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/ Discover the benefits of digital transformation

New technologies are transforming the real estate industry, enabling companies to operate more efficiently. Digital platforms and cloud-based solutions are changing the way property listings are presented and managed, and the way sales teams work. As a result, customers are more comfortable making decisions about such a serious matter as buying a residence.

Better Presentation of the Offer
Improve website performance with rich graphics, visuals, and documentation.
Convenient Sales Management
Manage transactions and customer contact in one place.
Work Optimization
Streamline your team's workflow with process optimization and integration of key systems.
Improve Customer Service
Answer questions anytime with AI chatbots.

Real Estate Challenges

The real estate industry is challenged to adapt its business to increasing digitalization and more demanding customers. Technology can help address the real estate industry's key challenges by streamlining many activities and operations.

Challenge 1 / Underperforming Website
Real estate sales portals must be able to quickly process a large number of image and video files so that customers can comfortably browse listings.
Challenge 2 / Effective Customer Service
Real estate listings generate many specific but often repetitive questions that agents must answer via email and phone.
Challenge 3 / Scattered Data
Lack of connectivity between key systems hinders information flow and efficient analysis.

Our Realizations
/ Case Studies

Client Panel for Top Customer Service Standards


One of the leading real-estate developers in Poland turned to us with their need of an easy-to-use tool that would improve after-sales service.

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Migration to AWS Cloud and Website Maintenance

domiporta needed to find a new infrastructure provider and team able to quickly migrate the systems to the AWS cloud.

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Unique Solutions
/ For Specific Needs

  • Modern Web Portals
  • Key Systems Integration
  • Cloud Services
  • Chatbot AI for Real Estate

Modern Web Portals

A central CMS panel allows you to manage a lot of content in one place. It is possible to easily add offers, documentation about the investment, but also to contact the customer about important information such as open days and other meetings. With portals tailored to the needs of the real estate industry, it is possible to optimize processes, including sales.


Key Systems Integration

Automated and fast data flow is essential for the efficient operation of real estate companies. It not only streamlines processes, but also makes it easier to implement additional systems in the future and ensures the security of the entire IT infrastructure. A great convenience is the ability to efficiently create reports and analyses for even better data-driven decisions.


Cloud Services

Real estate companies need to store and process a large amount of data - image files, photos, documentation, or interactive visualizations. Using a cloud services-based architecture makes this task easier, including ensuring business continuity, reliability, and scaling during periods of increased site traffic.


Chatbot AI for Real Estate

AI chatbots make it possible to automatically and instantly answer recurring customer questions in a natural and consistent way. With ease of use, it is possible to feed the AI chatbot with new knowledge on its own and redirect custom questions to a human agent.


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