Physical production is about improving output over costs. Digital analytics can refine this to perfection, while connecting sales, warehousing and wider operations for seamless productivity from start to finish.


Improve Operations
Stock and Warehousing
Analyse & Improve Performance

Production Transformed / with Digital Innovation

Producing goods is a numbers game. Businesses need to manufacture products as cheaply as possible, without compromising quality. This doesn’t just mean optimizing the production line itself. From warehouse inventory to supply chains and overall performance, there are many ways to refine your operations – if you have the right know how. With digital, data-driven solutions, the game has changed for everyone.

Modern Challenges
Modern Solutions

You sell products in many global markets through several brands.


Automated systems can remove the hard work in managing multiple brands, adapting to different markets, or even supporting multiple languages or currencies.


Want to provide vendors and retailers with accurate information?


With Product Information Management, automated descriptions can help your suppliers to sell.


Spending too much money on order processing and logistics?


Integrate your processes for the optimal, cost-effective way to take and process orders.


Need to optimize production at a granular level, but lack resources or the time?


With analytics and automated data services, let your technology generate simplified yet insight-rich reports for you.


Getting slowed down with physical paperwork and other manual processes?


With digitalization and automation, we can remove a lot of the manual strain from daily processes.

How to get ahead
/ with Production

Sales Platforms
Support sales networks and operations through dedicated systems to track, analyse and improve B2B relations.
Real-Time Updates
Available materials, stock figures and more – update clients in real-time so they can always order.
Content Management
Streamline content and marketing, even across multiple brands and different markets.
Automated Alerts
Notify production, dispatch and other vendors whenever orders come in – don’t waste time connecting the dots.

Defining Features
/ For Production

With digital solutions for manufacturing and production, we can eliminate the most repetitive tasks. Not only will we automate them, we can remove human error and free staff up to focus on more important areas, like quality control and product innovation.

Custom Ordering
Enable customers to order exactly what they need – custom quantities, product configurators and other options can all be digitalized for convenience.
Performance Reports
Learn which areas are performing well and generate insights to improve parts of the production that are falling behind – all through clear, simplified reporting.
Warehouse Management
Connecting your central warehouses to your wider systems will ensure inventory, supplies and deliveries are never an issue.
Synchronized Facilities
Multiple production plants or processes? Through system integration, we can seamlessly connect them all.

Our Realizations
/ Case Studies


Reliable and Scalable Reporting Environment for Production in the Construction Industry

ViaCon Polska

For the market leader in steel pipe culverts and structural elements, we have modernized the reporting environment in Power BI.

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