System Integration

The fast, reliable and secure integration of IT systems that will increase your business potential.


Take care of efficient and secure data flow between IT systems to improve the efficiency of your business and enable its rapid scaling.

Fast, easy IT development

Take care of efficient and secure data flow between IT systems to improve the efficiency of your business and enable its rapid scaling.


Streamlined business processes

Guarantee a reliable flow of information between IT systems and streamline business processes.


High level of security

Take care of security and continuity of connections between IT systems.


Reliable data systems

Create reports and use analytics to make decisions based on reliable and complete data.


Elimination of point-to-point connections

Remove the problematic maintenance and development of IT architecture, replaced with direct connections between systems and applications.


Reusability of API

Save time and reduce deployment costs with the ability to reuse once prepared APIs.


How do system integration services make a difference?

Are you planning to implement e-commerce or other IT solutions that will increase your business competitiveness? Do you want to improve data flow between IT systems? Do you have a problem with efficiency or failure rate?

Effective integration of IT systems, based on modern solutions such as microservices or enterprise service bus (ESB), will not only streamline existing processes in your company, but also allow for quick and effective implementation of new business initiatives.

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Bernard Golko
E-commerce / Digital Director Europe & Board member

"The works carried out under the legacy system transformation project allowed us to increase the number of serviced routes by 183% and accelerate the operation of the entire ticketing system."

Unity Group
x System Integration

With more than 20 years of experience, we know that a reliable approach to risk, full transparency with our clients at every stage of the project, and agile implementation are key in IT projects. We offer comprehensive services for the integration of IT systems - from consulting and design, through to implementation, maintenance (complete with SLA) and development.

We will gladly listen to your individual needs and requirements to select the optimal integration solution for your company.

Short time-to-market

We are committed to AgilePM - we incremental builds, we focus on your business needs to deliver software that works without delay.


Trusted technologies

We’re an official partner of MuleSoft. We also use microservices, API and cloud-based solutions, alongside our wider competencies.


Maintenance and development

We provide software development and maintenance services via SLA. We also make sure that our solutions are technologically up-to-date and meet security requirements.


Transparency & close cooperation

We are transparent. We use proven communication tools such as Jira, Slack to keep you informed about project progress.


Stability & safety

We ensure the stability of business-critical connections between systems and their effective monitoring, high availability and efficiency.


Upskilled for independency

Working closely with your team, we will raise their competences necessary to maintain and develop the implemented integration platform and prepare them for future challenges.



Years of experience


Implemented integration projects


Specialists in integration
Krzysztof Jeger
Head of IT Systems Integration and Maintenance Team
Volkswagen Group Polska

"The Anypoint Platform solution and the Mule ESB service bus, both maintained and developed by Unity Group, are a key part of our IT architecture and are the foundation for the development towards harnessing the potential of digital transformation. Based on a long-term and fruitful cooperation, we can recommend Unity Group as a responsible and competent partner"

Goals Achieved
/ with System Integration

Poniks Case Study

New Online B2B Sales Platform for Hairdressing Wholesaler


The new online platform has streamlined B2B sales and made it easier to manage thousands of products.

<business.expanded>  <products.centralized>  <sales.optimized> 

Streamlined Product Management for a Building Materials Distributor


More than 145,000 effectively managed products.

<process.enhanced>  <updates.optimized>  <future.proofed> 

Modern B2B Platform Fully Tailored to Business Needs


Increase in users and online orders with new B2B portal.

<users.engaged>  <orders.increased>  <data.optimized> 

450% More Products with Marketplace Integration

Black Red White

The company's main goal was to expand its offerings to retail customers and efficiently manage all product information.

<revenue.grown>  <customers.engaged>  <network.enabled> 

Fully Integrated Furniture Sales and Distribution in B2B Channels

Fabryki Mebli "FORTE" S.A

Automate sales in the B2B channel with a new platform and integration layer.

<revenue.grown>  <traffic.enabled>  <expansion.prepared> 

BRW Cross-border model

Cross-Border E-commerce Model for a Furniture Maker

Black Red White

Launching sales in the marketplace for BRW.

<crossborder.enabled>  <risk.mitigated>  <data.unified> 

Marketplace integration with Unilinker

Launch of a New Sales Channel for Marketplace Platforms Using Unilinker

Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

Rapid integration into the marketplace for a distributor of hairdressing products.

<market.expanded>  <process.eficient>  <options.enabled> 

Digital healthcare solutions by Unity Group

A New Integration Architecture for a Large Pharmaceutical Company


Modern integration layer for pharmaceutical industry leader.

<high.performance>  <scaling.enabled>  <continuity.ensured> 

Migrating a Wheelset Module to a Centralized Web Portal

GATX Rail Europe

After implementing the centralized shop portal, we helped GATX move over additional key operations for greater efficiency.

<process.optimized>  <work.enhanced>  <options.opened> 

Advanced E-commerce Platform for Selling Electronic Services

Asseco Data Systems

For one of the largest IT companies in Poland, we have developed a modern e-commerce platform for selling electronic services.

<revenue.grown>  <systems.connected>  <risks.avoided> 

Integration of ERP and MES Systems Using Apache Camel


We developed a modern integration solution for an acknowledged manufacturer of heating systems.

<information.provided>  <future.enabled>  <stability.ensured> 

Automating the Purchasing Process at a Distributor of Professional Hair Products

Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

The company's aim was to launch an additional online sales channel in order to to further grow its business and reach its customers.

<time.saved>  <safety.guaranteed>  <future.optimized> 

Better Business Data Usage Through System Integration


DNA Telecommunications Company Wanted to Enhance the Company’s Ability to Leverage its Data

<service.improved>  <data.optimized>  <business.protected> 

100% Consistent and Secure Data Infrastructure


Streamlining data exchanges with WSO2

<business.enhanced>  <security.optimized>  <functionality.expanded> 

E-commerce System Integration


Integration of IT architecture with e-commerce system, ensuring quick data import and acceleration of B2B applications.

<stock.organized>  <systems.integrated>  <orders.structured> 

Integrating, Improving & Accelerating Key Systems


Solution integrating existing infrastructure and an employee database with a system for handling, planning and accounting for SAP Concur delegations.

<data.integrated>  <efficiency.implemented>  <solution.delivered> 

API-Based, Highly Available Integration of Over 30 Systems

Volkswagen Group Polska

Efficient transfer and handling of extensive integrations with internal and external systems.

<platform.optimized>  <work.automated>  <system.improved> 

Document Circulation System

Volkswagen Group Polska

A modern system for automating the process of ordering products and services - increase in time and cost savings

<process.automated>  <savings.increased>  <permissions.customized> 

Integrated Commerce System (ERP, PIM, WMS, ONe) for 30,000 Products in Omnichannel Model

Euroterm Polska

A commerce system ensuring smooth and failure-free cooperation of ordering, payment, logistics and assortment management systems.

<data.integrated>  <efficiency.implemented>  <solution.delivered> 

Logistics System

Volkswagen Group Polska

One solution for servicing several companies. Enabling communication of all logistic systems.

<time.saved>  <limits.removed>  <structure.simplified> 

Dedicated Platform for Creating a Partner Network


An additional, cost-free sales channel - a modern B2B2C e-commerce system.

<system.implemented>  <platforms.integrated>  <products.supported> 

The Migration of Data Integration Processes


Transfer of system integration to the MuleESB platform - new, efficient integration architecture for NetWorkS!

<security.improved>  <standards.updated>  <performance.optimized> 

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