Magento 2

A leading e-commerce platform with unlimited business customization, flexible architecture, and easy system integration.


A secure and stable solution that supports sales growth in online channels. Two versions of the software - Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce - meet the needs of any business, whether B2B or B2C. Forrester and Gartner both describe Magento as a leader in e-commerce - and with good reason.

Mature, secure and stable

The Magento platform is already used by over 250 thousand companies, which proves its universality and popularity among businesses running their e-sales channels.


Comprehensive e-commerce support, including mobile

Thanks to extensions and customization, Magento can handle tax and price conditions, purchasing process, product catalogs and more. Every part of the e-commerce process is supported by Magento.


Platform development potential

The combination of our knowledge, Magento’s community verified templates and widget modules allows us to choose the best solutions at every stage of business maturation.


Fast time-to-market

Magento’s open source elements provide ready-to-use modules that reduce implementation time. This speeds up project delivery and allows you to spend time on the most important areas.

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Ease of integration

Magento allows for easy integration with various systems, such as PIM, ERP, CRM, social networks and price comparison engines, while ensuring consistency in all operations - leading to better performance, automation and results.


Wide marketing functionalities

The platform has advanced tools for the segmentation and targeting of customers, defining rules of product recommendation, up-selling, cross-selling and even SEO optimization. It enables a greater influence of customers' shopping habits and increase the value of their carts.


Tailored B2B specific support included

Magento also has options dedicated to B2B: personalized catalogs and price lists for each company, quick ordering via SKU or CSV uploads, ordering based on existing orders and more.


Multiple languages and brands supported

Companies that have multiple brands or are planning to expand abroad (multiple language versions of a given store) will be able to use a multi-store solution to efficiently manage several stores from one administration panel.


No vendor-lock

The Magento platform does not use vendor lock, so its users can easily migrate data and freely choose a contractor.


Why do we recommend Magento?

In our experience, the breadth of functionality available with a Magento implementation allows us to support the business holistically - from integration to marketing activities. Another advantage of Magento is its performance - efficiently handling large volumes of orders is not a challenge for this platform.

Our developers use both versions of Magento to deliver end-to-end omnichannel solutions with cross-system integration and process customization, optimizing both system performance and business results.

In addition, the support we receive from Adobe and the Magento community makes us eager to use this solution for client projects.

All the power of Magento, implemented with care!


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Magento Developers


Certified Magento Developers


Number of stores in multistore option for one of the brands we collaborated with

More than 500 projects in e-commerce completed

We leverage the knowledge and expertise gained from over 25 years of e-commerce projects. We have completed more than 500 projects in B2C, B2B and B2B2C for leaders in many industries.

Complex e-commerce support

We provide all the elements your store needs to actually sell – our experts share their knowledge and experience, implement additional systems, and add new testing tools to ensure your system remains stable, secure, and performant.

Experienced team

Every e-commerce project is overseen by a team of consultants and experts. Our developers also have many years of implementation experience in large and complex projects.

Goals Achieved
/ with Magento 2

An Online B2B Transaction Channel for Multiple Customer Groups


Enabling online shopping for multiple B2B customer groups.

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Advanced E-commerce Platform for Selling Electronic Services

Asseco Data Systems

For one of the largest IT companies in Poland, we have developed a modern e-commerce platform for selling electronic services.

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Increasing Orders by 62% for Printing & Advertising

McDonald's Polska

We built a new system in order to enable the full process of ordering marketing materials.

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