Digital Transformation in Furniture Industry

New B2C and B2B sales channels, cross-border distribution support, integrations with marketplace platforms or efficient product information management - see how we can support your company's growth.


How We Can Help
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In recent years, the importance of optimizing both online and offline channels has grown immensely in the furniture industry, and continues to rise in the face of current market conditions. Unity Group has been supporting companies in the furniture sector with digitization and sales development for years. Thanks to our cooperation with key industry representatives, we are familiar with current trends as well as emerging challenges.

Optimize Sales Processes
Reduce lead times with intelligent and efficient online ordering systems. Automate warehouse processes and increase order volume without limits.
Meet Consumer Expectations
Introduce customers to the world of online sales by personalizing offers and recommending products through advanced data analytics.
Facilitate B2B Purchases
Provide contractors with convenient offer browsing, customized terms of business, order placement and delivery status tracking with a B2B e-commerce platform.
Enter New Markets
Effectively develop crossborder sales and increase orders while optimizing costs.
Increase Assortment Availability
Take advantage of marketplace platforms that make it easy for B2C customers to access your products.
Show Products at Their Best
Manage product information with PIM, ensuring consistent and attractive presentation of your products across every sales channel.
Mariusz Nowak
E-commerce and Omnichannel Strategy Director
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"Without organizing our product base and implementing system solutions that allow us to import data obtained from our partners in bulk, it would not have been possible to both quickly scale our product range and launch our own marketplace. Pimcore’s integration with Baselinker, on the other hand, made it easier for us to start direct sales in foreign markets. The use of Unilinker’s integration platform ensured adequate performance and flexibility. The Unity Group team gave us support both in the selection of technology and in the implementation of these projects."

Our Solutions
/ For the Furniture Industry

We are an end-to-end digital transformation partner, meaning that we support digitization at every stage: from strategy, to technology recommendations, to implementation and maintenance of scalable systems geared toward sales growth.

Strategy to Develop Online Sales
We develop sales and brand development strategies in the digital area. We analyze business requirements (both functional and non-functional) and make recommendations on the appropriate class of solutions. We identify customer needs in the B2B and B2C segments.
B2B Platforms
We optimize business processes related to B2B transactions and contractor services. We implement state-of-the-art systems that improve the handling of orders and inquiries, allow for product and customer segmentation, and support marketing activities.
B2C E-commerce
We implement efficient, user-friendly online sales environments for retail customers. We also take over existing e-commerce platforms, eliminating problems and ensuring full efficiency. Thanks to the scalability of the solutions, a quick rollout to foreign markets is possible.
D2C Model Support
We prepare a strategy for the development of the D2C sales model. We implement systems to support D2C, including e-commerce, data analysis and personalization. We integrate new solutions with existing systems, such as ERP or CRM, for seamless process synchronization.
PIM Systems
We streamline product information management with PIM systems that store data in a central repository and then distribute it to all sales channels. Product content generators based on PIM data make it possible to create relevant product descriptions quickly and efficiently.
Marketplace Platforms
We provide implementation of marketplace platforms and their integration with e-commerce. Automatic synchronization of product data between systems enables uniform assortment management and ensures consistency of product offerings.
Systems Integrations
We carry out complex system integrations, enabling the efficient exchange of information between different elements of the IT architecture. We provide effective monitoring and supply chain management through the integration of ERP, warehouse and logistics systems.
Chatbot AI
AI / Data Solutions
We use generative artificial intelligence to create 3D renders and visualizations based on natural language. We create and manage data infrastructure. We provide solutions in the area of business intelligence and data analytics that support accurate data-driven decision-making.

Our Realizations
/ Case Studies

450% More Products with Marketplace Integration

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The company's main goal was to expand its offerings to retail customers and efficiently manage all product information.

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Fully Integrated Furniture Sales and Distribution in B2B Channels

Fabryki Mebli "FORTE" S.A

Automate sales in the B2B channel with a new platform and integration layer.

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BRW Cross-border model

Cross-Border E-commerce Model for a Furniture Maker

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Launching sales in the marketplace for BRW.

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B2B E-commerce Application for Presenting Products During Virtual Fairs

Fabryki Mebli "FORTE" S.A

For an industry leader in the production of high quality furniture, we developed an application to present all available products on virtual fairs.

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One Step Ahead of the Competition – Interactive Points of Sale


Streamlined and integrated processes, systems and information along the customer journey - Interactive Points of Sales.

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Dedicated IT Solutions
/ Tailor-Made for Your Company

  • Furniture Producers
  • B2B Distribution
  • Furniture Sales Chains

Furniture Producers

With digitalization, furniture manufacturers can effectively manage product information, improve production processes, better adapt to changing market trends, increase sales and optimize customer service efficiency.


B2B Distribution

For B2B distributors and furniture wholesalers, the digitization of the furniture industry enables them to optimize logistics processes, respond more quickly to customer demand, facilitate assortment management, and improve the efficiency of cooperation with manufacturers and customers.


Furniture Sales Chains

With digitization, furniture companies can gain better assortment management, personalization and customized offers, improved online and offline shopping experiences, and a more effective use of customer data for increased sales and brand loyalty.

Interior of living room with yellow sofa and shelving unit White chest of drawers with decor and stylish chair near yellow wall Integration with marketplace for furniture manufacturer

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