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Thanks to our model of cooperation, you'll gain access to exceptional skills and expertise. Propel your projects to new heights — start today!

Joined Team and Tailored Assitance
Build a team of experts from both your organization and ours to ensure the perfect blend of skills and knowledge. We'll help you solve specific challenges, such as improving performance, removing legacy components from the architecture, or assembling a dedicated team for a particular system.
Flexible Approach
We adapt to your needs and current situation by adding only the necessary skills to your team, helping you define the scope of the project, identify skill gaps, create the necessary structures and roles in the team, design processes and prepare a transition plan.
No Vendor Lock-In
The ultimate goal is your ownership of the final project. You don't have to worry about vendor lock because we share the knowledge in the team. It will help you in maintenance and development of the created system according to your preferences.
Transparent Billing
Optimize costs by leveraging flexible augmented teams. Pay only for the resources you need based on clearly defined rules.
Culture Match
We adapt to your organization's work culture and rules for areas such as documentation, software development, and tools. We will also advise on selected aspects, e.g. creating documenation in the C4 methodology, among others.
Two Ways Knowledge Transfer
We learn from each other on a daily basis. You help us understand your business and we share our experience from numerous projects we have delivered. In doing so, we can improve the skills of the entire team, ensuring more effective collaboration and synergy to complete the project.
Adjust the Team's Size
Temporarily reduce or expand the team. This flexibility allows you to optimize budget allocation and respond quickly to changing market conditions.
Accelerate Implementation
Speed up your project timelines with our skilled workforce. We can help you reduce project timelines, ensure faster time-to-market, and meet quality standards without compromising quality.

When You Need Team Augmentation Services?

When the clock is ticking on a time-sensitive project and your current team doesn't have the necessary skills or resources to tackle it, IT staff augmentation services step in to fill the void. This solution is tailor-made for those moments when you're acutely aware of the skill gaps within your team but find it challenging to source these competencies internally, whether due to constraints or strategic decisions.

It's also the perfect strategy for those looking to hire a fully competent team of specialists, offering the unique advantage of augmenting your workforce's capabilities while you maintain overall control of the project's direction and its business outcomes.

Additionally, for projects or tasks that require a dedicated focus beyond your current bandwidth, outsourcing to a team of external experts provides a seamless extension of your efforts, ensuring complete project management and delivery responsibility.

In each scenario, IT staff augmentation services provide the flexible, skilled support you need to drive your projects across the finish line successfully.

All Results . One Agile Partner
Achieve your results with a reliable partner.
Total Honesty . Committed Delivery
Work hand-in-hand with our experts and benefit from their experience.
Continuous Support
Ongoing support to help keep your projects running and evolving.
People . Making a Difference
By collaborating and sharing knowledge, we discover better solutions.

Our Realizations
/ Case Studies

Increased Sales & Improved Shopping Experience


A new, innovative, reliable online store, one of the many sales channels for the leader of the electronics & household appliances industry in Poland.

<sales.transformed>  <system.optimized>  <platform.integrated> 

E-commerce & M-commerce Website

Leroy Merlin

Designing and implementing a dedicated, extensive e-commerce system, and its mobile version.

<path.optimized>  <application.improved>  <award.won> 

API-Based, Highly Available Integration of Over 30 Systems

Volkswagen Group Polska

Efficient transfer and handling of extensive integrations with internal and external systems.

<platform.optimized>  <work.automated>  <system.improved> 

A Custom CMS and Full IT System Integration for Easier Administration and Maintenance


We implemented a CMS to match company's rapidly-changing business needs. The result was increased update speed and lower maintenance costs.

<integration.provided>  <costs.decreased>  <speed.increased> 

Digital healthcare solutions by Unity Group

A New Integration Architecture for a Large Pharmaceutical Company


Modern integration layer for pharmaceutical industry leader.

<high.performance>  <scaling.enabled>  <continuity.ensured> 

Empower Your Team With the Expertise They Need

  • Commerce
  • Custom Software Development
  • IT Architecture
  • Data / Analytics


Elevate your online presence with our specialists who are adept at deploying world-class commerce platforms, including Adobe Commerce, Spryker, Commercetools, and Magento.

Our expertise extends beyond platform implementation; we provide comprehensive support in integrating vital commerce solutions such as Product Information Management (PIM) systems and Content Management Systems/Digital Experience Platforms (CMS/DXP), ensuring a seamless, engaging shopping experience for your customers.


Custom Software Development

Bring your unique visions to life with our custom software development services. Our seasoned experts in Java, Microsoft.NET, PHP, and frontend technologies are here to craft bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether you're looking to develop a new application from scratch or enhance existing systems, our team has the skills and experience to deliver high-quality, scalable software solutions.


IT Architecture

Navigate the complexities of modern IT architecture with our guidance. Our specialists are well-versed in the latest industry standards, including MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless) architectures and Headless Commerce, ensuring your business stays ahead of the digital curve.

We also offer expertise in best practices for IT development, DevOps, cloud solutions, and modern systems' integration, empowering you to build robust, omnichannel architectures that support your business goals.


Data / Analytics

Transform your data into a powerful business asset with our data and analytics services. Our team excels in turning complex business data into actionable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions that keep your company competitive.

Whether you're looking to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, or identify new market opportunities, our experts are here to guide your data-driven journey towards achieving tangible business outcomes.


Unity Group / About Us

At Unity Group, we have been exploring commerce technologies for over 25 years. Our culture of fostering innovation, combined with our ability to successfully deliver projects with our customers using agile methodologies, ensures that implementations deliver real business value.


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