AI Chatbot for Business

Chatbot AI is an invaluable tool for supporting both employees and customers.

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Chatbot AI for business, AI Assistant for company.

Chatbot AI helps to unlock business potential and save time. All thanks to automation and the reduction of time-consuming and manual tasks.


Client Support

Artificial intelligence chatbot answers all customer questions at any time.


Feedback Collection & Analysis

AI chatbots give you the opportunity to improve your product or service by collecting customer feedback.


Personalized Recommendations

Based on previous customer actions, AI chatbots increase conversions.


Meeting Scheduling and Planning

By checking the employee's availability in the calendar, an AI chatbot can independently schedule appointments.


AI Chatbot Training

Train an AI-based chatbot to inform customers about new offers and services.


Quickly Analyze Large Volumes of Documentation

The AI chatbot analyzes internal documents and contract proposals, identifying the most sensitive terms.


Wondering How to Effectively Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Company?

There are many ways to apply AI in business, and chatbots based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Large Language Models (LLM) are among the fastest growing technologies. An intelligent virtual assistant provides innovative ways to interact with customers and offer instant support. By integrating an AI chatbot into your business, you can effectively serve multiple customers with accurate and fast answers when they need them.

The capabilities of an AI chatbot go far beyond just being a virtual assistant. It's a powerful tool for streamlining various business processes — analyzing documents, translating, managing orders, improving marketing...

Combined with AI chatbots' ability to learn and improve, these tools are becoming an invaluable support in business.

AI chat bot solutions for any business, AI Assistant for companies

Unity Group x AI in Business

At Unity Group, we have been exploring artificial intelligence since 2018. Our culture of fostering innovation, combined with our ability to successfully deliver projects using agile methodologies, ensures that implementations deliver real business value.

Tangible Business Value

By testing new solutions with AI tools, we guarantee the delivery of a business benefit: a reduction in costs or an increase in customer profit or revenue.


Experienced Team

We have a team of experts - consultants, data scientists, and data engineers - who will unlock the full potential of your data.


Innovative Approach

We strive to streamline processes and improve our customers' operations using the latest AI solutions.


Simple Integration

We innovate, but we don't reinvent the wheel. We're always looking for proven solutions that integrate easily with your current systems.


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Chatbot AI for Enhanced Customer Service

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A chatbot with artificial intelligence has enabled the restaurant to streamline its customer service process

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