From quick apps to enterprise Java development, we can build new innovations for your business.

Java is one of the world’s most recognised and popular languages – and for good reason. It’s versatility, ease of use and range of external support means there’s no problems we can’t overcome.

Cross-platform enabled

With Java Virtual Machines, it’s easy to run Java on your intended servers – regardless of OS.


Ideal for backends

Java thrives in the backend and is great for servers, embedded systems, web apps and more.


Highly supported

Java is one of the most popular languages, period. It’s wide, on-going support only adds to its stability.


Powerful development tools

From modern IDEs and built-in debugging support, Java’s tools allow us to deliver high quality quickly.



Java comes with strong API support out of the box – highly useful for today’s integrations and best practices.


Regularly updated

Because its constantly being updated, Java remains a stable, safe and future-friendly option.


Why do we recommend Java software development?

Because it’s one of the most popular languages around, with a great community to boot, Java application development is always a safe option. It’s well supported – both officially (did we mention it’s open source?) and through numerous libraries, IDEs and other tools – so we can always solve any problem and deliver the best results. Many solutions are also already built on Java, so it’s a great option for integrating or building on top of your initial infrastructure.

Unity Group × Java


Years of experience
End-to-end process


Completed projects

Business knowledge

Our fluent Java skills aren’t enough – that’s why we thoroughly understand your business domain to ensure the best answers & results.

End-to-end process

Java development is just part of a larger process. From design and implementation to ongoing evolution, your business is always supported.

Flexible services

Whether you need a fully dedicated team or temporary, remote Java services, we’ll find the cooperation model to suit.

Wider support

Java is just one weapon in our arsenal. Our tech-agnostic approach means we always use what’s best for your needs.


Java is an ideal native solution for Cloud-based performance, from Lambda to virtual machines. Combined with our expertise in AWS, it’s the perfect combination.

Goals Achieved
/ with Java

Increased Sales & Improved Shopping Experience


A new, innovative, reliable online store, one of the many sales channels for the leader of the electronics & household appliances industry in Poland.

<sales.transformed>  <system.optimized>  <platform.integrated> 

Integrating, Improving & Accelerating Key Systems


Solution integrating existing infrastructure and an employee database with a system for handling, planning and accounting for SAP Concur delegations.

<data.integrated>  <efficiency.implemented>  <solution.delivered> 

API-Based, Highly Available Integration of Over 30 Systems

Volkswagen Group Polska

Efficient transfer and handling of extensive integrations with internal and external systems.

<platform.optimized>  <work.automated>  <system.improved> 

One Step Ahead of the Competition – Interactive Points of Sale


Streamlined and integrated processes, systems and information along the customer journey - Interactive Points of Sales.

<sales.transformed>  <customers.engaged>  <design.mastered> 

Document Circulation System

Volkswagen Group Polska

A modern system for automating the process of ordering products and services - increase in time and cost savings

<process.automated>  <savings.increased>  <permissions.customized> 

Integrated Commerce System (ERP, PIM, WMS, ONe) for 30,000 Products in Omnichannel Model

Euroterm Polska

A commerce system ensuring smooth and failure-free cooperation of ordering, payment, logistics and assortment management systems.

<data.integrated>  <efficiency.implemented>  <solution.delivered> 

E-commerce & M-commerce Website

Leroy Merlin

Designing and implementing a dedicated, extensive e-commerce system, and its mobile version.

<path.optimized>  <application.improved>  <award.won> 

Logistics System

Volkswagen Group Polska

One solution for servicing several companies. Enabling communication of all logistic systems.

<time.saved>  <limits.removed>  <structure.simplified> 

Dedicated Platform for Creating a Partner Network


An additional, cost-free sales channel - a modern B2B2C e-commerce system.

<system.implemented>  <platforms.integrated>  <products.supported> 

Our Experts
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A new website? A new app?
A new server-side system?

Java development can lead to anything your business needs. Let’s talk and explore these options together.