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IT Systems Integrations – From Zero to Production Stage

Systems Integration

Integration project realization is a new experience for many developers and architects. How these projects are going? What is worth paying attention to during such projects. How to perform the tests? Tomasz Sarnowski – Java Developer from Unity Group and experienced expert in the integration field has answered all of these questions during the IT Corner...


When does your company need a dedicated IT system?

Systems Integration

The multitude of options and the ever-growing range of products in the IT market can make the fans of new technologies and automation feel like they’re in heaven, right? Not really. Choosing the right solution for your company is quite a challenge. This article shows the answers to many pressing issues: How do you make the right choice from...


Building a Modern SOA Architecture Using a Service Bus

Systems Integration

The assumptions behind SOA architecture (service-oriented architecture) were, and still definitely are, valid and sound. Unfortunately, the issue lies in how they are implemented, which is what causes projects to fail and frustration among managers – especially those responsible for the budget. However, the idea of service architecture can provide a...


Data Integration in the Logistics and Transport Industry

Systems Integration

The rapid development of e-commerce forces the transport, forwarding and logistics industry to quickly introduce new technologies to internal systems. To create a flexible architecture that will be adapted to continuous expansion and smooth exchange of data, it would be a good idea to integrate IT systems. Integration plays a vital role in communication...


6 Steps to Implement API Economy

Systems Integration

A few years ago, the notion of “API commercialization” was unclear and vague. Hardly any company grew its profitability by means of providing API. Today, it is common knowledge that the data held in-house and internal services are valuable and can generate returns. This applies not only to the internet industry companies but to every big organization....


IT Architecture Integration – SOA Model With a Dedicated Integration Layer

Systems Integration

The model with a dedicated integration layer is an alternative way of SOA implementation. Read this post to find out: the strengths and capabilities of this solution the weaknesses and limitations that you’ll have to deal with when to use SOA with a dedicated integration layer SOA with a dedicated integration layer in the services area has similar...


IT Architecture Integration – SOA Model in Direct Communication

Systems Integration

The model based on creating services without the use of a dedicated integration layer is one of the many ways to implement the concept of building a Service Oriented Architecture. Read this post to find out: the strengths and capabilities of this solution the potential and weaknesses of the solution when it makes sense to consider the SOA scenario...


IT architecture integration based on API-led Connectivity

Systems Integration

API-led connectivity is a concept based on connecting data between systems through reusable and purposeful APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This connection is a method of delivering services within the meaning of Service-orientated Architecture (SOA). Read this article to find out: the nature of this integration model how this model is different...

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