B2C E‑Commerce

Consumer driven stores and services with peak scalability, ease of shopping and 24/7 performance.

By opening a new sales channels -
through the e-commerce platform - you will enable your customers to find your offer and shop quickly and safely, whenever and wherever, giving your business maximum leverage.

Safe shopping from every place and device

E-commerce platforms are the only place always available to the customer. Not only can they get acquainted with our offers safely and conveniently, a well-implemented e-commerce solution operates on all devices.


Fast implementation without loss of revenue

In a short period of time, we implement a solution that allows you to generate revenue. We constantly support its development in order to achieve further goals set by your business.


24-hour availability of your entire offer

By using an e-commerce platform, you will present your brand’s complete offer at all times. Customers will be able to purchase each product from the assortment, without physical problems or time-based limitations.


Additional source of revenue

A well-developed e-commerce platform attracts shoppers who can’t otherwise interact with your business. In other words, it’s an additional stream of customers and, consequently, revenue.


New tools for marketing activities

With an e-commerce platform, you will also enter a new level of marketing activity - built-in and dedicated functionalities will allow you to prepare dedicated offers and sell in a completely new way.


Knowledge about your customers

Gain a valuable source of information about the habits of your customers - what their shopping path looks like, how they choose products and which promotions they are interested in. Thanks to this acquired data, you can present them with dedicated offers.


Do you sell on Allegro, eBay or Amazon? Or maybe you run a stationary customer service point?

A true e-commerce is more than just an online store. Integrate it into all sales channels and provide your customers with reliable and up-to-date information about your offer to ensure a consistent shopping experience, regardless of the specific touchpoint.

Anna Bogdańska
Director of Digital Development

"Quite often, the requirements are not precise, looking like minutes from a brain storming session. Unity Group leads us through details. They challenge Euro with very precise questions and listen patiently to imprecise answers until both parties feel comfortable that the final result will meet expectations."

Unity Group
x B2C E‑Commerce

In cooperation with our clients, we use the knowledge and expertise gained from over 20 years of e-commerce projects. We strive to understand business goals, recognize the context of a given industry and recommend the best solution for supporting omnichannel strategies.

Our implementations are based on proven technologies, such as Magento, Spryker, Kentico Xperience, Shopify and Unity.Commerce. By choosing the most suitable option, we implement anything from small online stores and ticketing systems to larger e-commerce systems with a multi-level architecture. We’ll integrate the e-commerce platform with your company's technological background, using a data bus and dedicated interfaces.

Each of our projects is carried out on the basis of AgilePM and Scrum methodology in order to achieve the most effective implementation, ensure transparency throughout the process and enable the client to participate in every stage of the project.

We are technology agnostic

We start our cooperation by analysing your business requirements and processes. Only then do we move on to project implementation – and pick the technologies that solve the problem. A technology agnostic approach based on results.


Trusted and experienced team

Every e-commerce platform implementation project is supervised by a team of consultants and e-commerce experts. Likewise, our developers have many years of implementation practice in large and complex projects.


Extensive e-commerce support

We provide all the elements necessary for your store to actually sell - our experts share their knowledge and experience, implement additional systems and add new tools testing to ensure your system stays stable, safe and performant.


Full integration with all systems and platforms

During the implementation, we will be able to integrate your e-commerce with any other systems, such as PIM, ERP, CRM, WMS, transaction systems couriers, payment services, marketplaces and many others.


Performance guaranteed

We will ensure high store performance during peak customer traffic, such as Black Friday and other promotional campaigns, ensuring users always have a great shopping experience.


We will take care of stability, reliability and scalability

No matter how much traffic your store generates, with flexible cloud solutions, it will always run smoothly. The scalability of our platforms will ensure that the technology always keeps pace with your business growth.



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Dedicated teams for e-commerce solutions


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Goals Achieved
/ with B2C E‑Commerce

B2B e-commerce application for presenting products during virtual fairs

Fabryki Mebli "FORTE" S.A

For an industry leader in the production of high quality furniture, we developed an application to present all available products on virtual fairs.

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New Ticket Channel with 2,500+ Points of Sale


Dedicated system for chain of convenience stores equipped with POS - ticket machines enabling customers to purchase bus tickets.

<access.multiplied>  <strategy.planned>  <usability.optimized> 

Increased Sales & Improved Shopping Experience


A new, innovative, reliable online store, one of the many sales channels for the leader of the electronics & household appliances industry in Poland.

<sales.transformed>  <system.optimized>  <platform.integrated> 

E-commerce & M-commerce Website

Leroy Merlin

Designing and implementing a dedicated, extensive e-commerce system, and its mobile version.

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A Cutting-Edge B2C E-Platform for Improved Omnichannel Customer Experience


An integrated solution to manage the sale of over 170,000 different products.

<sales.expanded>  <increased.availability>  <omnichannel.commerce> 

Developing a modern
e-store for a market-leading fashion brand for 150% growth acceleration

Top Secret

The aim of the project was to create a modern sales platform for a leading fashion brand.

<revenues.improved>  <orders.increased>  <sales.expanded> 

Legacy System Transformation for the Financial Sector. Bringing a Critical IT System Back to Life


We improved the outdated company's system after the transit of its maintenance and development from the previous supplier.

<sales.increased>  <traffic.managed>  <system.optimized> 

Our Experts
/ Knowledge Shared


A Single Source of Truth / A Key Way To Eliminate Technical Debt


Repetition, inaccuracy and inconsistencies are issues every business wants to avoid. They’re also typical signs of poorly chosen – or poorly used – technologies. When used right, good technology can eliminate unnecessary repetition, ensure greater consistency and generally improve results over all. At the core of this is often the concept of “A...


Personalization in E-Commerce / The Basics


When talking face to face, personalization often happens at unconscious level. Interacts are smooth, adapted on the fly to suit the customer’s needs. Shop assistants can guide people to where they need to be and, when it comes to homing in on exactly what someone wants, it’s the fundamental secret to any good salesperson. But online? We must adapt....


Black Friday / A Practical Checklist for E-Commerce Owners


Everyone gets stressed on Black Friday but, between us, shoppers are the ones that have it easy 😉 Behind the scenes, entire IT, marketing and customer support teams need to prepare a solid strategy. And that’s not even mentioning warehouse, logistics or the subsequent challenge of order fulfilment… Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) are some of the...

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