For over 25 years, Unity Group has been building value for its clients by implementing ambitious and comprehensive business transformation projects. IT services for digital commerce are at the core of our proposition.

Digital Commerce
/ Market Opportunities

It is estimated that in Europe alone the market value of the services offered by Unity Group amounts to EUR 1–4 billion in 2020, with further rapid growth expected over the next 3–5 years.

The market’s current and prospective value is driven by solutions dedicated to both B2C and B2B. Entrepreneurs in both segments invest considerable capital in the development of e-commerce platforms and their infrastructure.

In the case of B2C customers, the long-term budget for those implementations is expected to reach 0.5–2% of revenues from their online sales. With regards to B2B sector, this is a maximum 0.5% of online sales. However, it is the latter group that has the greatest growth potential and the need to catch up when it comes to digital transformation.

With global business turning towards digital channels stronger than ever before, Unity Group intends to further support companies around the world in implementing self-service portals and digital experience platforms that accelerate sales and improve customer engagement, product information, pricing, inventory and order management systems, ensuring business process digitalization for sustained efficiency, robust, scalable and secure IT architecture. This is also supplemented by business intelligence and data analytics solutions to drive modern companies.

“State of Digital Business report revealed that 47% of companies haven’t started their digital transformation yet – while 59% are worried that it might already be too late for them.”

Source: SuperOffice

Unity Group
/ Healthy Growth

We have been transforming the business of our clients <since.1997>. By adding or enabling a digital dimension and helping them to increase their value, we contribute to the growing importance of our company for its stakeholders.

To enable the sustainable and profitable growth of Unity Group, we have built an attractive organizational culture and we follow the philosophy of an agile organization. In this way, our people, their knowledge and their focus on continuous development are the foundation for everything we do. The growth of our company is primarily driven by expert knowledge and experience in implementing solutions that have a real impact on the business of our clients, and – if not above all – engaged, cross-functional teams of specialists in their respective fields.

01 >
Progressive company
  • Organizational culture is our competitive advantage.
  • Agility is in our DNA.
  • People-first approach.
02 >
End-to-end value proposition
  • Competent, experienced and well-cooperating teams.
  • We advise and strive to always go the extra mile.
03 >
Customer success
  • Significant and positive impact on the client’s business.
  • Long lasting relationships.
  • Partnerships we forge result in recommendations.
Sustainable growth
  • Balanced development and profitability.
  • Progress through innovations.
  • M&A activity.

In order to not lose these values as we continue to grow, Unity Group invests in improving internal processes, with a particular emphasis on the development of innovation and offering services that deliver real business value. This allows us to dynamically attract new business, both in Poland and abroad. The increased focus on all those value drivers has lead us to a position of profitable growth over the recent years.

Strategy and Objectives
/ Until 2025

The accelerated growth in the importance of digital transformation due to repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic has reached a massive scale. For many companies, the current situation and the rise of a new normality marks a breakthrough, which, depending on the industry, could mean success or looming failure. For Unity Group, this was definitely the success scenario. Therefore, after many years of strong growth (with CAGR at 37% for 1997–2019 ), we are facing a huge opportunity to enter a higher level of development.

Our People .
The Foundation
  • Unique organizational culture giving us an unparalleled competitive advantage
  • Friendly work environment supporting the development of the employees and the whole company
  • Competent and collaborative teams focused on delivering tangible value for our clients

Digital Commerce Transformation

  • Deliver innovative E2E commerce solutions for retail, wholesale and related industries (automotive, transport, finance)
  • Become a trusted digital transformation advisor and strategic IT solution & service provider for companies across the globe

Global expansion

  • Increase revenue streams from international clients to diversify the business, benefit from increased margins and build global delivery capability
  • Extend international presence, starting with the Nordics, UK, US and DACH
  • Pursue targeted acquisitions in CEE (delivery) and EU & US (Sales and Consulting)

Leader in Poland

  • Become the “top-of-mind” commerce transformation expert in Poland
  • A thought leader through our R&D activities, publications, and industry events
  • Build E2E commerce transformation capabilities, augmenting our own competencies with ”best-of-breed” technology and business partnerships

Our strategy and planned growth come directly from looking many years ahead. Key areas of activity have thus been assigned to the corresponding items on our business development roadmap.

What steps do we plan to take in 2024-2026? The priority is to continue to grow our business in Poland and the DACH region. As a comprehensive partner for the digital transformation of commerce, we will consistently expand the range of services for customers in different market segments and build brand recognition in key sectors.

Unity Group's development strategy is based, on the one hand, on organic business growth, and on the other, on M&A activities, both locally and outside the market.

/ For Investors

Marek Lose

Managing Partner, CFO

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