Data Engineering

We design flexible data architectures so that you can use their full business potential.

In the era of Big Data, having scalable data architecture is essential for effective business management. Get instant access to key information from the entire enterprise.

Quicker access

With fast access to all your business data, you won't need to use multiple applications to retrieve data or create reports.


Highly secure

Ensure secure storage and flow of information. User permissions cover entire databases or just single lines.


Better performance

Once automated and connected, your data pipeline is free of any hurdles.


Lower expenses

Benefit from solutions that don’t require extra costs to expand – they just work as needed.



With the likes of the Cloud, data lakes and big data solutions, no dataset is too big to process or store.


Complete integration

Multiple sources, destinations and storage locations can be interconnected, so you always have access to what you need.


How can Data Engineering services help?

We implement solutions that allow you to download data from different sources to selected destinations, manage different file format conversions, perform data transformations, clean up, maintain integrity and develop new models, as well as prepare data for further analytical purposes and ensure high performance.

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x Data Engineering

We build robust, scalable architectures for large data sets, both in the cloud and on-premise, to modernize systems that power your data. We will help you design an ecosystem that enables the smooth flow, management and processing of fast-growing structured and unstructured data sets.

Data Warehouse

Our data warehousing services will enable you to integrate structured transactional data, facilitate reporting and streamline business analysis with unlimited data size.

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Data Lake

Apply an integrated data strategy, combining structured and unstructured data from different sources and formats, enabling deeper insights and larger data sets.

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Data Migration

Transfer data between your systems, while maintaining data integrating and the continuity of processes in your organization. Enjoy a flexible, secure, and standard-compliant IT infrastructure.

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ETL Process

An indispensable element of Business Intelligence. Migrate data from the source systems, transform it and load it into the target system – in both batches and streams.

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Big Data Services

The demand for advanced, real-time analysis is growing. With the Big Data platform you will be able to analyze and draw conclusions from huge data sets of different formats.

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Data Orchestration

Maintain complex relationships between data tasks and dynamically adjust your computing power requirements to suit.

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Maciej Pondel

Data Science Leader

A graduate of Computer Science at the Faculty of Computer Science and Management of Wroclaw University of Technology. Maciej is also a Doctor of Economics and a lecturer in the Department of Business Intelligence in Management at Wroclaw University of Economics.

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Data Engineering solutions are invaluable business tools for generating actionable insights. Get in touch and let’s find the optimal approach together.