capabilities and wide range of skills, we build teams that deliver via true ownership.

Real Impact . Achieved Through Technology

We strive to implement tangible solutions with a measurable impact. 90% of us are convinced we provide our clients valuable and professional services. By remaining flexible with the top technologies at our disposal, we never compromise on the key objective – real business value that showcases our full potential.

Project Teams . Empowered to Decide

Critical decisions in our company are made by project teams. 88% of our colleagues say they have the option to choose the approach they think is best. This is our way of taking challenges in stride, solving problems together and sharing in success: true teamwork where everyone matters.

Expert Knowledge . Shared for Growth

We provide every chance to develop. This is confirmed by 93% of our teammates, who believe that everyone here is willing to share knowledge and help others. We stay ahead of industry standards and new technologies, as well as implement training and hands-on experience to ensure that you can fully execute on your growth.

Versatile Projects . Driving Your Skills

Versatility lets us master an increasing range of skills and answer every challenge that comes our way. 96% of our team enjoy collaborating with their teammates to solve them. When every project is different, the learning curve never flattens. The motivation to progress and broaden expertise drives us strongly in every task.

* statistics pulled from engagement and satisfaction survey August 2022


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Culture of Trust
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Our Culture . Join In

Honesty, transparency and continued development. Unity Group operates under constant learning and knowledge sharing, for both our internal staff and our clients. Great partnerships are about shared goals
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Remote work as an option

Our organizational culture prefers working from the office, because this is what builds a true team spirit. Nevertheless, regardless the reason for remote work (i.e. family, health, logistics), we fully rely on your reasoning. 

Flexible working hours

There are some early birds among us and there are also those who prefer to stay in bed longer. Whether it’s your biological clock or home routine, we want you to start your work at the time that suits you and your team most.  

Choosing a form of collaboration

Do you prefer a regular contract of employment or being an independent B2B contractor? Choose the form of cooperation that will be most beneficial for you! We want you to draw as much as possible from our cooperation and still have a feel of security.  

Peer teaching

Not only do we encourage our employees to develop and acquire knowledge but to share it, too. We have a regular series of internal meetings dedicated to peer teaching on technical, managerial or sales skills, and – what is absolutely our thing – E-commerce Academy. 


We all know that certification in the IT industry is important. Consequently, we help our employees to obtain certificates in subjective technologies, by offering substantive support, extra time for learning, taking care of processing ourselves and even offering co-financing help.  

Internal and external trainings

Whether internal or external training is required, and whatever kind of skills are to be developed – soft or hard – we are always happy to use our training budget in order to improve the quality and performance of both individuals and the whole team.  

Learning English

Since we are more involved in global projects, we focus on learning English, especially business and technical aspects. Depending on your entry level, we offer various forms of teaching – offline group classes, e-learning, hybrid or individual lessons.  

Medical package

Health is the most important! We will take care of yours with our medical packages in 3 different options, with pricing from 1 PLN. Here we can also help you take care of your beloved ones – we offer medical care packages for individuals and whole families.    

Life insurance

Living with a good insurance policy is much serene nowadays, isn’t it? For the sake of your peace of mind, we offer group insurance packages in 3 different options, for our employees and their relatives. 

MultiSport card

At Unity Group, we believe that physical activity is necessary to achieve our complete well-being and we always encourage this with group sport adventures. In the meantime, we promote staying in shape by co-funding MultiSport cards for our employees and their sparring partners.  

Integration and sports events  

Working together is cool but integrating afterwards is even cooler!   From team-building trips for whole departments, through to participation in the company’s soccer team or external running events, to a bowling or board-game night out – there is something for everyone.   

Bike parking

For some people, it is the best way to wake up in the morning and, for others, to get to work. If you decide to arrive by bicycle, you can use our facilities – covered parking and shower rooms. And you will also be sharing that with our roller-skaters, skateboarders, segwayers… 

Car parking 

However, if for some reason you prefer to stick to your private car, we respect that, too. In such a case, we offer co-financing of a dedicated parking space in our office parking lot, so your car is always at your fingertips and stored in safely.   

Meet the U Team
/ Our Colleagues

Tomasz Czapiga

Senior MS Programmer

Tomek translates customer expectations into the problem-busting code behind new solutions and applications. But, to get to work, he uses roller-skates – he loves them and actively supports a non-profit association teaching the sport to the wider community.

Malwina Krupa

Head of Operational Efficiency and Processes

Aside from her role as a Head of Operational Efficiency and Processe, Malwina is our resident polyglot, able to speak more than a couple of foreign languages fluently. As a licensed diver, climbing enthusiast and former professional gymnast, she knows that she can achieve anything through hard work.

Tomasz Kaczmarek

PHP Architect

Tomek is a Master of Philosophy who spent the longest part of his professional life building and installing tram switches, alongside a month working in a coal mine. However, we think he’s much happier designing, creating and maintaining e-commerce solutions with us.

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Ask Any Question

Can I work remotely?

Depending on the project, remote work is allowed in some scope. Some of our teams work completely remotely, but there are also those that work 100% from the office due to the specifics of the client. However, at the moment, due to the pandemic, the situation is dynamic, with all possibilities analyzed individually and on the fly. Currently, we mostly work in a hybrid model.

Can I work part-time?

The vast majority of our projects require full-time commitment. However, there are some projects in which we can offer a part-time job - these offers are usually addressed to specialists at junior levels and are often chosen by students who search for the opportunity to combine study and work in this way.

What are the working hours?

Generally, we try to start work before 9:30, but we are flexible here, too. Surely the "zero hour" is the first appointment of the day. To a large extent, the working hours depend on the specifics of the client, the project and the work system for which the team will make an appointment.

Can I count on participation in training / courses / certification?

Yes, we have a number of internal training initiatives, focused on both hard and soft skills. We are also happy to assist in the organization of external training and certification, depending on the needs and objectives agreed with your team manager. Knowledge sharing and development initiatives are strongly developed within Unity Group. These include, among others: Unity Tech Talks (expert discussions about technology/implementation), Codersi (a series of meetings dedicated to PHP programmers), Technical Leader Academy, Manager Academy, Commerce Academy (a series of development workshops), Sales Academy, Unity Summer School and workshops for developing communication skills (business communication, feedback, teamwork etc.).

Does the company have a dress code?

No, we do not have a dress code. Of course, you should dress appropriately for the situation, such as when you have a meeting with a business client scheduled for that day. In general, we believe in the principle that everyone dresses in what he or she feels best.

What forms of cooperation do we offer?

We offer both a standard employment contract and cooperation on a B2B basis. You can decide which form is the best for you, so that you can benefit from our cooperation as much as possible and still have a sense of stability.

Will I get feedback after the recruitment interview?

Of course! Feedback culture is the foundation of our organization. Typically, you’ll know when you will receive feedback at the end of the recruiment interview. We always try to get back to candidates within 7 days.

How long does the recruitment process take?

While valuing the time of all parties involved, we always try to shorten the recruitment process to a minimum - we contact the applicant as soon as possible, arrange one or two meetings and make a decision regarding potential cooperation as quickly as we can. We make every effort to ensure that the whole recruitment process does not last more than 2 weeks.

What does the recruitment process look like and who will be present at the meetings?

Our recruitment process usually consists of 3 stages: (1) a telephone conversation with the recruiter, (2) a meeting on the spot in the office or online with the person who is responsible for the recruitment, as well as the immediate supervisor and, finally, (3) a decision to start cooperation and a job offer.

Will I need to speak English every day?

It depends on the project you will be involved in. Surely English is the leading language and it is worth knowing the basics. However, many of our projects are carried out for clients from Poland and here we speak our native language 100%. We also offer English language classes so you will have chance to master it.

How did the epidemic situation affect the company? How does the company cope with the crisis?

Unity Group has existed on the market for almost a quarter of a century and has strong foundations as a result. Moreover, we are experts in digital transformation and, therefore, we work for the currently growing industries, including e-commerce. However, the company always focuses on transparent communication - since the beginning of the pandemic, the Management Board has kept us informed about the health and economic situation of the company, business and production conditions, including all possible scenarios of crisis development and the resulting simulations of the company's financial condition. In our organization, there were neither job cuts nor salary reductions, and our growth in 2020 will be about 25% (CAGR of revenues for the period 1997-2019 is 37%, this year it will be about 50 million PLN).

Will I work directly with the client?

All the projects we carry out are commissioned by external companies. However, the frequency of contact with the client depends on the type of project and the role played in the team. This issue will be clarified at the interview stage while discussing the scope of responsibilities.

Will the company provide me with the necessary equipment to work?

Of course, we provide a complete range of work equipment. However, there are people who still prefer to work with their own equipment and this possibility also exists.

How do we share knowledge in the company?

Knowledge sharing is one of Unity Group's values and we have a number of such bottom-up initiatives in the company. These include (1) Unity Tech Talks - meetings on technology and its applications; (2) Codersi - meetings for PHP programmers; (3) Academy of Technical Leader - a series of development workshops for people who are (or aspire to be) technical leaders; (4) Commerce Academy - a series of lectures around commerce; (5) workshops on developing communication skills with an internal trainer on business communication, feedbacks, teamwork, etc., and (6) English lessons in different configurations and levels.

I sent my CV and did not get an answer. What do I do?

Unfortunately, due to the huge amount of CVs we receive, we are only able to contact selected candidates. However, if you would like to enquire about the status of your application, please contact the recruiter on the job offer directly.

I haven't found a job offer that matches me. What next?

Don’t give up! Prepare your CV and contact one of our recruiters - Kasia or Sabina (contact data available at the bottom of the page). Our company is growing and we are still opening new projects. Even if there is no perfect job offer for you at the moment, we may soon be able to present it to you.

Contact Our
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Sabina Rowińska

Recruitment Lead
+48 605 558 659

Silver Forum
Strzegomska 2-4
53-611 Wroclaw, Poland

Katarzyna Chałas

IT Recruitment Specialist
+48 538 845 596

Silver Forum
Strzegomska 2-4
53-611 Wroclaw, Poland

Patrycja Kołaczek

IT Recruitment Specialist
+48 538 845 594

Silver Forum
Strzegomska 2-4
53-611 Wroclaw, Poland

Anna Żłobicka

IT Recruitment Specialist
+48 532 823 128

Silver Forum
Strzegomska 2-4
53-611 Wroclaw, Poland

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