IT Solutions for Wholesale Business

Meet client needs, enable real time operations and ensure your business stays adaptable in competitive markets.

How We Help / Digital Transformation in Wholesale

More than typical retail, wholesale business needs to build strong relations with the B2B customers they engage with. Digital platforms and operations can secure loyalty, provide a better experience and expand your business as a result.

With our services, we can ensure clients buy from out not only because you have the essentials they need, but because doing so fits into their busy schedule and provides the best experience and effective option for them.

Digital Channels
Implement new channels that operate 24/7 for greater ease of purchasing.
Connected Sales & Stock
Never lose track of what’s available through automated integration.
Online Payments
Support clients with modern, digital payment methods that are faster and more efficient.
Enhanced Customizations
Give clients a greater level of customization, from unique goods to adjustable orders.
Support Multiple Brands
Produce goods under multiple brands without generating additional, unnecessary work for your internal teams.
Account Management
Gain a full understanding of key clients across multiple accounts, departments and brands.

Our Solutions / For the Wholesale Sector

From custom software to implementing the best technologies on the market, we can find the ideal solutions to upgrade your business and thrive in an increasingly digital world. From client engagement to logistics, we can help you implement the optimal IT solutions.

Product Information Management
Whether it’s cost, material or other business-specific requirements, display the exact features that matter.
Pricing Management
Custom price lists, dynamic pricing and more enable you to customize orders for individual clients.
System Integration
Connect your warehouse, orders, e-commerce store and more for accurate information in real-time.
Product Customization
Let clients tailor their order, whether its by unique volumes or custom requests.
Data Analytics
Visualize activity and gain insights easily from a company-wide level to individual products or customers.
AI solutions for business
Machine Learning
Predict needs, anticipate demand and provide a better customer experience with ML insights.
Loyalty Programs
Reward existing customers and encourage frequent shopping with tailored incentives.
Account Management
With integrated CRM, implement a singular view for accounts at client and employee levels.

Our Realizations
/ Case Studies

Unique Price Management System for B2B Trading Platform


B2B e-commerce platform with a unique price management system to support contractor operations.

<customers.reached>  <accounts.managed>  <users.enabled> 

Marketplace integration with Unilinker

Launch of a New Sales Channel for Marketplace Platforms Using Unilinker

Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

Rapid integration into the marketplace for a distributor of hairdressing products.

<market.expanded>  <process.eficient>  <options.enabled> 

An Online B2B Transaction Channel for Multiple Customer Groups


Enabling online shopping for multiple B2B customer groups.

<customers.reached>  <offering.customized>  <transactions.enabled> 

Integration of ERP and MES Systems Using Apache Camel


We developed a modern integration solution for an acknowledged manufacturer of heating systems.

<information.provided>  <future.enabled>  <stability.ensured> 

Automating the Purchasing Process at a Distributor of Professional Hair Products

Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

The company's aim was to launch an additional online sales channel in order to to further grow its business and reach its customers.

<time.saved>  <safety.guaranteed>  <future.optimized> 


Reliable and Scalable Reporting Environment for Production in the Construction Industry

ViaCon Polska

For the market leader in steel pipe culverts and structural elements, we have modernized the reporting environment in Power BI.

<data.unfied>  <business.integrated>  <work.optimized> 

198% Increase in Conversion Rate With New B2B Platform


The largest distributor and manufacturer of pneumatics has decided to open its sales to all companies and enterprises.

<commerce.transformed>  <conversion.increased>  <sales.increased> 

Easy Product Information Management and Preparation

Selena Group

Selena Group required a system that enabled them to collect and manage product data from one place.

<insights.collected>  <channels.synchronized>  <documents.automated> 

Sales & Product Analysis with Power BI

House of Champagne

A custom solution to enable and analyse sales across both B2B and B2C channels – resulting in a new level of insights and strategic options.

<efficiency.implemented>  <analytics.optimized>  <data.integrated> 

150% Increase in Revenue From Online Sales

Euroterm Polska

Implementation of the ONe platform - the first ready-made business solution dedicated to companies selling in the B2B model.

<sales.increased>  <transaction.optimized>  <online.streamlined> 

A Scalable Solution for B2B Sales

Daniella Villamosag

Implementation of a modern B2B system - the ONe platform, tailored to the needs of the company operating in the B2B sector.

<solution.implemented>  <service.optimized>  <sales.supported> 

Dedicated Platform for Creating a Partner Network


An additional, cost-free sales channel - a modern B2B2C e-commerce system.

<system.implemented>  <platforms.integrated>  <products.supported> 

142% Increase in Revenue From Online Sales


We integrated a sales platform with SIG’s existing ERP system to better enable their 50 branches.

<prize.rewarded>  <sales.increased>  <customers.engaged> 

Dedicated E-Commerce B2B Platform


Supporting B2B orders with a multi-level, online platform for streamlined efficiency.

<sales.supported>  <process.digitilized>  <user.friendly> 

Provision of an Effective Sales Service and Online Store Using AWS


Days such as Black Friday caused a heavy load on the servers that the website became unavailable. This put Lisbon at risk of losing revenue in the mos

<store.optimized>  <costs.reduced>  <availability.maintained> 

Unique Solutions / For Unique Challenges

  • B2B
  • Pricing
  • Warehouse & Distribution


From custom pricing and orders to a dedicated CRM panel, get the complete view of every business relationship. Enable your sales teams to connect both online and offline business, as well as working with multiple accounts from a singular client.



Adapt to market trends and enable pricing in real time, all whilst providing loyal customers with discounts and other incentives.


Warehouse & Distribution

Keep up to date with inventory, update stock levels in real time and backfill products as soon as necessary. Through integration with deliveries, your orders can be sent as quickly as possible, without human error in the middle.


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