Process Automation

IT process automation takes the repetitive & manual tasks of daily operations and makes them faster, more accurate and completely self-run.

With automation technology, your business is free to put greater focus where it matters.

Quicker processes

When repetitive, manual tasks are automated, entire processes become faster.


Saves time

Likewise, business automation frees teams up to focus on more important areas or initiatives.


Removes errors

Once automated, simple tasks no longer risk human error, improving overall quality.


Reduces costs

Process automation improves areas of work where staff hours are wasted the most.


Increased productivity

Automation helps teams to be more productive, focusing on tasks that require the most human input.

<productivity.increased >


Automation ensures manual tasks are always done in the official way – no deviations.

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Business process automation is the next logical step

As your company expands, so do repetitive, frequent tasks. With robotic process automation solutions, these tasks become second-nature. Because they’re done by machines, a process automation system never falters and works tirelessly in the background to optimize entire processes.

In other words, process automation technology is essential to juggle expanding demands without compromising on productivity.

Unity Group
x Process Automation

For ideal results, you need a company that knows the ins and outs of your entire industry. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve learned to get to know our clients business at a deep level. It’s only through this through understanding that we can deliver the best process automation tools for your team.

Our process is one focused on partnership. We won’t just deliver automation solutions – we’ll train your team, advise on any challenges and make sure you’re well positioned to take advantage and immediately benefit.

Business knowledge

Before we start development, we take the time to learn your business domain.


Technology agnostic

We only recommend what’s right for you – and not for us.



We also offer ongoing maintenance for expansion and future challenges.



We don’t just improve your IT – we’ll digitalize entire physical processes.



Years on the market


Completed projects



Goals Achieved
/ with Process Automation

Email Marketing Implementation for Greater Freedom & Faster Campaigns

Nest Bank

We helped client remove the reliance on third parties and quickly and efficiently manage e-mail marketing campaigns.

<time.saved>  <costs.reduced>  <limits.removed> 

Digitalizing Wagon Repair Verification

GATX Rail Europe

The goal of the project was to pursue a custom, dedicated solution that gave company complete control over documents handling and exchanging.

<business.transformed>  <risks.removed>  <process.automated> 

System Supporting the Process of Order Acquisition

Mostostal Warszawa

Our team created a dedicated solution that improved the handling of tender and sales procedures resulting in increase in sales efficiency.

<sales.increased>  <risk.avoided>  <process.simplified> 

Number of Operated Routes Increased by 183% in 3 Years


The project aimed to improve an existing solution delivered by a previous IT contractor and develop it further.

<business.stabilized>  <databases.integrated>  <risks.avoided> 

Our Experts
/ Knowledge Shared


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When talking face to face, personalization often happens at unconscious level. Interacts are smooth, adapted on the fly to suit the customer’s needs. Shop assistants can guide people to where they need to be and, when it comes to homing in on exactly what someone wants, it’s the fundamental secret to any good salesperson. But online? We must adapt....


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Process automation solutions are the answer, but there’s just one more manual task to do – get in touch! Together we can implement effective business automation for lasting, measurable results.