Data Consulting

Let us advise you on which data to obtain, collect and process. Learn how to draw conclusions in order to make quick and accurate business decisions.

Discover effective methods to improve your company’s results through the expertly-applied use of data.

Data driven mindset

More than just methods, we’ll make data-based actions the foundation of your strategy.


Data handling strategy

Learn the best analytical solutions to implement in your organization and how to handle the collected data.


Documented data governance

We will guarantee the consistency and timeliness of the data and we will ensure that it will always be used in decision-making processes.


Tailor analytics to your needs

Adopt techniques, methods and tools for processing and analyzing data to its full potential.


Optimize current processes

Learn how to draw greater conclusions and how the steps to take for better data analysis and management.


Seeking effective data management?

Without a solid data management strategy, effective business management is impossible today. Duplicated, outdated or otherwise inaccurate data leads to the wrong decisions. Meanwhile, petabytes of unused data represent lost market opportunities. We’ll guide you in developing a comprehensive data management strategy, from streamlining the collection, storage and processing of data, through to analysis and deriving direct business value, all of which ensures the highest levels of data security and privacy.

Unity Group x Data Consulting

For over 20 years, we’ve implemented IT projects for leaders in various industries. As a long term, trusted business partner, we’ve gotten to know the business models of many globally recognized brands. Thanks to our individual approach to every client, we shape these internal strategies to meet each company’s specific needs and challenges.

Data experts

We have extensive competences in building data models and tools for collecting and storing, processing, as well as integrating and analyzing data.


A partnership approach

Our goal is not only the implementation of a single project, but also the long-term growth of your business. Thanks to this approach, we can enjoy the trust of our clients and many years of fruitful cooperation.


Comprehensive end-to-end service

We implement projects comprehensively – from audit, through consulting, to the implementation of appropriate solutions and tools.



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Personalization in E-Commerce / The Basics


When talking face to face, personalization often happens at unconscious level. Interacts are smooth, adapted on the fly to suit the customer’s needs. Shop assistants can guide people to where they need to be and, when it comes to homing in on exactly what someone wants, it’s the fundamental secret to any good salesperson. But online? We must adapt....


QlikSense vs Power BI / A Not So Unbiased BI Software Comparison

Power BI

The Business Intelligence market is vast – there are many options and it’s estimated that no one solution owns more than 20% of the market. In other words, there’s no clear winner – but are there losers? Well, as the title suggests, we want to use this space to talk about QlikSense vs Power BI (the former being the...


E-Commerce Data / 13 Vital Statistics to Track


How do you measure success? It’s not a trick question. With an online business such as e-commerce stores, there’s a whole wealth of information to draw insights from. However, at the same time, it’s easy to get lost in the multitude of data, statistics, tables and charts. That’s why we want to guide through the most essential statistics: what...

Our Data Consulting
/ Hero

Maciej Pondel

Data Science Leader

A graduate of Computer Science at the Faculty of Computer Science and Management of Wroclaw University of Technology. Maciej is also a Doctor of Economics and a lecturer in the Department of Business Intelligence in Management at Wroclaw University of Economics.

Turn Data Into Insights With Expert Guidance

Our knowledge is at your disposal. Want to gain a data-driven strategy from a company that’s helped many large companies already? Contact us and learn how to turn data into profit.