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It’s people that make a difference. Our organization delivers the best results thanks to the commitment and passion of everyone. Here’s how they contribute to our success – and that of our clients!

Company Management / Our Leaders

Grzegorz Kuczynski

Managing Partner, CEO

As a Managing Partner, Grzegorz has been leading and developing Unity Group for almost 25 years in all types of company activities, from its start-up phase to its current status. Since 2016, he’s also acted as CEO and has ambitions for the organization’s continued development.

In addition to guiding hundreds of digital transformation and e-commerce projects, Grzegorz has a strong drive in evolving the company’s culture. He has implemented organizational principles that have ensured the company has thrived throughout numerous challenges in a changing world. His management strategy is based on an agile methodology, lean approach, teal organization philosophy and progressive business practises.

In his spare time, Grzegorz loves to stay active, whether its by bicycle, motorbike, sailboat or just on foot with his Golden Retriever. If he had the time, he’d learn to fly a plane as well.

Proudest Moment

"Every time someone says they are proud of our company, it’s my new proudest moment. It’s a symbol of Unity Group’s ongoing success for clients and for our employees alike. It shows we haven’t lost sight of what’s important: people! They are the foundation of our growth and expansion. "

Business Domain: Entrepreneurship, Business Systems, People Development

<business.leader> <culture.builder> <technology.strategist>

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Grzegorz Rudno-Rudziński

Managing Partner

Grzegorz is a Managing Partner responsible for developing our presence on the domestic Polish market, cooperating with various organizations and start-ups.

He was holding the position of the CEO (2013-2016) and today he is best known for fulfilling the same role for Polish cluster, ITCorner. Here, he oversees mutual cooperation of many local IT experts, all to benefit clients even more. In addition to active role on the supervisory board for One B2B, he has worked with clients such as EURO RTV AGD, LPP and Euroterm.

When he’s not leading companies to greater technical heights, he likes to stay active and doesn’t say no to the occasional marathon. He also enjoys travelling as much as possible – especially with his family.

Proudest Moment

"My proudest moments all revolve around the trust we have created in the company. Every time we are recommended as a trustworthy partner, rather than a contractor or vendor, or our employees stay by us year after year, it’s a proud sign that our culture of trust, which we’ve developed over 20 years, is working well. "

Business Domain: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Polish Business Development

<business.leader> <technology.strategist> <partnerships.enabler>

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Marek Lose

Managing Partner, CFO

Marek is one of Unity Group’s founders. Alongside his duties as Managing Partner, he personally oversees the financial and administrative side of the organization.

As the founder of Internet Designers in 1997, Marek has overseen the mergers that lead to the modern day Unity Group, where he continues to guide us with his business experience and intelligence. Alongside completing the prestigious ICAN Strategic Leadership Academy, he’s also a proud member of Mensa. Likewise, as the co-founder of the Upsaily e-commerce tool, he still remains active in the world of modern technology.

When he’s not expanding his IQ even further, Marek is an avid traveller. Together with his family, he’s visited (at least) 50 countries across 4 continents.

Proudest Moment

"I am constantly very proud of how we work, how we are able to bring out the best of ourselves and what we achieve as a team. "

Business Domain: Finance Management, M&A, Business Strategy

<business.leader> <> <financial.strategist>

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Piotr Wrzalik

Managing Partner, Head of Market Strategy

In addition to his role as Managing Partner, Piotr is involved in international marketing and foreign expansion initiatives.

He originally joined Internet Designers in 1997 as a programmer, becoming a shareholder a year later. Since then, he continues to be active in Unity Group. In the past, he created the first online bookstore in Poland, as well as one of the first B2B e-commerce systems. Today, he is active in numerous B2C and B2B projects, such as Euro-Net and Leroy Merlin, ensuring his unique expertise is never wasted.

Away from work, Piotr is a dedicated family man, although he always finds time to play the piano or enjoys a game of badminton. If the weather allows, he’ll also take his mountain bike out for a ride.

Proudest Moment

"I’m always proud of what we have achieved as a company. What motivates me the most is when I hear from our team members that they feel inspired and joyful at work, or when I receive positive feedback from yet another happy client. I strongly believe the latter would not be possible without the first. "

Business Domain: Building Partnerships, International Business Development, Customer Care

<business.leader> <> <partnerships.developer>

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Business Development / And Delivery

Dominik Janes

Managing Partner, Head of International Growth

Dominik is responsible for international business and taking Unity Group’s name out into the wider world.

As an early investor since 2002, Dominik transitioned into a full-time role in 2019 and, having previously worked in the UK, US, Switzerland and Poland, employs his international experience to help Unity Group realize its global ambitions. He also has a background in consulting, particularly in the financial sector, and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Greenwich University.

When he’s not working from our Zurich office, Dominik pursues his love of old cars, practices his German through cheesy crime novels, and hikes in the Swiss mountains when able.

Proudest Moment

"As an eternal optimist, I like to believe my proudest moments are still ahead of me! "

Business Domain: Consulting, Business Strategy, Digital Transformation

<knowledge.sharer> <digital.catalyst> <>

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Sebastian Błaszkiewicz

Head of Sales Excellence

Sebastian oversees the quality of work with our clients, ensuring that they are satisfied, strengthening Unity Group's image and presence in the market. Since 2023, he has also been a Council Member of the Chamber of the Electronic Economy.

With more than 15 years of experience in IT, he is no stranger to leading sales processes, as well as identifying and solving customer needs. Sebastian also supports the development of a community of professionals related to the digital transformation of commerce - he is co-organiser of the event "Community. Talks beyond Tech". His expert comments appear both in the media and at conferences. He is also a promoter and ambassador of the Customer Centric Selling methodology. This, combined with an agile approach to digital transformation, ensures that customers' problems and goals are always at the centre of our attention.

In addition to business projects, he is active in the CSR field, being involved in the Unity4Ukraine project.

When he is not at his desk or in a meeting with one of his clients or partners, Sebastian can be found actively spending time, especially with his dogs. He cycles in the summer, skis in the winter and plays squash.

Proudest Moment

"Whenever our clients stay with us year after year. Their trust is the best evaluation of our work and makes me very proud – every time. "

Business Domain: Business Empathy, Employee Needs, Finding Solutions

<businesses.enabled> <problems.solved> <teams.supported>

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Daniel Majchrzak

Head of Operations

Daniel oversees operations and sets good practices across the company. He is responsible for arranging cross-unit initiatives developing the company's day-to-day performance.

With 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Daniel brings a lot of knowledge to Unity Group, especially in regards to helping international clients. Today he works with companies from all over the world in getting the best solutions to meet – and exceed - the modern needs of business.

To relax, Daniel enjoys spending time with his family and Australian Cattle Dog, as long as his beloved AC Milan aren’t currently playing.

Proudest Moment

"Realizing we are no longer just a small and young group of employees – but rather a dedicated company with a clear strategy, but still retaining the ambitions and atmosphere of the old days – was a very proud moment for me. "

Business Domain: Developing Solutions, Partnerships, Team Development

<partnerships.forged> <trust.earned> <knowledge.shared>

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Szymon Kosydor

Head of Technology

Szymon is a manager, strategist and technology expert with over 17 years’ active experience in the IT industry.

At work, Szymon focuses primarily on helping transform companies in the retail, trade and distribution companies, but he’s also a key driver behind our agile methodologies and open communication. More recently, he’s also pushed the company’s growth into big data and machine learning solutions - all to empower businesses in making better and faster decisions.

Outside of work, Szymon maintains his hands-on approach through carpentry and other practical projects – he’s even built an electric ukulele!

Proudest Moment

"Every day is my proudest moment. I’m always happy that I don’t need to be a different person at work. Unity Group’s values and my personal values are perfectly matched – there’s no need to compromise. "

Business Domain: Data Solutions, Team Building, Partnerships

<relations.established> <people.developed> <successes.created>

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Tomasz Gutkowski

Head of Business Development | Commerce Platforms

Tomasz helps us in meeting new clients and kickstarting new projects, particularly in the e-commerce sector. He also oversees the development of key technology partnerships and our internal competencies in this region.

With over 12 years of experience, he has a background covering the likes of manufacturing, distribution and retail. At Unity Group, he puts consulting over persuasion, prioritizing client needs above all else. To this end, he’s also a frequent author regarding e-commerce, start-up ecosystems and commerce transformation.

After hours, Tomasz is a passionate guitarist and plays in a pop-rock band, in addition to horse riding.

Proudest Moment

"Those moments when a client tells us they wish to work with us because of the quality of our initial proposals, our experience and level of expertise. I’m happy to say we have many such moments. "

Business Domain: E-commerce, Omnichannel, Business Development

<omnichannel.implemented> <commerce.transformed> <partnerships.forged>

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Tomasz Konarski

Head of Delivery

Tomasz is involved in the development of our services related to system integration, mobile and data solutions.

With more than 16 years of experience, Tomasz draws from a background across production, trade and distribution companies. At Unity Group, he has a pragmatic approach to introducing businesses to modern technologies, helping them to quickly transform and embrace the benefits.

In his spare time, Tomasz is a father of two and stays active through a mix of squash, badminton, basketball and the occasional snowboarding.

Proudest Moment

"For several years, our team has been delivering valuable products and services without taking any shortcuts. Quality and a partnership approach are in our DNA. I am extremely proud to see the satisfaction of our clients and the awareness that we can contribute to their development. "

Business Domain: System Integration & IT Architecture, Mobile Solutions, Business Development

<commerce.transformed> <partnerships.forged> <problems.solved>

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Mariusz Ciesielski

Head of Delivery

Mariusz oversees the delivery of omnichannel projects within the e-commerce sector, encompassing B2B, B2C and PIM implementations.

An active member of Unity Group for almost 20 years, and over 150 projects later, Mariusz has overseen many areas, from project management tools to the agile methodologies that we still use today. All of this knowledge helps in his current role overseeing projects and ensuring business continuity.

In his free time, Mariusz is a fan of modernist architecture and automotive.

Proudest Moment

"Every moment when I see how the solution we have implemented really develops our client’s business, and new ideas appear that are discussed with us and further implemented. "

Business Domain: Business Development, E-commerce, Agile Methodologies

<commerce.transformed> <agile.implemented> <business.innovated>

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Ryszard Łach

Head of Delivery, Cloud

Ryszard oversees the development of our cloud-based knowledge and expertise, ensuring we offer our clients the best future-facing solutions.

A key part of Ryszard’s role is developing Unity Group within the AWS Partner Network, improving internal knowledge and being actively involved in all cloud-related projects. Since he has been active almost from the beginning, his blend of business and technical knowledge has contributed to many successes in Unity Group’s history.

When his head’s not in the cloud, Ryszard is a father of three teenagers and an outdoor enthusiast, whether its water sports, mountain sports, golf or even a spot of gardening.

Proudest Moment

"IT is about people, not chips, networks or software. When we conduct knowledge transfers in Unity Group, we share our expertise on new technologies with all. It ultimately helps our clients, but it all starts here, so it’s where I’m the most proud. "

Business Domain: Cloud Solutions, Technical Skills Development, Team Leadership

<knowledge.shared> <cloud.developed> <teams.enabled>

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Łukasz Rychliński

Business Development Manager

Łukasz is responsible for helping new clients digitally transform, particularly in the areas of IT integrations and API.

With over a decade’s experience in IT, Łukasz is no stranger to helping companies implement innovative and modern solutions. He brings this knowledge to Unity Group, advising clients throughout this process, connecting the dots and ensuring the best results.

After hours, Łukasz keeps his adrenaline up with snowboarding, sailing and, most recently, enduro cycling.

Proudest Moment

"When I see a spark between the client and our team, when we all pursue a common goal and make every effort to achieve it, I am very happy and proud. It is like that every time! "

Business Domain: System Integrations, Business Development, Digital Transformation

<problems.solved> <systems.connected> <teams.enabled>

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Jarosław Ślęzak

Head of Delivery

Jarosław supports us in establishing new client partnerships and initiatives, particularly in regards to modern cloud architecture.

With over 15 years’ experience in IT, Jarosław’s background covers system administration, team and project management, system integration and business development. He also spent many years in the financial sector. All of this extensive knowledge and engineering experience is used in his day to day work to help clients embrace new solutions, such as cloud-based architecture.

For relaxation, when he’s not spending time with his two children, he can bound cycling, both outside and indoors via his exercise bike in virtual reality.

Proudest Moment

"Watching a clients’ businesses grow after you’ve helped them overcome all the challenges! "

Business Domain: Team Building, Risk Identification, Cloud Architecture

<problems.solved> <teams.enabled> <systems.upgraded>

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Mateusz Skowron

Head of Delivery

Mateusz supports Unity Group in selecting technologies and products to best achieve our clients’ goals.

A Solutions Architect with over 15 years’ experience, Mateusz’s expertise also cover design, implementation, project management and more. All of this knowledge makes him an ideal consulting expert, able to advise on the entire IT process.

When work ends, Mateusz is most often found at home with his wife and three children – his number one choice for any moment.

Proudest Moment

"Working at Unity Group makes me very proud, as I can see the impact we had over the last few years, both internally and for the projects we work on! "

Business Domain: Architecture, Consulting, Commerce Transformation

<architecture.optimized> <companies.supported> <success.achieved>

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Client Relations / Partnership Enablers

Angelika Jankowiak

Business Development Representative

Angelika helps establish new partnerships and help clients achieve their transformation goals, especially when it comes to integrating data or building new B2B/B2C platforms.

With 10 years of experience, Angelika has held a wide variety of roles within the IT industry, starting with computer repair. She brings these technical skills, as well as her business knowledge, into her role at Unity Group, advising clients as much as possible to help them get the most out of technology.

When she’s not at work, Angelika likes to stay active through both cycling or running, which she does with her German Shepherd.

Proudest Moment

"For me, work-life balance is important. I’m proud that Unity Group enables me to achieve my passions both in and outside of IT. "

Business Domain: Data Integration, Partnerships, Building Platforms

<clients.supported> <data.optimized> <success.enabled>

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Jarosław Mackiewicz

Head of Business Development Nordics

Jarosław is responsible for building strategic relationships, particularly when it comes to helping companies get the most out of Big Data.

He provides input to help the continued development of our Data Science capabilities. By combining his data expertise with the knowledge gained talking directly with businesses, Jarosław can better help clients on both the domestic and international markets. Whether it’s security or getting the most from analytics, he puts all fears to rest.

After hours, Jarosław is a talented guitarist and vocalist in both classical and metal music. He also enjoys the outdoors, especially hiking in the woods.

Proudest Moment

"Watching our data services become a core pillar in our company’s strategy. Of course, I’m proud every time we make a client happy! "

Business Domain: Business Development, International Growth

<> <international.growth> <clients.supported>

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Jakub Kazek

Business Development Representative

Jakub supports the company in establishing new partnerships and helping companies adapt to digital challenges.

He draws from his background as both a business developer and a programmer. His previous roles include a former important position at Unity Group itself. After a few years in the wilderness, he found his way back and has been right at home ever since. Today, he’s very much focused on client relations and enabling our project teams to deliver the best results.

When he’s not working, Jakub stays active, whether it’s by motorcycle, sailboat or snowboard. If he can’t do that, a good book never hurts either.

Proudest Moment

"Coming back to Unity Group. It was a long break, but I’m proud to see the same values still hold true, but the company has grown in maturity and wisdom. "

Business Domain: Business Development, System Integrations, Partnerships

<challenges.taken> <companies.supported> <problems.solved>

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Wojciech Miłek

Business Development Representative

Wojtek works to introduce and welcome new clients into Unity Group. He helps them in realizing their visions – especially in the commercial sector.

With over a decade’s experience in business development, Wojtek blends his knowledge of client’s needs with our own tech know-how on PIM, e-commerce and marketplaces to find the most suitable approach for each individual company. Most notably, he earned our first certification with Spryker Sales Specialist certificate, expanding our range of modern technologies in order to help clients innovate even further.

Outside of the office, he relaxes with both computer games and wargaming, and he is also an avid miniature painter.

Proudest Moment

"People make the company, and with so many fantastic people to work with, every day is great. Unity Group is a shining example of how a workplace can be when a company actually lives up to its ideals and vision. "

Business Domain: Business Development, Finding Solutions, E-commerce

<solutions.implemented> <knowledge.shared> <business.enabled>

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Leading Experts / Solution Finders

Łukasz Sutuła

Technology Trainer & Mentor

Łukasz serves as an expert advisor in regards to creating solution models or recommending new tools and technologies. His experience includes both the e-commerce and automotive industries.

As part of his role, Lukasz pays particular attention to technology awareness in both his own team and the wider organization. He sets the direction of development through both our “Tech Talks” and motivational workshops.

When he’s not training new developers, he’s practicing the guitar. What many might not know, however, is that he also used to be a professional table tennis player.

Proudest Moment

"I’m most proud that everyone at Unity Group receives the support they need to implement their ideas, improve their skills and develop the team as a whole. It’s a great atmosphere that I’m always happy to be part of! "

Business Domain: Software Architecture, Technical Leadership, Team Workshops

<architecture.optimized> <skills.developed> <teams.enabled>

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Maciej Pondel

Digital Transformation Business Strategist

Our go-to expert for all topics connected to Data Science. Maciej oversees the technologies that bring science closer to business.

With an active background in IT since 2000, Maciej has not only overseen the implementation of databases, data warehouses and Business Intelligence systems, but he also had had huge impact on direct creating of new solutions, including ones that played a key role in the company's development - like Upsaily. His previous roles include programmer, project manager and consultant, which he now draws upon to help companies implement AI and Machine Learning to improve on their management, especially in regards to sales and marketing.

When away from his computer, he teaches at the University of Economics, or he can be found running, cycling or playing soccer with his three children.

Proudest Moment

"After every conference, I get to talk to the audience, answer questions and show them the efforts we take to solve problems. That appreciation is always my proudest moment. "

Business Domain: Data, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning

<data.innovated> <companies.supported> <problems.solved>

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Paweł Peryga

Senior Consultant

Paweł supports Unity Group and our clients in designing efficient and scalable system architecture, with a strong background in e-commerce projects.

If you have a question about IT infrastructure, whether its security, performance or even its readiness in regards to direct customer service, Paweł’s background makes him an ideal consultant. Whether it’s on-premise or deployed in the cloud, he ensures every project is build on the strongest foundations – scalable, performance, secure and reliable architecture.

In his spare time, he loves sailing and communing with nature.

Proudest Moment

"I received an award for being a “mega inspirer”. It was an internal award for inspirations and ideas I bring to our customers and our company’s teams in the area of IT modernization and team building. "

Business Domain: IT infrastructure, Cloud Solutions, E-Commerce

<architecture.improved> <platforms.scaled> <foundations.built>

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Culture / Finance / Communication

Marta Jarosik

Head of People & Culture

Marta oversees People & Culture Team at Unity Group, with a key role in implementing innovative and agile management strategies and culture.

Company culture is essential for Marta. With more than 15 years’ experience in HR, she supports our team in development and ensures they have a friendly and productive work environment. It’s this unique organizational culture that both makes Unity Group a great place to work and a place where great work gets done.

In her free time, Marta likes to stay active with her family and friends. Even when she’s not travelling, she likes to engage with other people – and music – as much as she can

Proudest Moment

"The great satisfaction when the perfectly selected and highly cooperative U-team successfully delivers a project for the client. Whenever someone is able to develop thanks to our work, that also feels wonderful! "

Business Domain: Organizational Culture, Team Building, Personal Development

<teams.supported> <culture.grown> <growth.enabled>

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Patrycja Maćkowska

Head of Finance & Payroll, Chief Accountant

If anyone has a question about taxes, finances or anything number-based, there’s a good chance Patrycja can solve it. As our resident Chief Accountant, she keeps the company running and makes sure all financial regulations are in order.

While Patrycja also oversees the Human Resources department, her main focus is on bookkeeping, tax regulations and financial statements. As such, she fulfils a vital role in not only ensuring everyone gets paid, but that the company is operating smoothly.

When she’s not running the numbers, Patrycja is an avid cook with a passion for making her own kimchi, sushi and ramen. Her creative passions also extend to decorations, ornaments and gifts.

Proudest Moment

"Every time the commitment and professionalism of the Finance and Human Resources teams are confirmed by clients and external institutions. Always makes me proud! "

Business Domain: Accounting and Tax Regulations, Finance Management, Team Building

<numbers.crunched> <paperwork.mastered> <teams.supported>

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Marta Jankiewicz

Head of Marketing

Marta is responsible for our communication, marketing and PR. In short, she ensures the company both effectively and creatively presents its solutions to the wider world.

With over 10 years of experience, Marta is no stranger to the world of technology. Her professional expertise lie in brand awareness, consistency and recognition, alongside impact and expansion. With a people-driven approach, she works across all teams and projects to grow our presence on both domestic and international markets.

In her spare time, Marta likes to stay active with music, dance and taekwondo, along with a passion for food, specifically sushi. If there’s an adventure to be had, she takes it with her daughter.

Proudest Moment

"We’ve opened a new chapter in terms of communication for accelerated foreign expansion and strengthening our position of a leader on the domestic market. What makes me truly proud is the dedication and drive of my team. Every single one of you showcases ownership and outstanding engagement in everything you do. Your achievements and growth make my heart beat faster. "

Business Domain: Public Relations, Communication, Image and Branding

<relations.forged> <branding.established> <communication.opened>

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