Transportation itself can't be digitized, but the essential services and operations that support any delivery or journey can. Whether by land, sea or air, digital innovation plays a greater and more vital role in optimizing productivity and results.


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When it comes to the transport sector, you need custom solutions to get every advantage. From logistics to maintenance and even ordering, intelligent transport systems need to be able to generate insights to help you accelerate past the competition. Such transport software solutions aren’t available off-the-shelf. Due to the complex and unique nature of the industry, you need something with your exact specifications in mind.

Modern Challenges
Modern Solutions

Is data getting lost in between vendors, dispatch operators and even maintenance crews?


A central system, integrated to third-party services, ensures data is never lost and is always up-to-date and accurate for all that need it.


Need a solution that works on the go – not just in the office?


With tablets, smartphones and even IoT, we can provide mobile applications that everyone in the company can use effectively.


Struggling to connect paperwork across locations?


With digitalized documentation, files aren’t only accessible for all, there also delivered and updated in real-time.


Struggling to cope with increasing logistics and routes?


With personalized order management and master data operations, you can overview and control your entire logistics with ease.


Having problems informing clients on what services are currently available?


With integrated solutions, you’ll know where every vehicle or operator is. Clients can book your services in complete confidence.

Anna Chorzelewska
Digital Products Manager, Souter Holdings Poland

"During the implementation of the project, Unity Group quickly and efficiently responded to design changes. At the same time, the implementation team was at our disposal practically around the clock for consultation and implementation planning."

How to get ahead
/ with Transport

Logistics Management
Multi-step and multi-party logistics become much easier to manage – and optimize – once correctly integrated.
Real-Time Updates
Keep accurate updates on where deliveries, vehicles, goods & passengers are with exact information.
Smart Analytics
Fuel and repair costs, route performance and individual vehicle assessments all help your company to accelerate past the competition.
Dynamic Pricing
Automatically adjust pricing to enable offers, sell the most tickets and otherwise keep engagement high.

Defining Features
/ For Transport

There are plenty of areas to improve transport operations – if you know where to look. From physical factors, such as geolocations, to seasonal factors and even customer behaviour, there’s a lot that custom transport software can offer.

Geo Tracking
When everything is on the move, geo location technology ensures you never lose sight of valuable assets.
Fleet Management
Scale your business up efficiently, with each new vehicle integrating with the wider fleet.
Route Optimization
Save costs and improve results by using big data and machine learning solutions to determine the most viable routes.
Ticket Systems
Digitalizing tickets helps users travel without the need for physical paperwork. Fast, efficient and user-friendly.

Our Realizations
/ Case Studies

New Ticket Channel with 2,500+ Points of Sale


Dedicated system for chain of convenience stores equipped with POS - ticket machines enabling customers to purchase bus tickets.

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Mobile Application Based on React Native


Fast, efficient mobile application in JavaScript for two platforms - iOS and Android.

<implementation.optimized>  <process.optimized>  <code.unified> 

A Mobile Revolution in Taxi Travel


We supported the in-ride tablet system for flawless performance and integrated data insights.

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A Custom CMS and Full IT System Integration for Easier Administration and Maintenance


We implemented a CMS to match company's rapidly-changing business needs. The result was increased update speed and lower maintenance costs.

<integration.provided>  <costs.decreased>  <speed.increased> 

Number of Operated Routes Increased by 183% in 3 Years


The project aimed to improve an existing solution delivered by a previous IT contractor and develop it further.

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Transport is Ready for Innovation.
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