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Advanced E-commerce Platform for Selling Electronic Services

International Orders Up
Full Integration
Fewer Errors

The Challenge

Established in 2016 and ranking among Poland’s largest IT companies, Asseco Data Systems S.A. produces and develops software for the leasing sector, local governments and other clients. Asseco offers IT infrastructure, solutions for smart cities and buildings, data centers as well as specializing in data security and trust services and mass communication. Asseco’s focus is on catering for businesses and local government entities in the domestic market, but the company also sells abroad in Europe, Africa and Asia.

The company’s old Magento 1 e-commerce platform was no longer able to meet the demands of Asseco’s rapid growth, so Asseco began looking for a new solution that would allow for a more efficient distribution of electronic services across different customer groups (B2B, public institutions, B2C), could be integrated with the company’s systems and would enable international expansion. Amid a fast-changing market, Asseco’s priority was to improve the customer journey and adapt its platform to the needs of public institutions.

  • The large number of integrations required to create a unified online sales system presented a challenge.
  • The client needed to implement three stores for different target markets, supporting three different currencies in two language versions, Polish and English.
  • The customer journey needed to be improved based on research taking into account customer habits.
  • The sales process had to be automated. The areas that would be affected included, but were not limited to, orders, payments, customer service and mailing. The process of data exchange between Asseco’s systems also had to be automated in order to ensure consistent communication with customers.
  • User and address data structure had to be adopted to the requirements of Asseco’s target group. The client needed to rebuild the data structure to enable support of Polish public institutions for which one principal address may have multiple sub-addresses.
  • The client wanted us to implement a mechanism for streamlining payment verification for traditional transfers commonly used by public institutions, which represent a large group of Asseco’s clients.
  • Individual price lists needed to be created for different types of B2B and retail customers. Deferred payments had to be implemented.
Tomasz Ewangelista
Department Director, Security and Infrastructure Services Development Department
Asseco Data Systems

"What made this joint project a success was the experience and commitment of the Unity Group team. Excellent cooperation, at every stage of the implementation. Working with Jerzy’s team means efficiency and fast work organization. "

The Solution

  • We started our relationship with Asseco by undertaking an analytical project that included a study of the client’s needs for its new system and an analysis of the platform’s target customer groups.
  • Based on our findings and Asseco’s experience, we opted to migrate their e-commerce platform from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Community Edition.
  • We integrated the platform with diverse internal systems (e.g. STER-ERP, Koliber) and external systems (VIES VAT information exchange system, PayPal, DotPay). A total of 12 systems were integrated.
  • Integration with the internal system, the company’s central customer database (Koliber), enabled faster data completion and verification ‒ using NIP numbers, Asseco can automatically retrieve customer data from its database. For new clients, the data is retrieved from central databases such as CEIDG, REGON or GUS.
  • A rebuilt data structure has enabled support of public institutions. Each principal address (of a buyer such as a municipal office) can have multiple sub-addresses (of a recipient such as a school) assigned to it.
  • We created different versions of the store available after logging in to different types of customers: business partners (vendors), business clients and retail customers. Each business partner can have a different view of products and category trees.
  • We implemented the ability to define and order product packages available in the partner program. The system checks the availability of products on an ongoing basis and enables (or not) creating such sets.
  • Partners have been divided into groups to which different discount levels are assigned, but each of them can also obtain individual price levels. As an additional feature, it is possible to define the price depending on the number of products purchased (the higher the number, the lower the price) and to offer deferred payment to individual customers.
  • We created a complex mechanism that enables pairing bank transactions to e-commerce orders, which speeds up order processing and eliminates accounting errors. The system uses bank data to analyze and assign transfers to orders, which makes it possible to automatically verify transactions and to message customers about payment status, including overpayment and underpayment.

The Result

International Orders Up
After an international instance of the store was implemented and company grew, the number of foreign currency orders went up 11%.
Full Integration
The platform is integrated with the client’s multiple internal and external systems such as VIES, STER, SOE and SSO.
Fewer Errors
Automatic retrieval and verification of customer data enabled eliminating sales process errors.
Customized Price Lists
The solution we developed allows defining product prices in line with the company’s pricing policy, which is different for B2B clients and retail customers.
Faster Order Processing
Automated payment management process affects the speed of order processing and reduces the risk of errors.
Better Support of Public Instituions
The new account data structure makes it easier to process orders placed by public institutions.
Better Customer Experience
The store’s functionality and offering tailored to the current needs of different customer groups.
Easier Shopping Experience
With a shorter customer journey, new payment methods and the ability to create sets, shopping has been made easier.

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