.NET Core

Compatible with every platform and programming language, the .Net Core framework can smoothly support the delivery of your business solutions.


Boost your business app development with .NET Core. It’s a widely used technology that improves performance and enhances implementation efficiency.

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Optimized cost

.NET Core brings many features that accelerate the development process and reduce costs. It eliminates unnecessary code, requiring less boiler-plate efforts.



Being 100% open-source, .NET Core allows code to run on various OS – Windows, Linux and macOS. It is our choice whenever we develop any type of custom business application on a variety of platforms.


Service-oriented architecture

We often use .NET when working with Web Services, which can be a solution for creating a service-oriented architecture (SOA). It can process all types of XML documents and create any file format.


Better performance

.Net Core is a leading framework when it comes to web application performance testing, enabling the design of high-performance solutions.


Less development work

Framework nugget libraries can be used to optimize code structure. The standardization of .Net and .Net Core packets provides easier migration across future implementations of these platforms.


Open-source framework

As an open source project, .NET Core promotes a more transparent programming process, alongside an active and engaged community.


Why do we recommend .Net Core?

Highly scalable, secure and built by Microsoft, .NET Core is one of our preferred technologies for enterprise application development. Increasingly open-source friendly and equipped with a range of tools and class libraries, it is compatible with virtually every platform and programming language.

Our team relies extensively on .NET MVC & .NET Core to deliver large-scale business solutions, seamlessly integrating them with the other components of our clients’ IT landscape.

All the power of .NET Core, implemented with care!


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Years using .Net Core


.Net Developer Certifications
Gold Microsoft Partnership Certification

Commerce transformation

Alongside consulting projects, we’ve successfully delivered numerous .Net solutions for a wide range of digital transformation projects.

End-to-end approach

We have the capability to design and deliver large-scale implementations, managing the full .NET application development process, starting with a PoC through to product release and on-going maintenance.

Wide range of competencies

We also have expertise in .Net related languages, frameworks and databases: C#, SQL, JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, Kentico Xperience, MS SQL, PostgreSQL.

Goals Achieved
/ with .NET Core

Migrating Scooter Rentals to Azure in Under 24 Hours


A leader in electric scooter manufacturing decided to move the entire system infrastructure from local servers to an Azure cloud-based model.

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Migration to AWS Cloud and Website Maintenance


Domiporta.pl needed to find a new infrastructure provider and team able to quickly migrate the systems to the AWS cloud.

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Digitalizing Wagon Repair Verification

GATX Rail Europe

The goal of the project was to pursue a custom, dedicated solution that gave company complete control over documents handling and exchanging.

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Number of Operated Routes Increased by 183% in 3 Years


The project aimed to improve an existing solution delivered by a previous IT contractor and develop it further.

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Our long expertise in IT projects implementation allows us to provide business solutions that work on our clients' results. Let's talk and create a modern and efficient application together.