Web Design and Development

Expand your business via modern, feature-rich web portal solutions with our end-to-end custom website design and web development services.


As an experienced web development agency, we can support you in designing the best-in-class web apps and portals, complex enterprise CMS & self-service platforms.

Multichannel Consistency​

Save time and effort delivering content to various touchpoints by providing a consistent Customer Experience on all channels from a centralized Content Management System.​


Streamlined processes

Even when operating on multiple markets, your website can be easily managed by a singular team in one location, instead of per market.​


Higher Conversion Rates

Custom web design improves the analysis of user behavior and optimizes the customer journey so that your web portal can convert better.


Improved UI & UX​ Design

Optimize User Experience and ensure consistency via reusable components and design systems.​ All to adjust your website to your customers’ needs.


Automatic Scalability​

​With self-managing infrastructure, your digital channels are free from website crashes or slow performance due to traffic​.


Easy Integration

Smoothly integrate your mobile-friendly website with your current internal systems, such as ERP, CRM or PIM, for complete business consistency.​


Modern & Flexible Website Development Services

Today’s website services need to do a lot. As your business expands, a simple site redesign is just the start. Both B2B and B2C sectors need fully adaptable responsive web design and development solutions for the best chance of success.

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Filomena Hanas
Digital Transformation Project Leader

"The implementation of the new Generali website can definitely be called a revolution. We built the website according to the most modern technological trends (state-of-art). The solution based on Strapi CMS is based on headless architecture and uses the advantages of cloud services. Such a change gives us not only a new, refreshed graphic design, but most of all it gives unlimited possibilities.“"

Unity Group
x Web Design and Development

Custom website design solutions are the foundation for any fully expandable business. That is why we support you at every project's stage - from consultancy and design to implementation and maintenance.

We grow your digital presence in the best way – for you and your customers. ​

UX / UI Design

UI/UX design services help your company to build smooth interactions between your business objectives and users' needs. Make sure your desirable product is designed with the newest UX & UI trends.

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Headless CMS

With a Headless CMS, you can meet your customers' needs by providing them with consistent experiences across all touchpoints.

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Digital Experience Platforms

More than just content management, a DXP combines digital marketing, media and other backend functions to provide unwavering customer experience and real-time adaptability across all channels.​

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Mobile Solutions​

A fully optimized mobile channel will connect your business on one of the most important parts of the customer journey.


Goals Achieved
/ with Web Design and Development

Serving 20+ Leading Healthcare Brands With 1 CMS


With one CMS, LUX MED can seamlessly manage content across all their brands.

<business.secured>  <content.managed>  <visuals.enhanced> 

Client Panel for Top Customer Service Standards


One of the leading real-estate developers in Poland turned to us with their need of an easy-to-use tool that would improve after-sales service.

<process.simplified>  <support.optimized>  <systems.integrated> 

Email Marketing Implementation for Greater Freedom & Faster Campaigns

Nest Bank

We helped client remove the reliance on third parties and quickly and efficiently manage e-mail marketing campaigns.

<time.saved>  <costs.reduced>  <limits.removed> 

A New Website for the Improved Marketing & Management of 200,000+ Products


Unity Group was entrusted with the task of replacing the technology on which the Onninen online store for retail customers was based.

<work.optimized>  <business.improved>  <scalability.provided> 

A Custom CMS and Full IT System Integration for Easier Administration and Maintenance


We implemented a CMS to match company's rapidly-changing business needs. The result was increased update speed and lower maintenance costs.

<integration.provided>  <costs.decreased>  <speed.increased> 

Custom Web Portal for Updated Offer & Sales

Multimedia Polska

Unity Group provided company with sound IT infrastructure ensuring the flexibility and speed of assembling and adjusting custom offers.

<offer.exposed>  <business.enabled>  <costs.saved> 

ECM System for the Siarkopol Railway Transport Plant

The Greenbrier Companies

We’ve helped the client to digitize one of the company’s key areas through creating a system supporting digital transformation.

<process.simplified>  <time.saved>  <efficiency.improved> 

Custom Web Portal for Improved Customer Experience

Nest Bank

A custom web portal for improved banking functionality and next-level customer experience. All of which lead to higher conversion rates.

<traffic.grown>  <UX.optimized>  <sales.improved> 

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Based on experience and the best technologies, we'll build a modern, feature-rich portal, strictly tailored to your needs. Get in touch and our team will enable your digital experience journey.