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Great solutions aren't a one-step journey. Our 5-step delivery process can support your business at any stage of digital transformation!


Workshops / Audits & Analysis / Risk Assessments

Every business should thrive and prepare for the future. Consulting helps to tackle existing problems, uncover new areas of improvement and determine your next steps in digital commerce transformation.

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User Research / Infrastructure Overview / UI & UX / Architecture Planning

Design processes serve to refine ideas, integrate market and user research, synchronize with business objectives and ensure the subsequent development is as streamlined as possible. Steps taken here pay dividends through risks avoided and strategies flawlessly carried out.

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DevOps / Agile Delivery / Testing

Developing and delivering solutions requires more than just coding knowledge. It takes careful teamwork, a respect for your business objectives and the commitment to meet every promise made.


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24/7 SLA / Cloud & Managed Services / Maintenance / Optimization

Post-implementation support is just as important as the initial release. We will help you to acquire competences necessary to maintain and develop the implemented solution. You will be able to count on us with updates or additional integrations - and whenever challenges need to be solved.

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Legacy System Transformation / Refactoring / Expansion & New Features

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Most businesses can't afford to sit idle next to the competition. From the initial release to advanced features, we'll ensure you always adapt to changes in the market or further commerce transformation challenges. To future-proof your business and outperform your competition.

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Agnieszka Zamojska-Sroka
Marketing Director Deputy

"Unity Group already possessed high competencies and strong technological facilities during the sales process. We appreciate the fact they paid a great deal of attention to understanding our needs, as well as the specific traits of the industry and choosing the optimal solution for us."

Our Solutions
/ Complete Process

Commerce Transformation comes in many shapes and sizes. Alongside our delivery process, we specialize in four key areas. Take a look at our solutions for a more detailed breakdown!



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