Integrate applications, data and devices into a consistent ecosystem, providing security and flexibility for your organization with Anypoint Platform


MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform is a world-class solution for IT system integration. Thanks to modern integrations, everything is possible and your company can prepare itself for both technology development and future market challenges.

Fast and Efficient Integration

Anypoint Platform's ready-made connectors & usability will ensure a quick time to markets for your projects.



We ensure not only the highest security standards, but also high efficiency and monitoring, which guarantees the business continuity of your company.

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Reusability of API

The Anypoint Platform is ideal for integration according to API-led connectivity methodology - linking systems through reusable and modern API.


Greater Business Efficiency

The scalability and ease of modification both make Anypoint Platform the new IT architecture of your company reliable and ready for new business challenges.


Recognized Solution

MuleSoft technology has been verified on the market and now plays a critical role in many companies worldwide. It's also been at the forefront of Gartner's or Forrester's listings.


Proven technology

Mule ESB and Anypoint Platform are the only solutions on the market that combine the ability to integrate systems, applications and devices while supporting the management of the full API lifecycle in the organization. Anypoint Platform enables companies to build modern integrations in a much more efficient and secure way compared to the traditional approach (e.g. point-to-point). Thanks to the Anypoint Platform and a reusable, modern API managed on the Mulesoft platform, companies and their IT facilities gain remarkable agility, enabling the rapid implementation of subsequent business initiatives.

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Let's talk about MuleSoft

Krzysztof Jeger
Head of IT Systems Integration and Maintenance Team
Volkswagen Group Polska

"The Anypoint Platform solution and the Mule ESB service bus, both maintained and developed by Unity Group, are a key part of our IT architecture and are the foundation for the development towards harnessing the potential of digital transformation. Based on a long-term and fruitful cooperation, we can recommend Unity Group as a responsible and competent partner"

Unity Group × MuleSoft


Official Partner


32 Specialists


Completed projects

Trusted Experts

We’ve been an official partner of MuleSoft since 2015. In this time, we’ve used our knowledge and experience in integration projects for various industries. We will gladly listen to your individual needs and requirements in order to select the optimal integration solution for your company.

End-to-End Process

We carry out comprehensive IT system integration projects – from consulting, through design and implementation, to development and maintenance with SLA support available.

Flexible Cooperation Model

Whether you need a remote team of programmers or more dedicated services, we will adapt our work model to your needs.

Goals Achieved
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Adamed case study

A New Integration Architecture for a Large Pharmaceutical Company


Modern integration layer for pharmaceutical industry leader.

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E-commerce System Integration


Integration of IT architecture with e-commerce system, ensuring quick data import and acceleration of B2B applications.

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Integrating, Improving & Accelerating Key Systems


Solution integrating existing infrastructure and an employee database with a system for handling, planning and accounting for SAP Concur delegations.

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Integrated Commerce System (ERP, PIM, WMS, ONe) for 30,000 Products in Omnichannel Model

Euroterm Polska

A commerce system ensuring smooth and failure-free cooperation of ordering, payment, logistics and assortment management systems.

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Logistics System

Volkswagen Group Polska

One solution for servicing several companies. Enabling communication of all logistic systems.

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142% Increase in Revenue From Online Sales


We integrated a sales platform with SIG’s existing ERP system to better enable their 50 branches.

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The Migration of Data Integration Processes


Transfer of system integration to the MuleESB platform - new, efficient integration architecture for NetWorkS!

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Our Experts
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How to Solve Common Legacy Systems Integration Problems 

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System Integration Consulting Project

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