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Gain a competitive advantage with a modern and agile approach to building e-commerce and user experience.

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Composable Commerce can quickly adapt to change, is easy to extend functionality and has a short time-to-market. And that's just the beginning!

Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition

Respond to your customers' needs and create an even better shopping experience with new e-commerce capabilities. Composable Commerce's modular architecture makes it easy to add more functionality and respond to changes faster than your competitors!


Develop E-Commerce the Way You Want It

The modular design of the system provides complete flexibility. The various functions are implemented using separate components, which you can add or remove depending on your current needs. Implement and test new solutions without any restrictions!


Become Independent From Your IT Provider

Get rid of vendor lock restrictions. Thanks to Composable Commerce's open architecture, you can develop your shop by cooperating with multiple partners. At the same time, you remain independent in choosing modules and deciding which elements of the system you use at any given time.


Quickly Implement New Solutions

In Composable Commerce, individual system functionalities are based on independent modules. You can compare each of them to building blocks from which you compose your e-commerce system. Using off-the-shelf components significantly reduces time-to-market via faster implementation.

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Prepare Your System for Sales Peaks

Embedded in the cloud, Composable Commerce ensures the stability and scalability of the platform, alongside ensuring customer data is secure. Thanks to its flexible infrastructure, the system will remain at peak performance even during the hottest sales periods, such as Black Friday!


Develop New Sales Channels

Thanks to its modular architecture, you can easily integrate your e-commerce with different sales channels, such as social media, stationary shops or marketplace platforms. Having a Single Source of Truth for data allows you to maintain information consistency and customer experience at every stage of their interaction with your


Composable Commerce: Made for Business, Loved by IT

Composable Commerce is an approach to creating e-commerce systems that can be likened to constructiong a house out of building blocks. Each module is independent, allowing you to combine and configure them as you wish - you only pay for the functionality and applications you need. Composable Commerce provides flexibility, scalability and ease of adaptation to changing market requirements. This enables you to respond quickly to business needs, all while keeping costs and service quality under control.

Composable Commerce is also loved by IT teams because it enables the use of the latest tools and technologies within the commerce platform. This ensures that developers can develop their skills and your business benefits from the best solutions available on the market.

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Unity Group x Composable Commerce

We recommend Composable Commerce above all else for customers who are interested in the long-term development of their commerce platforms without technological restrictions. We focus on systems developed according to MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless) principles, whose modular design ensures flexibility.

In systems based on Composable Commerce, changes are driven by business needs and not by technological constraints. "Business driven changes" are valued over "technology is a limit". This means that the e-commerce platform can change with market needs (such as adapting to the omnibus directive) or business needs (expansion of sales into new markets and channels) and can even be adapted to the specific needs of your customers (new ways of personalizing your offer thanks to AI).

We base our implementations on technologies such as Commercetools, Spryker, Contentful, Strapi, DatoCMS, Elastic search, Algolia,, AWS, Azure and/or Google Cloud Platform. We consider the needs of your business every time we select a solution. We are technology agnostic: first we analyze your business requirements, then we recommend the appropriate technologies, and then we implement it.

Understand Business Needs

Before we start implementing Composable Commerce, we thoroughly analyze your business needs. Together, we identify the goals we want to achieve and then select the tools and platforms that will help us realize them.


Experienced in Large-Scale E-commerce Implementation

We work with major companies for whom the development of modern e-commerce is the key to business success. We have already completed more than 500 projects.


Trusted Partner & Advisor

When you work with us, you can count on expert knowledge and a proactive attitude. We take the initiative and boldly discuss all ideas - we are a great discussion partner for your team.


Integration with Existing Systems

The implementation of Composable Commerce may require integration with existing systems such as CRM, ERP or your warehouse. During the project, we select solutions that are compatible with your systems or will be able to integrate with them.



More than 500 implemented B2C, B2B, B2B2C e-commerce projects


5 dedicated teams for e-commerce implementation


We have been developing online shops since 1997 - we know what solutions will work best for our customers.

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