Digital Rail Solutions

Our IT rail solutions can optimize key areas of your business. From wagons and assets management in rail to work maintenance, we've got you covered.


Why Tailor-Made, Rather Than SaaS?

Custom solutions can be more accurate and suitable for the freight industry, especially when considering your company's background and the specific challenges of rail maintenance. From initial to digitalization to advanced benefits, such as predictive maintenace in rail, we'll help you get on top of the technology curve.

Made-to-Measure Precision
Custom solutions are fine-tuned to meet the unique demands of the freight industry, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness.
Data Security
A custom approach prioritizes data security and compliance, safeguarding sensitive freight industry information.
Seamless Integration
Custom solutions integrate effortlessly with existing legacy systems, ensuring a smooth transition of data.
Industry Expertise
Your custom solution is designed with advanced rail maintenance capabilities, offering specialized problem detection.
Adaptive Flexibility
A tailored answer is both scalable and flexible, adapting to evolving industry needs and regulations.
ECM Enabled
With digitalized wagons management in rail, your company can better keep track of maintenance, standards and other vital ECM data.
Hubert Gołębiewski
IT Project Manager
GATX Rail Europe

"Time and again, Unity Group has proven to be an effective partner. Internal stakeholders are impressed with the timeliness and quality of their delivery, as well as with the team’s professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness. Customers can expect an impactful engagement."

What is Rail by Unity Group?

Rail by Unity Group, with a proven track record since 2018, provides innovative data-driven solutions that revolutionize rail maintenance. Leveraging our expertise as a leader in the Polish e-commerce solutions market – well-known under the Unity Group brand – we empower rail industry professionals to optimize their operations. We do this by proactively detecting imperfections and blockers, ensuring better performance, minimized downtime, and leaner maintenance.

Proven Expertise
With a successful track record dating back to 2018, we have a deep understanding of e-commerce solutions and are now pioneering data-driven rail maintenance. Our clients choose us for our extensive experience in delivering results-driven IT solutions.
Advanced Rail Maintenance
Our unique approach to rail maintenance, using data, sensors and automation, sets us apart from competitors. We proactively detect imperfections and blockers, ensuring enhanced performance, minimal downtime and cost-efficient operations.
Comprehensive Solutions
We offer a one-stop solution with our combined web portal, supporting rolling stock maintenance and optimal cost management. Our platform streamlines your operations, making it easier and more efficient to manage your rail maintenance needs.
Our clients trust us to provide dependable, cutting-edge technology and a commitment to their success. We've earned a reputation for reliability and excellence, both in e-commerce solutions and rail maintenance.

Our Realizations
/ Case Studies

Migrating a Wheelset Module to a Centralized Web Portal

GATX Rail Europe

After implementing the centralized shop portal, we helped GATX move over additional key operations for greater efficiency.

<process.optimized>  <work.enhanced>  <options.opened> 

Digitalizing Wagon Repair Verification

GATX Rail Europe

The goal of the project was to pursue a custom, dedicated solution that gave company complete control over documents handling and exchanging.

<business.transformed>  <risks.removed>  <process.automated> 

ECM System for the Siarkopol Railway Transport Plant

The Greenbrier Companies

We’ve helped the client to digitize one of the company’s key areas through creating a system supporting digital transformation.

<process.simplified>  <time.saved>  <efficiency.improved> 

What Value Can You Get? / Our Offer

  • Technology Consulting Workshop
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Maintenance Digitalization
  • Customer Portal

Technology Consulting Workshop

Engage in 1-3 days of enriching sessions with your team and our seasoned experts
Benefit from in-depth business case verification to ensure your strategies are on the right track

Stay updated on current market trends and receive insights into best practice

Access customized recommendations tailored to your unique business needs

Achieve your goals more effectively than ever before

Secure valuable income to supercharge your growth strategy.


Predictive Maintenance

Seamlessly integrate data from telematic devices, sensors, ERP system & RSRD^2 enhancing your operations

Verify data accuracy to ensure the highest quality and reliability

Implement mileage-based and condition-based maintenance models, optimizing your maintenance practices

Execute future mileage prediction, allowing for proactive planning and cost savings

Detect wheelset damage early, preventing costly downtime and ensuring safety

Share valuable data with your customers, fostering transparency and trust in your services.


Maintenance Digitalization

Streamline your order processing for greater efficiency and customer satisfaction

Prepare compelling offers that cater to your customers' needs, driving sales and loyalty

Gather technical data from various sources, such as VPI-08, to enhance product knowledge and decision-making
Implement automatic repair verification, reducing errors and expediting the repair process

Generate comprehensive documentation for improved record-keeping and compliance

Optimize warehouse management, ensuring products are readily available when needed, leading to smoother operations and increased customer satisfaction.


Customer Portal (e.g. Short-Term Rental)

Seamlessly adapt to fluctuating demand with our short-term and mid-term rental options

Eliminate profit loss from idle wagons, ensuring optimal resource utilization
Maximize rental efficiency and resource utilization, boosting profitability

Say goodbye to lengthy communications with our hassle-free online portal

Easily book, inquire, and adjust specifications according to your requirements
Centralize fleet management tasks such as damage reporting, wagon tracking, and service management

Access everything you need in one user-friendly platform, saving time and effort.

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