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Composable Commerce Components / How to Build an E-commerce System?


When it comes to Composable Commerce, you’ve likely heard the term thrown around for a while now. But while the concept of building e-commerce platforms from modular components is rather clear, not everyone knows what tools are actually available for constructing this platform. So, let’s break down this topic into smaller components and explore...

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Cloud Infrastructure

Digital Transformation


Omnichannel challenges

Omnichannel Challenges / Overcome the Common Hurdles


The concept of omnichannel is probably well known to anyone involved in e-commerce and online sales. Unfortunately, implementing this model is not always easy and brings a number of different omnichannel challenges for retailers that make the model not always work as expected. Channels may be inefficiently integrated, processes may not all be well thought...


PIM vs PXM / What is Product Experience Management & Do You Still Need It?


When it comes to across product content across multiple channels, product information management are fast becoming the go to tools. However, since tools are a means to an end, if you want to create a memorable brand and product experience, you should also consider the wider Product Experience Management approach. Understandable, it’s easy to get lost...

Digital Transformation Challenges

10 Critical Digital Transformation Challenges to Overcome

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become a strategic imperative for organizations aiming to stay competitive and relevant in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. However, the journey towards digital transformation is fraught with challenges that demand careful navigation. Successfully overcoming these obstacles is crucial for organizations to harness...


Digital Transformation for Business – Essential Guide

Digital Transformation

Even if you’re an established company that uses a myriad of digital tools, digital transformation never ends. 2023, with the massive rise of AI, is the ultimate proof that companies should always expect another digital wave. But just what are the most critical aspects of this whole digital business transformation and digitalization space in 2024 and...


How to Implement Omnichannel Strategy in Your Company


There is a lot of talk about omnichannel strategy, but when it comes to the practical implementation of this sales model, the matter is not so simple anymore. Companies face a number of technology and process challenges that they must overcome in order to orchestrate the elements of an omnichannel strategy into a cohesive shopping experience. Achieving...


PIM for Retail / Mastering Information Chaos

Product Information Management

In today’s business environment, retail is much more than simply just “doing business”. Each and every retail business needs to constantly adapt to the customer demands, expectations and ever evolving shopping habits. Consumers, for example, may make a purchase in a stationary store, but at the same time they also use the phone: 72% of...

Omnichannel Retail

Omnichannel Retail – Everything You Should Know 


Imagine walking into a retail wonderland where every path leads to a personalized shopping adventure, tailored to your every whim and fancy. This isn’t a fantasy; it’s the reality of today’s omnichannel retail world, where customers are like explorers, charting their own unique courses through a myriad of buying channels. Each...

Top business books

12 Best Business Books for 2024


Everyone started 2024 differently; some of you probably celebrated wildly, others more quietly. No matter how you celebrated, it’s a good idea to start the new year by updating your physical or digital library. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best business books to read in 2024. Some of these are recent releases. Others are books from a few...


Trends that Aren’t Trends


With 2024 soon here, it never hurts to look at the current and emerging trends. We’ve already covered the most important e-commerce trends for 2024, as well as the latest AI trends to carry over in to the new year. Now, we want to do the opposite. Not every new trend is worth the hype. Not every announcement is...

Banner illustrating summary of e-commerce trends 2023

E-commerce Trends in 2023 / Summary

Artificial Intelligence

We are approaching the end of the year, and it is invariably a time for taking stock. Looking back, 2023 in retail presented unique challenges for companies, which had to confront dynamic changes in economic, social and technological conditions. Let’s find out how these developments have affected the e-commerce industry in Poland and how the landscape...


Data & AI Trends / Predicting Artificial Intelligence in 2024

Artificial Intelligence

If you haven’t read about AI at some point this year, you’d have to be a hermit, living in a cave… on another planet. ChatGPT alone filled up half of our LinkedIn feeds, but the future of Generative AI is far from the only new AI technology 2024 has on the horizon for us… We previously covered the most...


E-commerce Trends 2024 / Developments in E-Commerce to Watch


2024 will likely be another big year for e-commerce and retail companies. It might not be record growth, but online sales are still as vital as ever. Reports suggest around 62% of all retailers plan to continue investing in ecommerce technologies next year – compared to the 14.3% cutting back. So the obvious question is, what are they investing...

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