Digital Transformation in Healthcare

From pharmaceutical manufacturing to healthcare, we provide digital solutions that modernize the medical sector and improve patient experience.


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/ Digital Transformation in Healthcare

From pharmaceutical development to patient intake, the healthcare sector is undergoing rapid transformation. As services and processes move online, healthcare leaders need to invest in IT architecture to take customer experience on the higher level.

We can bring our 25+ years' experience to recommend the best solutions for your unique, specific needs. Together, we can provide a higher standard of medical care and increase the efficiency of your organization.

Better Patients Experiences
Ensure better access to medical care and convenience for your patients. With solutions such as online portals, patients can view their medical data anytime, anywhere. In addition, access to online tools and self-service solutions will increase satisfaction with the level of service provided.
Security Compliancy
Medical data is some of the most sensitive information, and it is also a target for cybercriminals. Securing this data is a major challenge. IT architecture must comply with a number of regulations related to privacy and data security, among other things. Our solutions meet the required security standards.
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Process Automation
From web portals to internal applications, we’ll provide both customers and your own teams with fully optimized tools to save time and resources while providing an ideal, positive experience.
Data Utilization
Pharmaceutical companies and medical facilities generate huge amounts of information. We'll help you collect, process and analyze the data so you can use its full potential to achieve your business goals.
Efficiency & Cost Optimization
From modern IT architecture to process automation and online services, leverage the benefits of modern technology to increase your efficiency and minimize operating costs.
Transparent Communication
Reliable and complete information about drugs, alongside clear communication about treatment methods or costs are key to building patient trust. We can help you provide end users with access to clear and consistent product information.
Igor Bielecki
IT Director

"As part of our strategic initiatives, we have decided to rebuild our IT architecture, which is a key element of our future. We completed the implementation phase of Mulesoft’s integration layer, (ESB) – which is the basic foundation for further digitization efforts. It was a challenging process, but thanks to the commitment of the entire team together with Unity Group, we rose to the challenge and implemented it successfully. We are aware that business needs change dynamically, so we strive to constantly adapt our technology to always meet expectations."

Digital healthcare solutions by Unity Group

Our Solutions
/ For the Medical Industry

Whether your company is in the business of providing healthcare services or manufacturing or selling drugs, supplements and medical equipment, we can help you implement the optimal IT solutions.

Patient Portals
We develop web portals for presenting information on facilities, the company and the specialties, personnel, and services provided, ensuring patients can access information on test results and treatment history, as well as have the opportunity to book appointments with specialists. In addition, our solutions can aggregate multiple websites, managed from a single CMS.
E-Commerce Platforms
We provide dedicated commerce platforms for B2B and B2C sales. The solutions we implement are fully UX-optimized, meet the legal requirements of market regulators, and guarantee high performance, which is especially important during busy periods. Thanks to the scalability of the solutions for rollouts to foreign markets, we enable rapid cross-boarding, as well as easy, continuous functional development.
Health Portals
We implement solutions such as marketplace, that aggregate different categories of products and services, taking into account the characteristics of the assortment and different purchase paths. We take care of the comprehensiveness of the presentation of product data, the appropriate UX for each category, as well as the navigation adapted to the category tree, which ensures that users can easily reach the products they are looking for. We also ensure high performance and availability of the solution.
With our PIM-class solutions, data will be effortlessly distributed to all sales channels, guaranteeing consistency of information, as well as easy translation into multiple languages. We also help our clients at the stage of structuring product information, creating easily managed data models in the interface, and implementing workflows for product lifecycle management.
System Integration
We will design and implement a modern, scalable integration architecture in your company, in accordance with ASVSL L1 standards. Our integration platform will enable automatic data flow between IT systems, as well as the rapid development of further applications and IT systems, with security, stability and operational continuity. Streamline your current operations and ensure the future growth of your business.
Cloud Migration
Thanks to efficient migration to the cloud, we will ensure automatic scalability and high availability of systems (including sales, ERP, PIM, WMS, EDM, patient registration systems), especially during peak traffic loads on the infrastructure, i.e. the most popular patient registration hours or during season of increased disease. The transition to the cloud will also make it easier for companies to enter foreign markets thanks to CDN (Content Delivery Network) and will also improve management and optimization of infrastructure costs.
Cyber Security
Services such as AWS Macie and AWS HealthLake are specifically designed for complying with healthcare regulations, established European standards for the processing of medical data, helping to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.
Dedicated Applications
We help solve specific problems of handling processes affecting sales. We implement applications that are key to increasing the efficiency of organizations, allowing them to effectively manage processes such as complaints, order processing, price policy management and others.

Our Realizations
/ Case Studies

Innovative Health Portal with Marketplace Module


Poland's first e-commerce based on Spryker technology, as well as an innovative health portal using marketplace modules.

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Digital healthcare solutions by Unity Group

A New Integration Architecture for a Large Pharmaceutical Company


Modern integration layer for pharmaceutical industry leader.

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Serving 20+ Leading Healthcare Brands With 1 CMS


With one CMS, LUX MED can seamlessly manage content across all their brands.

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Streamlining Communication & Content for a Healthcare Leader


With 2.5 million patients, LUX MED wanted an efficient way to strengthen its market position.

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Unique Solutions
/ For Unique Challenges

  • Healthcare Service Providers
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Distributors
  • Pharmacies

Healthcare Service Providers

The digitization of healthcare enables patients to access services more easily and equally, including through telemedicine, online platforms and patient portals. We provide digital solutions that meet stringent data confidentiality requirements, enable customers to access healthcare services more easily, quickly and conveniently, and improve their experience.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

The automation of sales, manufacturing and logistics processes, as well as the development of digital sales channels, are the foundations for the further development of pharmaceutical manufacturers. By implementing modern IT architecture, we can help optimize your company's processes and enable effective omnichanel sales.


Pharmaceutical Distributors

There are many internal systems and processes in pharmaceutical distribution companies that are worth integrating and automating. We can help you implement cutting-edge technologies, from systems integration to e-commerce and PIM, to effortlessly update information about drugs, their availability and order statuses.



We are implementing IT solutions that provide retailers with, among other things, real-time product data updates from suppliers, synchronous delivery between the online and retail store, and consistent customer account data in an omnichannel model.

Digital healthcare solutions by Unity Group Digital healthcare solutions by Unity Group IT services for healthcare distributors Digital healthcare solutions for Pharmacy

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