Efficiently manage your product information and implement new products for sale faster with easy updates.

Pimcore is one of the best solutions for Product Information Management and a versatile Digital Experience Platform. It allows you to collect and manage all your business-critical information, including product data and multimedia, to share via external tools.

All data in one place

Pimcore will help you to collect all key data (e.g. ERP, XML and CSV files from vendors, API data, etc.) together. This ensures a single content distribution channel, which translates into time and manual work saved, alongside a faster time-to-market.


The sales channel determines the content displayed

Using the Pimcore panel, you can decide which information about a given product will go to the customer in each sales channel, including both online and offline.


User roles and rights

Pimcore allows you to define a hierarchy of user roles and establish the scope of access and rights for each in the process of preparing product data for specific sales channels.


Easy multi-language management

In Pimcore,, each product description can be translated into any number of languages and, depending on the distribution channel, made publically available.


Flexible integrations

Thanks to the stable and extended Pimcore’s API, integrating with systems such as ERP or marketing applications, as well as adding or extending functionalities, will not be a problem.


Fast go-to-market

Pimcore also combines a number of options that allow for quick product presentation - including the form of catalogs for sales representatives, landing pages with specific products and a frontier for e-commerce.


Why do we recommend Pimcore?

Pimcore is not only a Product Information Management solution – thanks to its numerous functionalities and mobiles, it supports your company’s development at every stage. This includes a DAM module (multimedia), CMS module (content maangement) and the ability to manage your website’s SEO.

What’s more, it even supports a Web2 Print Module, ensuring the quick generation of promotional materials, such as newspapers, leaflets and newsletters – all of which can be send to printing houses electronically, speeding up the process for all physical promotional materials in your company.

Unity Group × Pimcore

Pimcore Partner

We are a silver partner of Pimcore and we use the support of Pimcore technology experts to develop our knowledge and competence in this solution.

> 2 mln

We have experience in PIM implementations based on Pimcore supporting more than 2 million product indices while ensuring smooth functionality and performance of the systems.
We have completed projects for many leading companies on the market, both in B2C and B2B areas.

Experienced partner in commerce transformation

We have been carrying out e-commerce projects since 1997. In our portfolio we have over 500 projects from the areas of B2C, B2B and B2B2C.

Agile work processes

Over the years, we have developed design processes based on AgilePM and SCRUM, which allow us to provide a solution that fully responds to customer needs.

Complex support

We will design, implement, develop and maintain the solution. We will guide you through the whole process, providing further system development and support in case of problems.

Goals Achieved
/ with Pimcore

Easy Product Information Management and Preparation

Selena Group

Selena Group required a system that enabled them to collect and manage product data from one place.

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Product Information Management System (PIM) Supporting 2 Million Indices

Kaczmarek Electric

Standardization product information with automation and agility.

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Our Experts
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Who Should Be Interested in PIM?

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Pimcore Is Used By More Than 80,000 Companies

This number shows how important it is for companies to have consistent and up-to-date product data across all channels. We will prepare a solution for you that will help you strengthen your business too.