Marketplace integration with Unilinker

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Launch of a New Sales Channel for Marketplace Platforms Using Unilinker

New sales channel
Time saver
Future-proof solution
Marketplace integration by Unity Group

The Challenge

Polwell, which owns the Fale Loki Koki brand, is a distributor of professional hairdressing products that has been active in Poland for over 30 years. The company grew fast, quickly becoming one of Poland’s major distributors of hairdressing accessories and products. The Fale Loki Koki chain now operates 78 stores in Poland distributing its products to more than 30,000 hairdressing salons and employing more than 160 sales representatives.

The recent step in the relationship between Unity Group and Fale Loki Koki was to add marketplaces to the existing sales channels, making it possible to reach new groups of B2B customers who prefer shopping on such platforms.

  • The company wanted to reach new customers by launching sales on Allegro, Poland’s most popular marketplace used by one in four Polish companies.
  • The company wanted to be able to conveniently sell on marketplace platforms and to reach a new segment of B2B customers.
  • To achieve this, Allegro sales mechanisms had to be integrated with the company’s key systems including Pimcore, and processes of adding items and selling had to be automated.
  • It was required that the solution enable selling through other marketplaces going forward.
Tomasz Kopera
E-commerce Director
Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

"The project to integrate BaseLinker with Unilinker used the data flow structures previously created with Unity Group for the company’s e-commerce platform, so the BaseLinker integration and the mapping of data between three different systems went quickly and efficiently."

The Solution

  • We started out by confirming the business needs of Fale Loki Koki and choosing BaseLinker to ensure convenient sales process on marketplace platforms.
  • The customer’s systems such as Pimcore and ERP needed to be integrated with the BaseLinker system. For this purpose, we used the Unilinker integration platform previously implemented at Fale Loki Koki.
  • Thanks to the platform, BaseLinker is fed key data updated on an ongoing basis: product descriptions from Pimcore as well as prices, stock levels and invoices from ERP. Unilinker also retrieves data from BaseLinker and sends orders to the ERP system.
  • Integration through a Unilinker platform is an automatic solution that detects changes in the source systems, not requiring system users to perform any actions.
  • As an integration layer Unilinker also offers process monitoring. In combination with additional tools for active monitoring of business processes, it offers the possibility of quickly identifying and fixing errors.

The Result

Reaching New Customers
The new marketplace sales channel enables reaching new customers in the B2B segment.
Future-proof Solution
The Unilinker platform will make it possible for the company to ensure easy integration with other marketplaces in the future.
Business processes have been automated, enabling employees to focus on other tasks.
Product Data Consistency
Unilinker ensures consistency of product data across systems. Any data updates made in one system are quickly transferred to the other system.
Less Risk of Errors
Active monitoring ensures that new orders are placed without errors, and price and stock level data is always correct.
Tomasz Kopera
E-commerce Director
Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

"After launching the integration, data is being exchanged smoothly, as originally intended. The solution made it possible to fully automate the processes of putting up items for auction on Allegro and of processing orders, which only require monitoring. Working with Unity Group, we achieved 100% of the expected result, no compromises."

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Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

The company's aim was to launch an additional online sales channel in order to to further grow its business and reach its customers.

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Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

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