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API-Based, Highly Available Integration of Over 30 Systems

Stable Architecture
Automation of Work
Efficiency of Systems

The Challenge

Volkswagen Group Polska is one of the leaders of automotive groups in the world, an importer of Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Porsche.

In addition to activities in the area of ​​distribution of new cars, accessories and spare parts, the company supervises the fulfillment of all legal requirements related to their admission to trading.

  • Volkswagen Group Polska had a very complex IT architecture and a large number of internal integrations. We had to efficiently and reliably transfer the existing integrations to the ESB data bus.
  • Designing an effective service of sales and distribution of new vehicles of all brands from the portfolio of Volkswagen Group Polska. The design process was very dynamic and required a lot of flexibility from us.
  • In the course of the work, additional demands from the client emerged, which required using a more stable and safer solution (SLA).
Krzysztof Jeger
Head of IT Systems Integration and Maintenance Team
Volkswagen Group Polska

"The Anypoint Platform solution and the Mule ESB service bus, both maintained and developed by Unity Group, are a key part of our IT architecture and are the foundation for the development towards harnessing the potential of digital transformation. Based on a long-term and fruitful cooperation, we can recommend Unity Group as a responsible and competent partner"

The Solution

  • We used Mule ESB in the Enterprise version and the tools available in the package, such as Mule Management Console (MMC) and Mule DataWeave, which allowed, among other things, to visualise the flow of data transformation.
  • The implementation of the bus allowed for the efficient transfer and handling of complex integrations with internal and external systems, such as Cards and Processes, Nadin, SAP FI, Active Directory, Customs Office, banking systems, systems operating in factories, invoice systems, etc.
  • In the project, we used RabbitMQ queuing mechanisms - which prevented the loss of information and its desynchronization, making it easier to fix any errors.
  • The Homologation module was the first of three custom modules, optimizing and unifying the process of generating vehicle approval documents. The main process consists of importing car data and approval data from the factory, translating foreign languages into Polish, gaining authorization from the Homologation and Ecology Team, and finally automatically printing the Vehicle Card and other approval documents on specialized printers.
  • The excise declaration module oversees the optimization and unification of the process for generating excise declaration documents. The module enables automatic issuing of declarations, correcting them and providing the data needed to submit declarations in the Intrastat system.
  • The financial limits module optimizes and unifies the dealer’s financial limits management process. This module supports, among others, limit modifications, lock amounts, transfer of limits, acceptable of changes in amounts and on two-way integration with banks.

The Result

Reliable and Secure Communication
Reliable and secure communication between the business-critical systems of the manufacturer, importer and dealer network.
Stable Architecture
Giving up P2P connections in favour of efficient, stable and scalable architecture, ready for future challenges.
Work Automated
Simplifying, accelerating and automating of work. Competent VGP integration team, trained and prepared by Unity Group architects.
Better Efficiency
Standardized integration of subsequent applications and systems, increasing the efficiency of these activities.
Supporting Cooperation with Partners
Supporting cooperation with dealers and partners in the field of car sales and distribution.
Integration of Solutions
Integration of Unity Group solutions with the Client's extensive IT infrastructure.
Efficient Information Flow
Efficient information flow between integrated systems.
Data Loss Protection
Protection against loss of information in case of failures and delays.

What We Learned

After business analysis we proposed to use the Mule ESB Community data bus. During the course of the work it turned out, however, that the scale of expectations for the solution and its security requires reverification of the recommended technology. As a result, we redefined the assumptions of the project, which we implemented on the basis of a more extensive and stable alternative.

The project was carried out in close cooperation with the Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg, according to the Domain-Driven Design (DDD) methodology, taking care to accurately reflect the actual situation of the customer. The basis for designing the new architecture was a detailed analysis of its business needs. The implementation involved an interdisciplinary team of specialists.

Document Circulation System

Volkswagen Group Polska

A modern system for automating the process of ordering products and services - increase in time and cost savings

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Logistics System

Volkswagen Group Polska

One solution for servicing several companies. Enabling communication of all logistic systems.

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