With a proven e-commerce engine, we can launch a fully integrated online store in just a few days!


Shopify is the most popular e-commerce platform available in the subscription model and is already used by over a million online stores in 175 countries.

Unlimited functional possibilities

The platform has all the necessary features to start selling online. As a shop owner, you can develop it in any direction, thanks to dozens of additional features supporting online sales.


Fast implementation

Whether you start selling online or migrate from another technology, you will be able to quickly deploy a store that delivers real value to your customers.


Large variety of templates

With 70 different templates that are easy and intuitive to set up, the Shopify e-commerce platform will allow you to create a store that meets the needs of your brand.


Accessible from any location and on any device

With the Shopify platform, your store runs wherever your customers are - online (social media, marketplace), offline (POS) - and reaches them on different devices.


Intuitive management in the user panel

You will be able to conveniently manage your business in the user panel – which includes all the tools for controlling orders and payments, as well as full analysis and reports, in one place.

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Low implementation & maintenance costs

Depending on your needs (features, number of user accounts and integrating with payments or large scale business) you will be able to choose the right business plan.


Numerous system integrations

All stores implemented on the basis of Shopify can be integrated with various internal systems (e.g. ERP), as well as external systems - payments, courier services, parcel machines and digital marketplaces.


Marketing activities support

Shopify will enable you to conduct marketing activities to best attract the attention of your target customers. You will have tools and support for SEO, social media campaigns, e-mail marketing and many others.


Knowledge about customers

Learn your users shopping habits, in order to better match your offer and promotions to effectively increase conversion rates.


Why do we recommend Shopify?

By implementing an online store using Shopify technology, you get double support for its maintenance – not only will Unity Group's team assist you through ongoing development work, but you will also gain full access to a dedicated team of technology experts on Shopify’s side, who are available 24/7 to solve your every problem.

In addition, the number of stores using Shopify, the number of developers (Shopify Community) involved in the development of this software confirm both its quality and stability, and ensure that it responds to current customer needs by creating further features that can be implemented in the online store.

As a Shopify partner, we also create our own functional add-ons to enhance the capabilities of Shopify and adapt the platform to the requirements of specific industries. When recommending Shopify to our customers, we primarily consider that the platform will allow for advanced projects without the need to modify the source code of the system, while at the same time within a reasonable budget.

All the power of Shopify, implemented with care!


Unity Group × Shopify

Our experienced developers will implement Shopify by drawing on knowledge gained from many extensive e-commerce projects.
As an experienced partner in the digital sales transformation, we will advise you on the best e-commerce solutions that will allow you to successfully start selling online.
Thanks to our technological proficiency we are able to implement a Shopify-based store in a very short time.

E-commerce experts

We’ve worked on many e-commerce projects. We know what you need and how to best address your individual needs.

End-to-end provider

More than just Shopify, we understand your wider range of business needs, providing one partner for all requirements.

Knowledge sharing

In addition to setting your Shopify platform up, we’ll train your internal teams to best use it – enabling them for the future.

Goals Achieved
/ with Shopify

B2B E-commerce Application for Presenting Products During Virtual Fairs

Fabryki Mebli "FORTE" S.A

For an industry leader in the production of high quality furniture, we developed an application to present all available products on virtual fairs.

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Take Advantage Of Shopify With Our Team

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