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We are interdisciplinary team of experts in the areas of strategy, organizational structure, processes and technology that focuses on increasing the competitive advantages of our clients' companies. We build solutions in a client-centric approach, using proven methodologies and tools for design and modeling.

Usability audit

We will analyze the digital process of users’ interaction with your product/service and define the key challenges that stand in its path to building positive experiences and fulfilling needs. We will provide you with specific recommendations for changes and optimizations to effectively enhance the customer experience, effectively build competitive advantages and meet sales goals.

Usability testing

Using research methodologies and tools, we will evaluate the user’s digital interaction process with your product/service and identify specific problems they encounter along the purchase path. This will help you optimize problematic interface elements and effectively increase conversion rates.

Digital customer needs research

We will verify the actual needs and expectations of your digital customers using research methodologies (user research, behavioral research) and data analysis tools (web analytics, user behavior analysis). We will synthesize the results with the research, reports and current consumer trends available on the market, so that you get the real characteristics of your customers.

Digital customer profile

Based on the synthesis of research results, data and conclusions from consumer trends, we will prepare an in-depth characterization of current and potential digital customers. By describing demographic characteristics, preferences and behaviors, attitudes and values, and buying habits, you will be able to build an effective strategy for results-oriented marketing and sales activities and achieve specific business goals.

Value and user experience design

We will design a unique value proposition that will allow you to shape unique customer experiences with your brand and build sustainable competitive advantages for your products and services. Combining design methodologies (e.g.: Design Thinking, Service Blueprinting, Human-Centered Design) with the profile of your target audience, we will propose specific marketing differentiators and motivators along the purchase path.

Prepare customer experience strategy

We will design your digital customer’s journey (Customer Journey Map), which will intuitively guide them to their destination, ensuring a high level of satisfaction along the entire purchase path. We will plan the touch points and interactions that will allow your brand to build a lasting relationship with the user and effectively support sales efforts using the unique features of your value proposition.

Why Should You
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Goal-Focused Approach

The technology you choose is a means to your business goals – this is why our recommendations always keep these objectives as the priority. Technology should never compromise your success.


Benchmark Comparisons In Your Market

Want to stay in – or take - the lead? We’ll assess your position on the market, where you need to be to compete and, above all, outperform your competition.


Experience in Commerce Transformation

We’ve been helping companies transform their operations since 1997. We’ve learned what works, what doesn’t and how to best make such difficult choices with clarity & focus.


Fully Transparent Risk Migration Approach

By openly discussing the risks, we help you to address them ahead of time - or advise you against options that are unjustifiably risky from the start. If there are any problems, we want you to be fully informed, so that you can manage them with confidence.


Complete Support Moving Forward

Unlike others, our advice comes from actually developing software - completing 500+ successful projects. We will support you E2E, from the concept, through the development, to operations support.


Value-Driven & Practical Results

Our advice is not academic or theoretical. It’s a dedicated plan outlining how to deliver better business operations through the application of technology that really works. It’s how we’ve digitally transformed our clients’ businesses time after time.


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Our Solutions
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By combining our knowledge with our expertise, we’re uniquely positioned to provide complete answers. Our insights are always actionable – and we know they will work.



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You have questions – we have answers. Let’s combine the two and kickstart a forward-facing strategy that gets results.

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