Ergonode is a comprehensive PIM SaaS solution that offers advanced but easy-to-use product management features.


Thanks to its flexibility, intuitive interface and continuous development, Ergonode is a very valuable tool for manufacturers and distributors, as well as e-commerce store owners who want to effectively manage product information.

Flexible Data Management

Ergonode enables the easy customization of product data management processes to meet your company's needs. Create custom product templates to optimize product card editing.


Personalized Workflows

Increase the efficiency of product management, saving your company time and resources on repetitive tasks.


Multi-Language Management

Ergonode supports product data management in multiple languages, which is extremely useful for companies with international operations.


Friendly Interface

Ergonode's PIM interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to manage product data - even for those without technical knowledge.


Automatic Content Generation

Create descriptions from selected attributes via AI, based on available data, for a faster offer creation process.


Consistent Data & Information

With Ergonode, you can effectively manage product data and other content. It ensures consistent information across different platforms and communication channels, eliminating the risk of outdated or inaccurate data.


Why do we recommend Ergonode's PIM system?

Ergonode’s availability as a SaaS service provides many advantages, including its easy implementation, scalability, regular updates and technical support from the provider. Users can focus on product data management, while the maintenance and upkeep of the entire infrastructure lies with the service provider: Ergonode.

What’s more, the Ergonode PIM provides a data model that can be flexibly extended, customized and expanded as the business grows. A configurable workflow allows users to customize product management processes to better suit their specific requirements and organization structure.

As it supports data imports and exports, product information can be easily transferred between different systems. Ergonode also allows users to save views, making it easy to access pre-configured data layouts.

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Ergonode helps e-commerce teams work with products

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