Spryker Commerce OS is an effective solution for companies planning to grow rapidly in e-commerce. This operating system is perfect for B2C, B2B and marketplaces.


A modern e-commerce operating system (Platform as a Service) using a headless commerce approach based on a microservice architecture that allows for maximum efficiency and scalability. The future is at your fingertips.

More than e-commerce

Spryker will support the growth of your business and allow you to integrate countless touchpoints. In addition to desktop and mobile, it covers POS, voice commerce, bot commerce, and much more - all to reach your customers anywhere.


Faster time-to-market

Spryker's headless architecture (separation the frontend from the backend) ensures that every change made does not affect other parts of the system, which prevents possible errors and maintenance work, accelerating software development.


Fully modular architecture

More than 900 independent modules grouped into functional packages are available. This provides enormous possibilities at the direct out-of-the-box level - both in B2B and B2C e-commerce stores and marketplaces.


Maximum scalability and performance

Unlimited possibility to expand and auto-scale services inside the platform. Due to the microservice architecture, the system will be able to handle even the highest traffic peaks, such as during promotional periods.


Supports the most demanding and innovative projects

Spryker can handle incredibly challenging cart processes across various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, business contexts and complicated order processes.


Easy development in foreign markets

Easily expand into foreign markets by creating multiple stores, taking into account, multiple currencies per store, international taxes or language support.


High quality and purity of code

Easy-to-read code is Spryker's hallmark - it speeds up programming, reduces the chance of bugs and translates into the easy and flexibile development of e-commerce.


Designed with the future in mind

Technology is a key element in building a competitive advantage, which is why Spryker is committed to delivering tomorrow's technology to not only sell products, but simply sell better.


Marketplace Suite

The Marketplace Suite from Spryker supports two business models: Traditional, where the operator does not sell itself, and enterprise, where the owner enriches its own offer with the offer of other sellers, which increases the attractiveness of the platform for the end customer.


Why do we recommend Spryker?

Spryker is a mature and stable e-commerce operating system that combines the best features of monolithic and microservice architecture in the form of Packaged Capabilities. Thanks to its microservices, it is able to meet the most demanding business ideas, as well as keep up with changing consumer habits and reach them at every possible touchpoint.

Spryker's architecture allows it to respond flexibly to changes in a rapidly changing business environment. This is important for companies making many modifications to their models and processes. In Spryker's microservice architecture, we are able to make changes much faster than in a monolithic architecture.

We recommend Spryker primarily to companies that are open to the use of innovative technologies for ambitious and complex business projects.

All the power of Spryker, implemented with care!


Unity Group × Spryker


We did the first Spryker implementation on the Polish market
Close cooperation with the technology partner


Certified Spryker Sales Specialist

More than 500 projects in e-commerce completed

We use the knowledge and expertise gained from over 25 years of e-commerce projects. We did more than 500 projects in B2C, B2B and B2B2C area for leaders of many industries.

Complex e-commerce support

We provide all the elements necessary for your store to actually sell – our experts share their knowledge and experience, implement additional systems and add a few tools for testing to ensure your system stays stable, safe and performant.

Experienced team

Every e-commerce project is supervised by a team of consultants and experts. Likewise, our developers have many years of implementation practice in large and complex projects.

Goals Achieved
/ with Spryker

Innovative Health Portal with Marketplace Module


Poland's first e-commerce based on Spryker technology, as well as an innovative health portal using marketplace modules.

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Bet On A Modern System And Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

Are you thinking about implementing or migrating a B2C platform or creating a marketplace? Or maybe you would like to start a new phase in relations with B2B contractors? All this is possible thanks to Spryker technology! Let's talk about your business challenges.