Akeneo PIM is consistent and high quality content across all your sales channels, providing a unique shopping experience to meet customer expectations.


Akeneo is a reliable technology for product data management that will allow you to work efficiently with product data thanks to its flexibility.

Aggregate data from multiple sources in one place

The solution will help you to aggregate key data from ERP, POS and e-commerce systems, vendor databases, as well as simple files like XML or CSV. The flexible API will also connect other data sources to your Akeneo environment.


Full control over data

Akeneo is a system adapted to mass processing of information in various forms. The tool will give you full control over SKU type data, images, product descriptions, regulatory and technical data, and other parameters.


Increase conversion and reduce the number of returns

Convincing and consistent product information in sales channels translates directly into profit. Akeneo users achieve up to four times the conversion increase and reduce returns by 40%.


Support partners building your business

Akeneo will streamline the work of your suppliers, marketers, e-commerce professionals or product data management teams. The PIM system will reduce manual tasks for business development.


Content tailored to specific sales channels

Using the Akeneo panel, you will determine what information on a given product will reach you in different sales channels. You can decide what will go into the systems of your business partners - retailers, wholesalers, distributors or marketplace platforms.


Faster product launches

Centralized management of product information and automation of this process translate into faster time-to-market. The solution also allows you to easily manage language versions, which will allow you to freely enter foreign markets.


User-friendly management panel

Management of all product data will be seamless thanks to an intuitive user panel with convenient navigation and clear information architecture.


Easy development thanks to extensions

The Akeneo Marketplace offers a number of extensions to improve the PIM system. The offer of both free and paid extensions is constantly being developed by the Akeneo community to provide new tools.


Why do we recommend Akeneo?

Akeneo is a technology completely prepared to design a Product Information Management System (PIM). Compared to other dedicated PIM technologies, it has an intuitive and user-friendly interface with very simple operation.

In addition, Akeneo PIM is available in two versions - Community, which is perfect for those who are just starting out with a product information management system and want to check its capabilities, and Enterprise, with more features that reflect even the most complex processes taking place in PIM systems.

All the power of akeneo, implemented with care!


Unity Group × Akeneo

As Akeneo Partner and experienced technology contributors, we have extensive knowledge of digital asset management products and procedures.
Dedicated team for PIM solutions
We’ve implemented PIM in many industries such as: automotive, beauty & pharmacies, eletrotechnical wholesalers.

Experienced partner in commerce transformation

We have been carrying out e-commerce projects since 1997. In our portfolio, we have over 500 projects from the areas of B2C, B2B and B2B2C. This experience includes PIM implementations supporting over 3 million product indices, ensuring smooth functionality and performance every time.

Agile work processes

Over the years, we have developed design processes based on AgilePM and SCRUM, which allow us to provide a solution that fully responds to customer needs.

Extensive support

We will guide you through the whole process, providing further system development and support in case of problems.

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