Solution: Product Information Management (PIM) Industry: Construction

Streamlined Product Management for a Building Materials Distributor

Managed Products
Quick Data Update
Future Enabled

The Challenge

The Polish branch of SIG is part of an international construction materials group. The company's product range includes specialized materials needed at every stage of construction and finishing work. With an extensive sales network in 9 European countries, the SIG Group has been successfully developing an omnichannel sales model for several years, combining both traditional sales and online channels.

As part of its ongoing digital transformation with Unity Group, SIG wanted to streamline the management of thousands of products.

  • The company's goal was to bring all key information together in one place and implement a more modern product management solution.
  • Previously, product data was scattered, with some stored in the ERP system, with images and graphics stored on a media server. Data was transferred using FTP, which was an inefficient solution.
  • The existing solution created errors in the product information, and it was difficult to make bulk changes to the data.
  • SIG also wanted to streamline the process of adding product descriptions to eliminate errors caused by manual data entry.
  • The time taken to update data on the e-commerce platform was also an issue. Previously, the large volume of data meant that changes took a long time to appear. The mechanism for identifying changes was inefficient, as it had to compare collections of all products each time.
Bartosz Pilch
Group Director of Omnichannel

"Due to the very rapid increase in the number of products on offer, the previous working model based on ERP system modules required a choice between lowering expectations of data quality and constantly expanding the team responsible for it. Therefore, the implementation of the PIM system was primarily dictated by the need to increase the efficiency of the Product Information Management team without compromising on quality. I am pleased to say that just a few months after the system was fully operational, we can see that this objective has been achieved."

The Solution

  • To improve the process of product information management, we implemented the Pimcore system and integrated it with the company's existing systems, including the e-commerce platform.
  • The Pimcore system retrieves information about the creation of a new product from the ERP system, and the product information is enriched with images and other necessary data. within the PIM
  • Pimcore can manage thousands of indexes, complete key product information in a consistent and error-free manner, and automatically share it with other systems.
  • The AWS cloud is used for data storage instead of a media server, so information is more secure and resources can be easily scaled up as needed.
  • MuleSoft's integration layer, along with a message queuing tool, allows information to be automatically transferred and updated between enterprise systems. As a result, product data on the B2B platform is updated much faster.

The Result

Managed Products
A new solution for mangaging SIG's large assortment.
Automatic Data Update
The information on the e-commerce platform is uploaded automatically, so there is no need to make changes manually.
Single Source of Truth
All product information is stored in one place.
Error Elimination
By creating dictionaries, products are described in a consistent way.
Time Saving
Bulk editing enable teams to make faster changes to product information.
Future Proofed
The implemented PIM System enables descriptions in other languages, as well as additional managed products, in the future.
Bartosz Pilch
Group Director of Omnichannel

"One of the key benefits of working with Unity Group on this project was the opportunity for the team currently using PIM to test the solutions available on the market. This made it possible to choose the one that was best suited to our business needs. Personally, I believe that the key to the success of the implementation was the preparatory phase in which user needs were defined, processes mapped and commercially available solutions tested."

142% Increase in Revenue From Online Sales


We integrated a sales platform with SIG’s existing ERP system to better enable their 50 branches.

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