A turnkey e-commerce platform that effectively supports the digitization of B2B transactions and relationships.


ONe is a modern e-commerce platform tailored specifically to the needs of the B2B sector. It has a number of technologically advanced solutions to streamline the work of traders. The ONe platform is intuitive and user-friendly, and daily work with the tool is so simple that it does not require complex training.

Trader's Panel

Provide salespeople with a comprehensive tool that enables them to effectively manage customer relationships and the sales process by creating individual offers, working on a single shopping cart or assigning tasks.


Additional Modules

Develop the platform with additional modules together with your IT team or technology partner. Take advantage of the quoter, cable calculator and loyalty program, among others.


Dynamic Shopping Cart

The dynamic shopping cart helps you to work together on a single shopping basket with the customer in real time, effectively closing unfinished transactions.


Individual Graphic Layout

Create a personalized website template based on your company's corporate identity, making the platform even more in line with your preferences.


Complete Tool for B2B Trade

The ONe platform is tailored to the needs of B2B commerce and includes the ready-to-use functionality necessary for this.


Enhanced Product Card

Increase the attractiveness of the product card with options such as product variants, image collection, videos, a 3D model option, links and related products, among others.


Multi-Warehouse Support

Display products and allow them to be purchased from one or multiple warehouses, delivering orders quickly and reliably.


Customization for the End Customer

Perform customer segmentation, enabling you to tailor business terms for specific groups. Modify the appearance of the platform by presenting different variations of banners and content.


One System to Handle Sales Across all Channels

Manage the entire sales process in an automated way: online through the digital store, and offline, through both sales representatives in the field and stationary stores.


System Development & Maintenance Included in Subscription

With your subscription, you get automatic updates and further system development.


Rapid Implementation

With ready-to-use functionality available at the start, the B2B ONe platform is ready for quick implementation. An additional advantage is the available Unilinker integration plugin, which enables quick integration with the market’s most popular ERP and PIM systems.



Work on laptops, smartphones and other devices without worrying about loading speeds or a lack of responsive and user-friendly web design.


Reach for Turnkey Solutions for Professional B2B Trading.

The ONe platform is the first turnkey business solution dedicated to companies that make sales in the B2B model. Now, with a single solution, you can serve customers in any sales channel, both online and offline.

Thanks to the B2B e-commerce module, you will present your customers with a full portfolio of products along with their individual terms and conditions and enable them to shop conveniently online 24/7. In addition to the e-commerce function, the ONe platform also enables traditional offline customer service – whether that’s by mobile salespeople, call center employees, or salespeople in stationary stores. The merchant panel, dynamic shopping cart, and the platform’s openness to numerous extensions and integrations, as well as additional back-office modules, enables you to manage the entire sales process in an automated manner, using a single tool.

All the power of ONe, implemented with care!

Erno Hadnagy
Managing Director
Daniella Villamosag

"The implementation of the ONe platform allows us to build a lasting competitive advantage on the Hungarian market."

Unity Group × ONe

Work on a platform dedicated to B2B trade
Take advantage of the trader panel
Enhance the platform with API integration

Work on a platform dedicated to B2B trade

Take advantage of a complete B2B trading tool created by practitioners for wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. You’ll get ready-to-use B2B functionality, any store design and the ability to implement your own visual identity, alongside fast implementation thanks to numerous integrations and ease of use without the need for additional training.

Take advantage of the trader panel

Facilitate customer contact and collaboration without additional software and costly integrations. Provide your team with CRM access via a web browser with full accessibility on mobile devices. The dashboard provides the option for quick orders, online quoting, instant error detection and access to all key customer information.

Enhance the platform with API integration

By providing an API, you can freely customize the ONe platform to meet your needs. You will get access to numerous extensions and modules, as well as the ability to integrate with other tools that will allow you to personalize the platform, which you can comfortably do with your IT team.

Serve more customers

You don’t need to engage additional employees to get new customers. Your customers will appreciate the ability to process orders online using a convenient e-commerce platform – fast, convenient, 24/7. Increase your customers’ loyalty with a tool that will streamline their daily work.

Reduce sales costs

Forget about geographic barriers and establish new business relationships with an online sales platform. Optimize distribution costs while providing customers with a higher standard of service they are sure to appreciate.

Automate and standardize the sales process

Reduce the time required for customer service and eliminate unwanted mistakes. Improve the efficiency of your sales representatives with real-time access to knowledge of your customers’ purchase transactions and business conditions. Introduce the best service standards and improve your company’s bottom line. Save time by automating quoting, payment, collection and shipping processes and other repetitive activities.

Goals Achieved
/ with ONe

Poniks Case Study

New Online B2B Sales Platform for Hairdressing Wholesaler


The new online platform has streamlined B2B sales and made it easier to manage thousands of products.

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Automating the Purchasing Process at a Distributor of Professional Hair Products

Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

The company's aim was to launch an additional online sales channel in order to to further grow its business and reach its customers.

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150% Increase in Revenue From Online Sales

Euroterm Polska

Implementation of the ONe platform - the first ready-made business solution dedicated to companies selling in the B2B model.

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A Scalable Solution for B2B Sales

Daniella Villamosag

Implementation of a modern B2B system - the ONe platform, tailored to the needs of the company operating in the B2B sector.

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Integrated Commerce System (ERP, PIM, WMS, ONe) for 30,000 Products in Omnichannel Model

Euroterm Polska

A commerce system ensuring smooth and failure-free cooperation of ordering, payment, logistics and assortment management systems.

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ONe supports
B2B trade

ONe is a platform with the ready-to-use functionalities necessary for B2B trade. Contact us and arrange a free presentation. We will convince you how much ONe will change your business.