GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

Speed, scalability and security of your data. Speed up your company's digital transformation and gain technological edge!

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What is Google Cloud Platform?
GCP is not only a cloud infrastructure – it’s the key to optimizing your IT infrastructure. With the unlimited scalability of the GCP, your infrastructure will grow at a pace adapted to the needs of your organization.

If security is important to you, the technology leader - Google will bring you top-notch protection. Your data is in good hands.

GCP it's an array of intelligent data analytics, AI and machine learning tools that will help you turn data into strategic insights. Gain competitive edge by identifying trends and creating forecasts.

Flexibility and scalability

GCP allows you to easily scale your infrastructure as needed, which means that your organization can grow without worrying about technological limitations.


Data security

The Google Cloud Platform provides advanced security measures to protect your data and customer transactions from cyberattacks.


Big Data

Big data analytics tools like BigQuery will help you understand your customers' behaviors, helping you deliver better experiences and improve sales.


AI i Machine Learning

Use the artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to personalize the experience of your customers, anticipating their needs and increasing their satisfaction.

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Cloud CDN

With Google's extensive global network, your e-commerce platform will operate quickly and smoothly around the world, bringing the highest quality experience to the users.



With more than 99.99% availability, the GCP ensures that your e-commerce platform will always be available to your customers. This means that each and every transaction will be accepted and properly processed.

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GCP helps you automate many tasks, so you can save time and resources, and better focus on critical activities.


Technical and educational support

GCP offers extensive support for its users, including training, documentation and technical support, helping you get the most out of the platform.


Hybrid and multicloud solutions

With the GCP, you can easily combine cloud and on-premises services, and use different cloud providers, with flexibility and business continuity ensured.


Why do we recommend Google Cloud Platform?

By choosing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) you invest in secure and efficient solutions for your business. GCP gives you access to world-class technologies to help speed up your digital transformation and boost your productivity.

GCP offers unlimited scalability, so your IT infrastructure can grow at a pace adapted to your business growth. You don't have to worry about resources – when you need them, they will be there. At the time of sales peaks on your website, for example during the holiday season or Black Friday, the GCP will ensure uninterrupted operation of your platform.

As security is a key factor today, Google Cloud Platform brings you the highest level of data and transaction protection. It provides advanced security tools to protect your business from cyberattacks.

GCP comes with data analytics and machine learning tools to help you understand and anticipate your customers' needs. With BigQuery and AI/ML tools, you can personalize the experience of your users to increase their satisfaction and loyalty.

By choosing Google Cloud Platform, you invest in the future of your organization. In the digital space technology is key, and GCP provides you with the tools you need to successfully develop and gain a competitive edge in the market.

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Accelerate your digital transformation with GCP!


Unity Group × GCP (Google Cloud Platform)


Over 40 e-commerce solutions are managed and maintained in the cloud by the Unity Group team.


For over 15 years we have been providing the e-commerce system maintenance service for RTV Euro AGD - one of the leaders of the e-commerce industry in Poland.


We have over 20 engineers on the team who will help in the design, implementation, and management of GCP systems.

Transparency of cooperation

Working on our client’s systems, we give full access to the results of our work (configuration, code), we encourage the client’s engineers to gain new experience and competencies, we share the best practices. At the same time, based on industry standards, we limit the risk of vendor lock-in.

Gain scalability and security. Contact us!

Migration to the cloud will help you meet the challenges that await your company in a dynamically developing market.

Let's talk about the digital transformation of your organization.

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