AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Choose a secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform that stands out from the competition with its flexibility and scale, and always available.


Amazon Web Services offers computing power in the form of services for everyone (public cloud) in areas such as: on-demand computing power, storage, databases, applications and other IT resources that are available over the Internet and billed in the Pay-As-You-Go model.

System flexibility achieved

The AWS cloud solution increases system performance, service availability and reliability. This aspect is extremely important for companies operating in a dynamic environment, where the needs for server resources and handling of generated traffic change rapidly.


Reduced time to market for a service or product

Cloud allows to shorten the time to market for digital products and services (time-to-market), as it takes the burden off the purchase, construction and maintenance of infrastructure (provisioning). Customers can focus on fast implementation of new applications and services.


Scalability and high availability

The global infrastructure offers redundancy and operational stability in many regions. The high availability architecture is fault-tolerant and it is the customer who decides where and how his data is stored.


High security guarantee

The AWS shared responsibility model determines which security control mechanisms AWS is responsible for and which belong to the customer. Cloud security copies of data and 24/7 administrative care are also implemented. Protection against application and volumetric attacks is also of key importance.

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Greater cost-effectiveness

The cloud transformation of an organization and the associated ability to use available resources quickly results in a huge increase in the efficiency of the organization, as the costs and time needed for experimentation and development are much lower.


Consultative support

AWS has an extensive network of partners who support companies through the cloud transition by delivering competence, sharing experience, or providing consulting, implementation and maintenance services. There is therefore no vendor-lock-in risk from a particular partner.


Worldwide availbility

AWS has servers in 240 countries across 24 regions – and with more on the way. Joining the cloud now gives your business an open path to new locations. Whether it’s compliance, performance or simply gaining footholds in-line with company expansion, it’s the stress-free way to grow.


Promoting sustainable development

Optimal selection of resources allows for the introduction of a zero waste policy, and through consolidation and sharing of services in the cloud we reduce the demand for space, use of electricity or equipment disposal, which has a real impact on improving the environment.


Why do we recommend Amazon Web Services?

By launching the Amazon Web Services cloud environment, which is a leading global provider of cloud services, our customers benefit from a number of advantages. Among the most important advantages of using this technology is undoubtedly the high level of security and availability of the infrastructure along with fast deployment.

The flexibility of AWS supports the adjustment of resources to the real business needs. By implementing cloud services in AWS we gain practically unlimited possibilities of file storage, at a cost proportional to the amount of resources and intensity of use.

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All the power of AWS, implemented with care!


Unity Group × AWS (Amazon Web Services)


More than 40 e-commerce solutions managed by Unity Group Team running on public clouds.


For over 14 years, we’ve provided managed services in e-commerce for RTV Euro AGD – just one example of our long-term relationships.


17 certified developers will help you to design, implement and manage your AWS systems. We’ll keep your operations safe and hassle-free.

AWS Well Architected Framework

We offer implementations of the solution architecture based on 5 pillars of the AWS Well Architected Framework, i.e.: security, reliability, efficiency, cost optimization and operational excellence.

AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner

We cooperate with AWS as Advanced Consulting Partner. We have a team of certified engineers (Architects, SysOps, DevOps). We have completed numerous projects in Poland and abroad concerning migration of e-commerce platforms, applications and on-premise environments to the cloud.

Transparency of cooperation

Working on our clients’ systems we give full access to the results of our work (configuration, code), we encourage the client’s engineers to gain new experience and competences, we share best practices. At the same time, based on industry standards, we reduce the risk of Vendor Lock-in – the solutions we use are known to specialists available on the market.

Goals Achieved
/ with AWS (Amazon Web Services)

A woman eating sushi in a restaurant and browsing on her phone.

Chatbot AI for Enhanced Customer Service

Drzewo Wiśni

A chatbot with artificial intelligence has enabled the restaurant to streamline its customer service process

<customers.delighted>  <process.optimized>  <independence.unlocked> 

Streamlined Product Management for a Building Materials Distributor


More than 145,000 effectively managed products.

<process.enhanced>  <updates.optimized>  <future.proofed> 

450% More Products with Marketplace Integration

Black Red White

The company's main goal was to expand its offerings to retail customers and efficiently manage all product information.

<revenue.grown>  <customers.engaged>  <network.enabled> 

Fully Integrated Furniture Sales and Distribution in B2B Channels

Fabryki Mebli "FORTE" S.A

Automate sales in the B2B channel with a new platform and integration layer.

<revenue.grown>  <traffic.enabled>  <expansion.prepared> 

Innovative Health Portal with Marketplace Module


Poland's first e-commerce based on Spryker technology, as well as an innovative health portal using marketplace modules.

<experience.streamlined>  <products.increased>  <efficiency.ensured> 

Multistore in the Outdoor Industry With A Cross-Border Growth Potential


An e-commerce platform with a multistore module to develop omnichannel and cross-border sales.

<brands.enabled>  <customers.supported>  <process.optimized> 

BRW Cross-border model

Cross-Border E-commerce Model for a Furniture Maker

Black Red White

Launching sales in the marketplace for BRW.

<crossborder.enabled>  <risk.mitigated>  <data.unified> 

Marketplace integration with Unilinker

Launch of a New Sales Channel for Marketplace Platforms Using Unilinker

Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

Rapid integration into the marketplace for a distributor of hairdressing products.

<market.expanded>  <process.eficient>  <options.enabled> 

Automating the Purchasing Process at a Distributor of Professional Hair Products

Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

The company's aim was to launch an additional online sales channel in order to to further grow its business and reach its customers.

<time.saved>  <safety.guaranteed>  <future.optimized> 

Better Business Data Usage Through System Integration


DNA Telecommunications Company Wanted to Enhance the Company’s Ability to Leverage its Data

<service.improved>  <data.optimized>  <business.protected> 

198% Increase in Conversion Rate With New B2B Platform


The largest distributor and manufacturer of pneumatics has decided to open its sales to all companies and enterprises.

<commerce.transformed>  <conversion.increased>  <sales.increased> 

Migration to AWS Cloud and Website Maintenance

domiporta needed to find a new infrastructure provider and team able to quickly migrate the systems to the AWS cloud.

<future.enabled>  <transition.mastered>  <processes.optimized> 

Digitalizing Wagon Repair Verification

GATX Rail Europe

The goal of the project was to pursue a custom, dedicated solution that gave company complete control over documents handling and exchanging.

<business.transformed>  <risks.removed>  <process.automated> 

Improving portal performance and reliability using AWS


With a growing user base, Lubimyczytac’s portal management team asked Unity Group for support in strengthening the stability and security of the site.

<architecture.optimized>  <system.supported>  <knowledge.transfer> 

M-Commerce Application With a New Pick-up System

Green Gorilla

A modern application for iOS and Android, meeting the company's business needs and customer requirements in the new reality.

<business.adapted>  <resources.optimized>  <solution.delivered> 

A Mobile Revolution in Taxi Travel


We supported the in-ride tablet system for flawless performance and integrated data insights.

<future.protected>  <customers.engaged>  <servers.checked> 

Provision of an Effective Sales Service and Online Store Using AWS


Days such as Black Friday caused a heavy load on the servers that the website became unavailable. This put Lisbon at risk of losing revenue in the mos

<store.optimized>  <costs.reduced>  <availability.maintained> 

Increasing Orders by 62% for Printing & Advertising

McDonald's Polska

We built a new system in order to enable the full process of ordering marketing materials.

<product.customized>  <sales.increased>  <functionality.expanded> 

Lowering the Operational Costs of Platform due to Migration to the AWS Cloud


Migrating a learning platform to the AWS cloud for better performance and results.

<expenses.reduced>  <security.improved>  <expansion.readied> 

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