Adobe Commerce

Create a flexible B2C or B2B e-commerce platform and an engaging shopping environment that provides your customers with exceptional brand interactions.


Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento Enterprise), is a product of Adobe, which is recognized by Gartner as a leader in digital commerce. The leading platform in the world of online sales, it serves more than 315,000 sites worldwide from a variety of industries.

Headless Commerce

With an API-based headless architecture, Adobe Commerce guarantees a flexible approach that allows you to create an exceptional shopping experience at any customer touchpoint.



Adobe Commerce enables the easy scaling and implementation of additional features via Adobe Commerce Marketplace’s 3,600+ modules and extensions. Thus, it supports rapid business growth and e-commerce performance and availability.


All-In-One Platform

Adobe Commerce will enable you to manage all channels, brands and language versions of your online store from a single platform, including both B2B and B2C.


AI-Supported Commerce

Adobe's Sensei engine supports both personalized marketing, providing detailed information about customer behavior, and facilitates business decisions based on the data collected.


Personalization at Scale

Adobe Commerce, thanks to its integration with other Adobe products, enables omnichannel strategies and provides quality shopping experiences at every level of the funnel, resulting in high conversion rates.



Adobe tools uphold the security of commercial data and operations in every element of your business platform.


Why Do We Recommend Adobe Commerce?

Adobe Commerce has frequently been ranked at the top of key technology reports such as Gartner (Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce), Forrester (Forrester Wave B2B & B2B Commerce Solutions) and IDC MarketScape (Worldwide B2C Digital Commerce Platforms).

Based on Adobe Sensei's advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, Adobe Commerce provides search engine support and offers precise product recommendations, taking the user experience to the next level. The enhanced B2B module responds to the growing market demand. It enables effective communication with business customers and the efficient management of sales. An important advantage of the platform is the ability to plan changes thanks to the Content Staging functionality, while the Business Intelligence module enables the creation of customized reports, providing valuable data for analysis and strategy. All of this is complemented by the cloud infrastructure offered in the package, alongside SLA support, which guarantees reliability and continuity of services.

Unity Group × Adobe Commerce


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We are an Adobe Partner and an experienced Adobe Commerce technology provider

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We leverage the knowledge and experience we have gained over 25 years of implementing e-commerce projects. We have carried out more than 500 B2C, B2B and B2B2C projects for leaders in many industries.

Comprehensive support

We provide all the elements necessary for your store on Adobe Commerce to actually sell – our experts share their knowledge and experience, we implement additional systems and tools, test and stabilize the implemented applications.

Experienced team

The project to implement an e-commerce platform – an online store on Adobe Commerce – is overseen by a team of e-commerce consultants and experts, as well as an experienced team of developers with years of experience both in large and complex projects.

Goals Achieved
/ with Adobe Commerce

Multistore in the Outdoor Industry With A Cross-Border Growth Potential


An e-commerce platform with a multistore module to develop omnichannel and cross-border sales.

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Sales up +140% & Stable Operations Ensured for E- Commerce


Increase in the number of online orders and better platform performance.

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Bet on a Modern System & Stay Ahead of the Competition

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