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Digital transformation is key to gaining a competitive edge in construction. Our services elevate your business by adopting modern IT solutions tailored to meet customer demands. With 25+ years of experience, we guide you in embracing new sales platforms, moving beyond old systems, and maximizing data utilization to drive growth and innovation.

Business and Technology Consulting
Our expert advisors will craft a custom digital roadmap to achieve your business goals efficiently.
Enhanced Customer Experience
Leverage modern portals and omnichannel integration to exceed the expectations of today's digital-savvy customers.
Modern IT Architecture
Use a modern IT architecture to simplify operations and processes and expand your business into new markets and channels.
Data & Analytics
Unlock the full potential of your data from various sources to gain insights into market trends, and optimize marketing strategies and processes.
Chatbot AI
AI in Construction
AI-powered chatbots and smart assistants enhance customer service and streamline company operations, driving efficiency and innovation.
Secure Your Infrastructure
Protect your systems and data with reliable security measures that ensure resilience to disruptions and future-proof your infrastructure for long-term reliability and protection.
Lena Matczak
IT Project Coordinator

"Unity Group convinced us not only with the technological solutions proposed for the project, but also with a coherent plan for the entire implementation. We evaluate the whole cooperation very well. The team on Unity Group’s side dedicated to the project turned out to be a group of specialists who efficiently translated our business requirements into the B2B Portal."

Digital Solutions Revolutionizing Construction

The construction sector thrives on robust customer relationships, now further enhanced by cutting-edge IT solutions that forge stronger connections and drive efficiency.

Product Information Management
PIM systems streamline the management of thousands of products across diverse sales channels, ensuring seamless information updates and consistency across markets.
Commerce Platforms
Tailored to the unique needs of the construction industry, our modern B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms enhance customer buying experiences and equip your sales team with efficient tools to streamline the sales process.
System Integration
Seamless integration of essential company systems facilitates rapid IT development, ensures robust security, and enhances data flow. Effortlessly expand with new systems such as PIM, ERP, WMS and e-commerce sales channels via reusable APIs.
Infrastructure Maintenance (SLA)
Ensure the reliability, performance, and safety of your IT infrastructure with our comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Benefit from proactive maintenance, timely updates, and dedicated support to minimize downtime and keep your operations running smoothly.
Cloud Migration
Lower your total cost of ownership and reduce business expenses by efficiently leveraging ready-to-deploy solutions from leading public cloud providers. Securely host your services anywhere in the world while optimizing operational flexibility and scalability.
Headless CMS Systems
Streamline content creation and distribution from a unified platform, supporting an omnichannel strategy and enhancing data security by separating the frontend from the backend, ensuring fast, consistent content delivery across all channels and markets.
Chatbot AI
AI chatbots
Leverage LLM-based smart chatbots to enhance customer service and search capabilities in your online store, guiding customers to the products they need and providing detailed usage instructions.
Data Visualisation
Simplify reporting and complex multidimensional analysis with custom dashboards, making it easy to visualize and interpret data for informed decision-making.

Our Realizations
/ Case Studies

Poniks Case Study

New Online B2B Sales Platform for Hairdressing Wholesaler


The new online platform has streamlined B2B sales and made it easier to manage thousands of products.

<business.expanded>  <products.centralized>  <sales.optimized> 

Streamlined Product Management for a Building Materials Distributor


More than 145,000 effectively managed products.

<process.enhanced>  <updates.optimized>  <future.proofed> 

Modern B2B Platform Fully Tailored to Business Needs


Increase in users and online orders with new B2B portal.

<users.engaged>  <orders.increased>  <data.optimized> 

Sales up +140% & Stable Operations Ensured for E- Commerce


Increase in the number of online orders and better platform performance.

<revenue.grown>  <customers.engaged>  <network.enabled> 

Integration of ERP and MES Systems Using Apache Camel


We developed a modern integration solution for an acknowledged manufacturer of heating systems.

<information.provided>  <future.enabled>  <stability.ensured> 

198% Increase in Conversion Rate With New B2B Platform


The largest distributor and manufacturer of pneumatics has decided to open its sales to all companies and enterprises.

<commerce.transformed>  <conversion.increased>  <sales.increased> 

Easy Product Information Management and Preparation

Selena Group

Selena Group required a system that enabled them to collect and manage product data from one place.

<insights.collected>  <channels.synchronized>  <documents.automated> 

A New Website for the Improved Marketing & Management of 200,000+ Products


Unity Group was entrusted with the task of replacing the technology on which the Onninen online store for retail customers was based.

<work.optimized>  <business.improved>  <scalability.provided> 

150% Increase in Revenue From Online Sales

Euroterm Polska

Implementation of the ONe platform - the first ready-made business solution dedicated to companies selling in the B2B model.

<sales.increased>  <transaction.optimized>  <online.streamlined> 

E-commerce System Integration


Integration of IT architecture with e-commerce system, ensuring quick data import and acceleration of B2B applications.

<stock.organized>  <systems.integrated>  <orders.structured> 

Integrated Commerce System (ERP, PIM, WMS, ONe) for 30,000 Products in Omnichannel Model

Euroterm Polska

A commerce system ensuring smooth and failure-free cooperation of ordering, payment, logistics and assortment management systems.

<data.integrated>  <efficiency.implemented>  <solution.delivered> 

E-commerce & M-commerce Website

Leroy Merlin

Designing and implementing a dedicated, extensive e-commerce system, and its mobile version.

<path.optimized>  <application.improved>  <award.won> 

A Cutting-Edge B2C E-Platform for Improved Omnichannel Customer Experience


An integrated solution to manage the sale of over 170,000 different products.

<sales.expanded>  <increased.availability>  <omnichannel.commerce> 

142% Increase in Revenue From Online Sales


We integrated a sales platform with SIG’s existing ERP system to better enable their 50 branches.

<prize.rewarded>  <sales.increased>  <customers.engaged> 

Dedicated E-Commerce B2B Platform


Supporting B2B orders with a multi-level, online platform for streamlined efficiency.

<sales.supported>  <process.digitilized>  <user.friendly> 

Mobile First. A New Application for a Leader in the DIY Industry

Leroy Merlin

More customers and high-quality UX - a modern mobile application, adapted to the customer's needs and market requirements.

<clients.acquired>  <customers.satisfied>  <costs.reduced> 

System Supporting the Process of Order Acquisition

Mostostal Warszawa

Our team created a dedicated solution that improved the handling of tender and sales procedures resulting in increase in sales efficiency.

<sales.increased>  <risk.avoided>  <process.simplified> 

Product Information Management System (PIM) Supporting 2 Million Indices

Kaczmarek Electric

Standardization product information with automation and agility.

<data.connected>  <systems.implemented>  <products.standardized> 

Tailored Solutions for Specific Needs

  • Building Materials Manufacturers
  • Building Materials Distributors
  • General Contractors
  • Real Estate

Building Materials Manufacturers

Transform your operations with IT process automation and systems integration to eliminate manual and tedious tasks. As your business grows, repetitive tasks can drain resources and hinder efficiency.

Leverage automation to minimize errors, free up your team for higher-value activities, and accelerate time to market. Improve productivity and operational excellence to stay ahead in the competitive building materials' industry.

Easily connect with your business partners in a D2C or B2B model and share all essential information with them using systems such as PIM, B2B e-commerce platforms.


Building Materials Distributors

Revolutionize your operations with digital solutions tailored for the construction sector. Strengthen your partnerships and connect with B2C customers through advanced e-commerce platforms. Streamline product management and harness insights from various distribution channels. Utilize AI to drive innovation, enhancing your competitive edge and fostering growth in your distribution network.


General Contractors

Elevate your construction projects with advanced digital solutions that streamline operations and enhance decision-making. Leverage Data Science and visualization techniques to consolidate scattered data, offering clear insights for better project outcomes.

Our cloud migration services ensure a smooth transition of your data and applications, optimizing performance and scalability. With robust Service Level Agreements (SLA), we guarantee reliability and performance, while our comprehensive approach to Data Security and Disaster Recovery protects your critical information against threats and ensures business continuity. Coupled with expert business and technology consulting, we provide a holistic strategy to empower general contractors with the tools needed for success in a rapidly evolving industry.


Real Estate

Revolutionize your real estate operations with the integration of new technologies, modern web portals, and cloud services. Our CMS solutions offer powerful platforms for managing vast amounts of data, photos, and visualizations, enhancing the presentation and management of property listings.

Cloud services provide the scalability and efficiency needed to process and store extensive data securely, facilitating seamless operations. These digital advancements transform sales team workflows and elevate customer experiences, instilling confidence in clients as they make significant decisions about purchasing properties. Embrace these innovative tools to operate with unmatched efficiency and effectiveness in the real estate industry.

IT for general construction

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