Managed Cloud Services

Take your business into the world of clouds, maintaining high safety standards and mastering cost optimization.

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Cloud computing provides a simple way to access servers, storage, databases and a broad set of application services over the internet, all via pay-as-you-go pricing.

Safety and reliability

The AWS Cloud is a guaranteed secure and fault-tolerant data processing solution for your systems. Thanks to advanced Security & Compliance tools, your systems are highly accessible, yet your data always stays safe.


Flexible infrastructure

A well-built and managed cloud system allows for calm traffic during sales peaks such as Black Friday, holiday periods or occasional sales. Virtually unlimited availability of resources ensures the flexibility needed to adapt your infrastructure to real-time needs.

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Cost reduction

Migrating to the cloud is usually a good way to reduce your total cost of ownership, cutting overall business expenses. AWS offers many ready-to-go building blocks, so you don’t have to invest in unnecessary IT system infrastructure.


Measurable KPIs

With cloud solutions, you have the tools to measure many parameters, such as service loading speed, which help in achieving the best performance and other vital business KPIs.


Broad IT infrastructure

Take advantage of a diverse set of infrastructure services, including computing power, storage options, networking and databases. With on-demand services, available in seconds, you have everything you need, whenever you need it.


Numerous locations

With cloud servers, you can host your services in any part of the world. Whether it’s compliance requirements, performance or simply gaining footholds in-line with company expansion, the cloud is the stress-free way to grow.


With cloud computing, you don’t need to make large upfront investments in hardware, nor spend time maintaining it.

Cloud providers, such as AWS, own and maintain all the network-connected hardware required for these application services, while you simply provision and use what you need via a web application.

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Unity Group
x Managed Cloud Services

Thanks to 20+ years creating and implementing projects, especially in dynamic realities such as e-commerce, we see a need for a change in the approach to application maintenance. Therefore, based on our knowledge in designing Omnichannel Architecture, long-term maintenance of systems as Managed Service Provider and practical experience in using AWS services, we introduce customers to the world of clouds.

All our projects are carried out in Agile & Scrum PM methodology to ensure that the client can participate in the process at every stage of the project and ensure transparency of implementation. In addition, we also care about the education of the client and his IT teams to share the results of our work on an ongoing basis.

Experienced partner in commerce transformation

With our expertise in e-commerce and operational projects since 1997, we have a thorough understanding of what businesses need. Our knowledge puts us in a unique position to both move to the cloud and achieve the best results – both now and moving forward.


We are an AWS Partner Network (APN) Partner

We belong to the AWS Partner Network and we are Advanced Consulting Partner, thanks to a dedicated team of specialists in the field of cloud solutions. We have extensive experience in comprehensive cloud projects.


Highly efficient and scalable architectures

The architectures we have built for e-commerce, portals and applications are powerful and scalable. We place great emphasis on the repeatability of installation and maintenance, as well as the transfer of knowledge and cooperation with your IT team.


Long-term and painless maintenance

We focus on the implementation of such solutions, enabling long-term and problem-free maintenance. We believe that prevention is better than firefighting. The clients we work with appreciate this approach, which leads to continued relationships and many joint projects.



More than 40 e-commerce solutions managed by Unity Group are running on public clouds.


For over 14 years, we’ve provided managed services in e-commerce for RTV Euro AGD –just one example of our long-term relationships.


17 certified experts are able to help you to design, implement and manage your AWS systems. We’ll keep your operations safe and hassle-free.
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Goals Achieved
/ with Managed Cloud Services

Multistore in the Outdoor Industry With A Cross-Border Growth Potential


An e-commerce platform with a multistore module to develop omnichannel and cross-border sales.

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Serving 20+ Leading Healthcare Brands With 1 CMS


With one CMS, LUX MED can seamlessly manage content across all their brands.

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198% Increase in Conversion Rate With New B2B Platform


The largest distributor and manufacturer of pneumatics has decided to open its sales to all companies and enterprises.

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Migrating Scooter Rentals to Azure in Under 24 Hours


A leader in electric scooter manufacturing decided to move the entire system infrastructure from local servers to an Azure cloud-based model.

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Migration to AWS Cloud and Website Maintenance

domiporta needed to find a new infrastructure provider and team able to quickly migrate the systems to the AWS cloud.

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Improving portal performance and reliability using AWS


With a growing user base, Lubimyczytac’s portal management team asked Unity Group for support in strengthening the stability and security of the site.

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Lowering the Operational Costs of Platform due to Migration to the AWS Cloud


Migrating a learning platform to the AWS cloud for better performance and results.

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The Technologies
/ Behind Solution

Two Words:
The Cloud

Looking to lower costs, scale up and gain a flexible, future-facing solution? Let’s talk and head there together.

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