Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Get insights from your data and increase your business value.

We turn business data into ready-made and actionable recommendations so you can make decisions to increase your company's competitive position.

Use the purchasing potential of your customers

Understand your clients at every stage of the customer journey. Know their behavior and predict their demand to better plan their purchases, sales or operations.


Identify new business opportunities

Discover unused sales potential by analyzing the relative value of each customer. Respond to changing markets, discover the most profitable customers and products, and achieve the greatest profits.


Sales and marketing efficiency

Improve the effectiveness of your sales team, as well as promotional activities, based on the advanced analysis of transactional data. Use ready-made recommendations of marketing and sales activities developed with the use of machine learning mechanisms.


Optimize your supply chain

Use our solutions to determine the supply required to meet both expected and actual demand. Reduce inventory levels, minimize costs and time spent on inventory management.


Create business demand

Use our tools to control the demand, better estimate sales revenues, assess the impact of promotions, calendar events and other activities on sales. Improve sales results and increase customer satisfaction.

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Improve production output

Gets insights into the production costs you actually bear. Find the answers to what influences your operational costs. Improve production efficiency based on advanced analyses and deviation alerts.


Generating a lot of data but gaining nothing when you look at it?

Thanks to the advanced analysis of business data, you will increase the company’s revenues, improve operational efficiency, optimize marketing campaigns and activities related to customer service, provide yourself with the ability to react quickly to market trends and gain a competitive advantage against rivals.

Przemysław Cholewa
Board Advisor, IT & New Projects
Murapol S.A.

"After implementing Unity Group’s solution, i.e. the mechanism for automating marketing channel effectiveness reports, we are able to efficiently monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of individual marketing channels and marketing activities. Accelerated access to data allows us to draw conclusions and make appropriate decisions more quickly."

Unity Group
x Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Discover our Business Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions. We will provide your business with an immediate insight into the data and help you make reliable and effective decisions. Use the potential hidden in the data.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence solutions will allow you to quickly make effective decisions based on reliable data analysis. Use ready-made reports and charts to maximize the company's profit..

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive analysis, based on historical data, will enable you to detect repetitive patterns, thanks to which you will better understand customer behaviour and effectively predict future events. Automate the decision-making process at the operational level and increase the efficiency of activities.

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Dynamic Pricing and Analysis

Adjust the level of prices and discounts for products to individual customer segments. This will improve your competitiveness and optimize the level of sales and margins.

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Recommendation Engines

Create a personalized product offer. Increase the value of your shopping cart and create a better shopping experience for your customers to guarantee their loyalty.

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Sales and Demand Forecasting

Make predictions that mirror actual demand, thus avoiding shortages in the warehouse and fully satisfying market needs.

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Intelligent OCR

We can create a tool that automatically recognizes and digitizes documents, based on photos - intelligent OCR tools based on neural networks.

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Customer Intelligence

Thanks to a better understanding of customers at every stage of their purchasing path, you will better adapt your offer to their needs and take more effective marketing and sales activities. Reach sales and margins growth based on customer behaviour analysis.

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Maciej Soporek
House of Champagne

"John Newton said – “I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.” This quotation in a way reflects the change brought by Unity Group to House of Champagne in the area of acquired data and its analysis as well as the optimization of purchasing, sales and logistics processes."

Goals Achieved
/ with Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Automating Seasonal Analytics for a Premium Fashion Brand


Streamlining analytical processes thanks to Power BI.

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Reliable and Scalable Reporting Environment for Production in the Construction Industry

ViaCon Polska

For the market leader in steel pipe culverts and structural elements, we have modernized the reporting environment in Power BI.

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Sales & Product Analysis with Power BI

House of Champagne

A custom solution to enable and analyse sales across both B2B and B2C channels – resulting in a new level of insights and strategic options.

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