Product Information Management (PIM)

With PIM, you can easily manage product data, streamline processes and provide high quality product information, while quickly introducing goods into your online store.

System PIM (Product Information Management) dla firm

PIM’s functionalities are suitable for online and offline sales channels and primarily allow you to organize specific data about your product range in every business.

All product information in one place

With a PIM system, you gain a centralized solution for simultaneously adding and describing products across several services.


Speed up product launches

You can automate the key processes associated with working on the product database, significantly accelerating the introduction of products to sales.


Omnichannel product management driven

The complete and collected data of each and every product is ready to be distributed in different channels and to numerous contractors. Data access and creation is possible both through internal employees and external partners.


Better promotion opportunities to increase conversions

Product cards created for your store will contain all the needed data and, because they will be also properly assigned to product categories, it will be easier and faster for consumers to locate the information they will be looking for.


Rich content to support effective sales

Product data can contain all the necessary information for the customer to make a purchase decision, e.g. multimedia, manuals, product photos.


Optimize employee time via hassle-free data entry

Thanks to data consistency in the system, PIM operation is easy and intuitive. Additionally, many product attributes are inherited, which significantly reduces the time of product development.


Still not convinced about PIM solutions?

PIM allows for integration with your company's internal systems (ERP, WMS) and supplier systems, automating product management, thus saving your employees' time.

Aggregation and management of data is an essential element of a sound omnichannel strategy.

Implement a PIM system to organize, improve and standardize product information across all your distribution channels.

Systemy klasy PIM - zarządzanie produktami dla firm

Unity Group
x Product Information Management (PIM)

We know that implementing a PIM class system is not only a choice of technology. It also involves designing the process and creating a data model, which will be the foundation for all PIM products.

Our team will help you standardize your e-commerce product information and implement a tailor-made PIM solution integrated with your business applications and back-end systems. Working with complex business infrastructure and IT landscapes, we have successfully designed, delivered and integrated robust PIM systems comprising several million SKUs.

We are an experienced partner in commerce transformation

We have been carrying out e-commerce projects since 1997. In our portfolio, we have over 500 projects from the areas of B2C, B2B and B2B2C. This experience includes PIM implementations supporting over 3 million product indices, ensuring smooth functionality and performance every time.


We are a Pimcore Solution Partner, Akeneo Partner and Ergonode Partner

We belong to solution partners network and use their experts to develop our knowledge and competencies in this technology. As experienced technology contributors, we have extensive knowledge of digital asset management products and procedures.


Agile work processes

Over the years, we have developed design processes based on AgilePM and SCRUM, which allow us to provide a solution that fully responds to customer needs.


Complex support

We will guide you through the whole process, providing further system development and support in case of problems.


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We are a solution partner for three leading PIM software solutions: Pimcore, Akeneo and Ergonode.


We’ve implemented PIM solutions with over 2,000,000 SKUs.
We’ve implemented PIM in many branches such as: automotive, beauty & pharmacies, electrotechnical.

Goals Achieved
/ with Product Information Management (PIM)

Streamlined Product Management for a Building Materials Distributor


More than 145,000 effectively managed products.

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450% More Products with Marketplace Integration

Black Red White

The company's main goal was to expand its offerings to retail customers and efficiently manage all product information.

<revenue.grown>  <customers.engaged>  <network.enabled> 

Innovative Health Portal with Marketplace Module


Poland's first e-commerce based on Spryker technology, as well as an innovative health portal using marketplace modules.

<experience.streamlined>  <products.increased>  <efficiency.ensured> 

Effective and Efficient Management of Thousands of Products With PIM

Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

With the ever-increasing number of items on offer, the company wanted to implement a solution that would ensure consistency and eliminate errors.

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198% Increase in Conversion Rate With New B2B Platform


The largest distributor and manufacturer of pneumatics has decided to open its sales to all companies and enterprises.

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Easy Product Information Management and Preparation

Selena Group

Selena Group required a system that enabled them to collect and manage product data from one place.

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Product Information Management System (PIM) Supporting 2 Million Indices

Kaczmarek Electric

Standardization product information with automation and agility.

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