Quick to implement and easy to customize, gain the best value from Shopware software with our custom Shopware development services.

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If you’re looking for an e-commerce solution to get you on your feet quickly, whilst also leaving the possibilities open for scaling, customizing and fine-tuning, the Shopware platform meets all of these needs. Together, we can implement a fast and effective solution fitting today’s challenges.

Fast Time-to-Market

With a core platform included, our Shopware development brings your key operations to market quickly, with more time to focus on unique customization.


Centralized Control

Thanks to Shopware, we can provide one centralized panel for all your operations, be they B2B, B2C, D2C or more.

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Easy Integrations

With API-first integration, we can effortlessly connect your Shopware platform to marketplaces, apps and more, offering seamless data flow and control.


No Vendor Lock-In

The open source nature of Shopware protects your business, and ensures you can always choose the best options when expanding and scaling your business.


Omnichannel Sales

The native multi-channel capabilities of Shopware software ensure that we can readily meet and exceed the needs of any omnichannel strategy. Get the best experiences on every channel.


Open Source

Shopware offers unparalleled flexibility and customization, enabling businesses to innovate and adapt their e-commerce solutions freely, backed by a strong community of developers and experts.


No-Code Functionality

Shopware offers many no-code customizations, including flow and rule builders, enabling easy customization of many aspects of your e-commerce.

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AI/ML Support

With a native AI Copilot, Shopware’s increasing ML capabilities make it ideal for companies looking to expand and innovate with ease, or simply save time on manual tasks.


User Friendly

Shopware software is designed to be accessible in the backend, so you’ll find the new administrative panels easy to master and achieve success with.



With Shopware, multiple shops on separate domains can still be managed from one singular panel, helping to better organize operations.

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Multi Brand

Alongside multistore set-ups, Shopware’s headless functionality means each store can easily look and feel different, helping to distinctly manage different brands.


Why Do We Recommend Shopware?

If you’re looking for a flexible and scalable solution, but don’t want to start completely from scratch, then Shopware is an ideal solution. The core platform offers the stability of a traditional PaaS or SaaS solution, whilst its abundance of plugins and add-ons offers near limitless customization. Alongside its open-source nature, there’s an active community further expanding its capabilities, so you’re never left at the mercy of the software vendor. Instead, you have plenty of freedom in choosing the direct of your store – and thus, your business – rather than being dictated by the limitations of your e-commerce platform.

In the PaaS license, it also includes hosting options, making it ideal for companies making their first major online forays, whilst more experienced enterprises can make use of the wider customization and integration options.

Unity Group × Shopware

Shopware is implemented by a team of developers experienced in a range of e-commerce projects.
We can advise you on making the most of wider integration opportunities.
Alongside implementation, we’ll train your own teams on the new technologies.

More than 500 projects in e-commerce completed

With more than 25 years on the market, we’ve completed over 500 projects, covering B2C, B2B and D2C industries.

Complex e-commerce support

More than just a new platform, we can integrate and implement additional solutions to give you the best competitive edge.

Experienced Team

Alongside experienced developers, our consultants and project managers will ensure a smooth delivery.

Highly Modular Yet Cost Effective

Our Shopware development services can help deliver an omnichannel solution that meets every business need or niche. Let's talk about your business challenges.