Digital Transformation for Retail Chains

Digitizing retail chains offers significant benefits, including process optimization, enhanced sales efficiency and the seamless integration of shopping channels.

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Our Solutions / For Retail Chains

We are an end-to-end digital transformation partner, supporting organizations from audits, to the development of omnichannel sales strategies and state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions, enabling the development of multi-channel sales networks.

Customer Journey Audit
Analyze and improve all customer interactions with the brand - from the first contact to the final purchase, ensuring the best experience.
Business Process Audit
Identify areas for improvement and design changes to optimize the organization's processes.
Modern Omnichannel Architecture
Flexible, integrated systems that enable seamless collaboration between different sales channels.
Implementations, Acquisitions and E-commerce Development
Implementation of new e-commerce platforms tailored to the needs of the organization, as well as support in the integration and optimization and development of existing solutions.
New Sales Channels
Implementing and integrating marketplace, multistore and mobile app platforms to reach new customers and expand the sales market.
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Systems Integrations
Comprehensive system integrations, enabling the efficient exchange of information between different elements of the IT architecture.
Chatbot AI
AI Supporting Customer Service
Efficient customer service by automating processes, personalizing interactions and responding instantly to inquiries and issues.
PIM Systems
Efficient product data flow and quick creation of relevant descriptions with AI-based content generators.
Headless CMS Portals
Provide content delivery to a wide variety of channels, such as websites, mobile apps and e-commerce platforms.

How We Can Help / Learn the Benefits of Digital Transformation

Optimizing stationary sales, digitalizing sales or integrating channels - for years we have been supporting market leaders in changing their growth strategies. We inspire, advise, implement and develop the best technological solutions.

Process Optimization
Automate routine operations, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of human error.
Better Customer Experience
Improve the customer journey in an omnichannel model with personalized offers, faster service and easy access to products online.
Consistent Operations in Omnichannel Model
Integrate all sales channels, such as desktop stores, e-commerce and mobile apps, providing customers with a unified shopping experience.
Sales Growth
Expand your retail network by reaching customers through new sales channels.
Increase Sales Efficiency
Maximize sales results by using data analytics tools, optimizing processes and automating sales.
Handling Sales Peaks
Benefit from high-tech solutions that provide scalability and seamless handling of a large number of transactions during busy sales periods.
Roll Out Into New Markets
Effectively scale your sales overseas by tailoring your offer to local customer needs and preferences, as well as the specifics of your market.
Marketing Activities Synergy
Integrate different communication channels, increasing brand awareness and building strong relationships.
Excellent Product Presentation
Provide an attractive product presentation and consistent data across all channels.

Our Realizations
/ Case Studies

Multistore in the Outdoor Industry With A Cross-Border Growth Potential


An e-commerce platform with a multistore module to develop omnichannel and cross-border sales.

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Marketplace integration with Unilinker

Launch of a New Sales Channel for Marketplace Platforms Using Unilinker

Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

Rapid integration into the marketplace for a distributor of hairdressing products.

<market.expanded>  <process.eficient>  <options.enabled> 

Automating the Purchasing Process at a Distributor of Professional Hair Products

Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

The company's aim was to launch an additional online sales channel in order to to further grow its business and reach its customers.

<time.saved>  <safety.guaranteed>  <future.optimized> 

Effective and Efficient Management of Thousands of Products With PIM

Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

With the ever-increasing number of items on offer, the company wanted to implement a solution that would ensure consistency and eliminate errors.

<process.optimized>  <sales.supported>  <marketing.enabled> 

Increased Sales & Improved Shopping Experience


A new, innovative, reliable online store, one of the many sales channels for the leader of the electronics & household appliances industry in Poland.

<sales.transformed>  <system.optimized>  <platform.integrated> 

Sales & Product Analysis with Power BI

House of Champagne

A custom solution to enable and analyse sales across both B2B and B2C channels – resulting in a new level of insights and strategic options.

<efficiency.implemented>  <analytics.optimized>  <data.integrated> 

A Scalable Solution for B2B Sales

Daniella Villamosag

Implementation of a modern B2B system - the ONe platform, tailored to the needs of the company operating in the B2B sector.

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Digital Solutions Revolutionizing Retail Chains

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Pricing Management Solutions

Predictive Analytics

Dynamic pricing solutions, churn prediction, and computer vision-based product recommendations take into account factors such as demand, seasonality, and competitiveness.


Inventory Forecasting

Effective inventory management based on data analysis by forecasting future product demand based on historical sales data, market trends or seasonality.


Loyalty Programs

An effective way to build lasting relationships with customers and increase customer engagement across all sales channels.


Pricing Management Solutions

Competitor price analysis, flexible pricing strategies, and automation of pricing management processes


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