Goal-Focused Approach
Years of Experience
Collaborative Process

Digital Strategies / That Deliver

The best advice has a clear purpose. Companies consult us to align their business and technology decisions. From initial assessments to complete enterprise integration strategies, we identify risks, discover areas of improvement and help you move past any technological hurdles.

Business Transformation Management

Based on your requirements, as well as information about your business environment and technology resources, we will prepare a digital sales transformation plan for your company and an experienced team of experts will oversee its implementation.

Creating The E-commerce Functional Scope

Outlining the functional scope of e-commerce is critical to the implementation of a digital strategy, as it enables you to define the project precisely, minimize risk and deliver a better application that effectively meets the needs of your customers.

Building E-commerce Teams

We will support you in training your internal teams so that they can exploit the full potential of the new tools – we will prepare your organization to implement initiatives using digital sales channels. We will align the existing structure of teams, roles and division of competencies with the development of multi-channel sales.

Data management and user behavior modelling

We will steer your company into a data-driven organization. We will structure and align data from different systems, recommend appropriate analytical and technological solutions or prepare a dedicated data science platform.

Building your brand in a digital world

We will help you design a strategy to reach your customers in each of your digital sales channels so that the customer experience is consistent and, most importantly, translates into customer satisfaction and conversion.

Product Information Management

During the course of a consultancy project, we will show you how to work effectively with PIM-class solutions and automate the process of creating product content so that it supports your multichannel sales activities.

Why Should You
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Goal-Focused Approach

The technology you choose is a means to your business goals – this is why our recommendations always keep these objectives as the priority. Technology should never compromise your success.


Benchmark Comparisons In Your Market

Want to stay in – or take - the lead? We’ll assess your position on the market, where you need to be to compete and, above all, outperform your competition.


Experience in Commerce Transformation

We’ve been helping companies transform their operations since 1997. We’ve learned what works, what doesn’t and how to best make such difficult choices with clarity & focus.


Fully Transparent Risk Migration Approach

By openly discussing the risks, we help you to address them ahead of time - or advise you against options that are unjustifiably risky from the start. If there are any problems, we want you to be fully informed, so that you can manage them with confidence.


Complete Support Moving Forward

Unlike others, our advice comes from actually developing software - completing 500+ successful projects. We will support you E2E, from the concept, through the development, to operations support.


Value-Driven & Practical Results

Our advice is not academic or theoretical. It’s a dedicated plan outlining how to deliver better business operations through the application of technology that really works. It’s how we’ve digitally transformed our clients’ businesses time after time.


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Our Solutions
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By combining our knowledge with our expertise, we’re uniquely positioned to provide complete answers. Our insights are always actionable – and we know they will work.



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You have questions – we have answers. Let’s combine the two and kickstart a forward-facing strategy that gets results.

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