Events Manager

Wrocław / Kraków / Remote

/ Your Skills

  • You like and know how to work, talk to people – that's the most important thing!
  • You know the current event market (news, trends in events) and you have a database of proven subcontractors
  • You can design and implement unforgettable and unique events, with both low and extensive budgets
  • You are an excellent organizer who will not miss anything, even if the project is multidimensional and has many stakeholders at different levels of the organization (from whom you often need to enforce something)
  • You cope well with time pressure and stress
  • You are independent – you know how to achieve goals and you are willing to help others
  • You understand how important a coherent, strong brand is in building the right image of the company and achieving its business goals
  • You know how to motivate yourself perfectly, and you have a sense of responsibility both for your tasks (their comprehensive implementation, even if the deadline is pressing) and for the general good of the company as a whole
  • You want to work in a dispersed, agile team that constantly adapts its tasks to the needs of the company and the constantly changing environment. You can also manage the work of people and subcontractors supporting you.
  • You value responsibility, trust and impact on reality
  • You have a lot of ideas and the inner drive to put them into practice
  • You will be able to travel between our offices in Wroclaw and Krakow, actively participating in the lives of both of them
  • You always know what's going on in the company - you're at the epicenter of all events
  • You have an open personality and a cheerful dispositio
  • You speak English to the extent that allows for free communication (the team works in this language on a daily basis and carries out a lot of foreign projects, so the language must not limit you)

/ Your Role

  • Managing related to events in Unity Group – both those in which we are the organizer and those in which we actively participate.
  • Calendar planning and organization of business events (fairs, conferences, B2B matches, networking, pitch), technological, recruitment or integration events (online, offline and hybrid, also on international markets)
  • Budgeting, cost control and event implementation
  • Conducting cooperation and negotiations with subcontractors
  • Planning of work in the area of production and event logistics
  • Gathering the necessary information to prepare the best proposal
  • Managing the work of persons supporting the implementation or delegated to a given project
  • Effective management of your work and that of all cooperating persons (schedules, checklists, project work)
  • Support in creating strategies and organizing EB and social campaigns and all other promotional activities
  • Support in activities on social media in cooperation with Social Media Specialist

The team you will become a part of:

Marketing is a very active team - all ideas and all creativity are welcome and even encouraged. You can expect a lot of cool challenges. Although everyone has their own area of expertise, the team values open communication and mutual support. We take pride in what we do, and we always fully deliver on our projects! All of our marketers cover a wide range of communication topics related to projects being developed throughout the company, so you can expect to work closely with other teams. Here, good relationships and interpersonal skills are a must. But one thing is always certain - with us you will not be bored !!!

Sounds good to you?
/ Then appply for it!

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Patrycja Kołaczek
IT Recruitment Specialist

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