Open Culture
/ Shared Success

Who we are defines what we do. By being respectful, considerate and forward thinking, we do what’s right for employees and clients alike.


Enjoy collaborating with their teammates



Appreciate the open culture of sharing and discussing ideas



Trust people to achieve their full potential



Believe in sharing knowledge & helping others


* statistics pulled from engagement and satisfaction survey August 2022

Our company operates on a basis of mutual declaration for every member. Our culture is an agreement that focuses on independence and agility, both individual and within teams.

We promote responsibility (committed and accepted) and cooperation as overarching values. Through this approach, we delegate power down to teams, which operate on a flat organizational structure – the role is more important than the position and all decisions are made in-line with the company’s strategic goals, mission, vision and values – which we all strongly identify with.

What We Do
/ Our Mission

We understand the world of new technologies and we guide our clients there

Where We're Going
/ Our Vision

We are enabling our clients to realize the full digital potential of their business.

We will deliver products, services and systems using top technologies.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world will use our products and solutions.

How We’re Guided
/ Our Values

01 We are competent in our operations.
02 We courageously tackle the challenges of everyday work.
03 Our work develops us and our surroundings.
04 We are open to new ideas.
05 We act responsibly. We are proud of the outcomes of our work.
06 We communicate openly and explicitly express our opinions with respect to others.
07 Through collaboration, we discover better solutions.

Open Culture
/ Designed to Adapt

Our internal organizational culture is over 25+ years in the making. What’s more, it’s developed completely internally – we work the way we do because it’s what works best for us.

We don’t subscribe to any one philosophy – instead, we take elements from Teal, Agile and any other areas that inspire us. This way, we don’t compromise our work approach, but instead evolve and adapt it. Thanks to our organization’s maturity on the market – and the adult approach of each and every individual – our unique methods have delivered results time and time again.

Grzegorz Kuczyński
Managing Partner
Unity Group

"It is a responsible social contract, beneficial for all parties, and implemented with both commitment and passion"

Our Culture
/ Know More

We don’t adopt out-of-the-box business models. When it comes to culture, it’s forged from the ground up: by our teams! Along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two about creating an organizational spirit that inspires and empowers.

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Teal in a Crisis – Myths vs. Practice


In the face of ongoing pandemic, the resulting economic crisis and the difficulties of many companies, I am increasingly confronted with the question of the most appropriate organisational model – one that’s resistant to difficult times. Many publicists, and sometimes business practitioners, are putting forward the hypothesis that this is the moment to...


Solid Foundations in Turbulent Times


Maturity, partnership, responsibility, transparent communication and company values have been the foundation of Unity Group since 1997. This has enabled us to build an organization that is constantly growing, provides a stable space for our employees and, above all, continuously delivers value to our customers and supports the development of their business....

Open Approach
/ Benefits All

For Our Clients

Trust that’s earned. Trust that’s proven. Trust that’s demonstrated.

A results-driven approach means everything we do is determined by your business goals – from technology selection to team composition. This is how we’ve earned our partners’ trust across 25+ years of success.

Success Stories

For Our Employees

Free to make decisions. Free to self-manage. Free to grow.

By respecting our unique capabilities and wide range of skills, we build teams that deliver via true ownership. We strive to implement tangible solutions with a measurable impact and take pride in our work, because the results are clearly visible.

Career Opportunities

Great Culture
Needs Great People

A company is nothing without people. Our teams, your customers and you. We’ve strived to create an open and engaging atmosphere from all angles. Why not find out for yourself?

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