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Integration With CSIRE – the Biggest Challenge to Poland’s Energy Market Through the Eyes of an Expert 

Systems Integration

The energy sector in Poland is currently facing one of the biggest challenges of recent times: the need to prepare for the integration process with the Central System for Information on the Energy Market (Centralny System Informacji Rynku Energii or CSIRE for short). Legal changes in recent years have left electricity distributors and sellers facing complex...


Total Experience / An Emerging Trend or Temporary Buzzword?

Systems Integration

If we said that “experience is a key driver for success” in business, you’re immediately thinking about the consumer, right? After all, customer experiences are a key advantage and lead to some of the most popular satisfaction metrics. We measure the customer engagement rate, their returning loyatly and other related factors –...


The 5 Critical Steps Before Any System Integration Process 

Systems Integration

System integrations are easier said than done. The concept is simple, but the wider system integration process is a little more complicated. In fact, to do it right, some of the more important system integration steps take place before the actual work itself.  Why? Because unlike implementing other digital solutions, integration projects aren’t...


A Single Source of Truth / A Key Way To Eliminate Technical Debt


Repetition, inaccuracy and inconsistencies are issues every business wants to avoid. They’re also typical signs of poorly chosen – or poorly used – technologies. When used right, good technology can eliminate unnecessary repetition, ensure greater consistency and generally improve results over all. At the core of this is often the concept of “A...


Headless Commerce Benefits / The Inevitable Direction


We’ve talked a lot about headless. We’ve also talked a lot about e-commerce. We like to talk so – what if we throw these two topics together?   Headless commerce is a very logical conclusion – and the wider industry seems to agree. Some of you already know this but for those that don’t, we wanted to give a handy primer to...


IT Systems Integrations – From Zero to Production Stage

Systems Integration

Integration project realization is a new experience for many developers and architects. How these projects are going? What is worth paying attention to during such projects. How to perform the tests? Tomasz Sarnowski – Java Developer from Unity Group and experienced expert in the integration field has answered all of these questions during the IT Corner...


When does your company need a dedicated IT system?

Systems Integration

The multitude of options and the ever-growing range of products in the IT market can make the fans of new technologies and automation feel like they’re in heaven, right? Not really. Choosing the right solution for your company is quite a challenge. This article shows the answers to many pressing issues: How do you make the right choice from...


Building a Modern SOA Architecture Using a Service Bus

Systems Integration

The assumptions behind SOA architecture (service-oriented architecture) were, and still definitely are, valid and sound. Unfortunately, the issue lies in how they are implemented, which is what causes projects to fail and frustration among managers – especially those responsible for the budget. However, the idea of service architecture can provide a...


Creating a Database While Integrating IT Systems

Systems Integration

Many applications within an organization tend to fail and cause all sorts of problems. How can we address this plight? This article will answer the following questions: How can we ensure data consistency in systems during planned integrations? What are the benefits of building centralized databases? Complications With Separate Databases One of the problems...


What Does an IT System Integration Developer Do?

Systems Integration

The job called “IT system integration programmer” is not much of a buzzword for developers, especially those beginning their IT career. To explain the topic a bit, this article will discuss:  what is the role of an integration programmer. what competencies are required. why it is worth developing your career in this direction.  Before I got to Unity...

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