The first ready B2B platform for online and offline sales available in the subscription model.


Discover the new generation of business solutions - run online and traditional sales in one B2B system.

One system for all sales channels

Serve customers in any sales channel. Manage & automate the entire sales process: via online and offline store, by sales representatives in the field or in stationary stores.


Ready-made functions for B2B sales

Enjoy a myriad of ready-to-use features, predefined for the B2B sector, and available on a monthly subscription.


Development & maintenance included

As part of the subscription, you’ll receive weekly, automatic updates and further development of the system.


Rapid implementation

Thanks to built-in ready-made functionalities, you can serve your customers immediately after integration with your ERP system or other IT systems.


Any look in the store

Distinguish your online store with a unique layout, consistent with the visual identification of your brand.


Easy to use

The intuitive, user-friendly interface makes daily work with the tool easy and requires no advanced training.



Now you can work on your laptop, smartphone and other devices without worrying about the speed of data loading, responsive or impacting user-friendly web design.


Modular microservice system

The modular architecture, based on microservices, is built with the future in mind, so you can always use the latest technology.


AWS hosted

You do not have to worry about hosting, security, updates or even system requirements. We also guarantee scalability and high system availability.


Discover our breakthrough solution

The ONe platform is the first ready-made business solution dedicated to companies that sell in the B2B model. Now, with one centralized solution, you can serve the customer in every sales channel: both online and offline.

Thanks to the B2B e-commerce module, you can present your customers with a full portfolio of products, along with their individual commercial conditions, and enable them to conveniently shop online 24/7. In addition to the e-commerce function, the ONe platform also enables traditional offline customer service - by mobile traders, call center employees or sellers in stationary stores. The merchant panel, e-kiosk and numerous back office modules allow you to automate the entire sales process in one tool.

All the power of ONe, implemented with care!

Erno Hadnagy
Managing Director
Daniella Villamosag

"The implementation of the ONe platform allows us to build a lasting competitive advantage on the Hungarian market."

Unity Group × ONe

Serve more customers
Reduce sales costs
Automate Sales Processes

Serve more clients

You don’t need to engage additional employees to gain new clients. They appreciate the possibility of completing orders online with the help of a convenient e-commerce platform – fast, comfortable and 24/7. Increase the loyalty of your clients with a tool that will improve their daily operations.

Reduce sales costs

Forget about geographical barriers and establish new business relationships via an online sales platform. Optimize distribution costs, while providing customers with a higher standard of service that they will appreciate.

Automate Sales Processes

Save time by automating the processes of valuations, payments, collections, shipments and other repetitive activities. Reduce the time needed for customer service and eliminate unwanted mistakes.

Increased Sales Staff Effectiveness

Fulfil additional sales targets and enable staff to build lasting relationships with their clients. ONe B2B’s intuitive and modern interface will make their daily work easier – increasing sales effectiveness.

Communicate better with your customers

Present a full range of products and effectively inform about promotions, sales or marketing programs. Increase the value of your shopping carts and frequency of purchases, as well as achieve other marketing and sales objectives.

Standardize Your Sales Process

Utilize the best service standards and improve the financial result of your company. Save time by automating the processes of valuation, payment, collection and shipment and other repetitive activities.

Goals Achieved
/ with ONe

Automating the Purchasing Process at a Distributor of Professional Hair Products

Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

The company's aim was to launch an additional online sales channel in order to to further grow its business and reach its customers.

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150% Increase in Revenue From Online Sales

Euroterm Polska

Implementation of the ONe platform - the first ready-made business solution dedicated to companies selling in the B2B model.

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A Scalable Solution for B2B Sales

Daniella Villamosag

Implementation of a modern B2B system - the ONe platform, tailored to the needs of the company operating in the B2B sector.

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Integrated Commerce System (ERP, PIM, WMS, ONe) for 30,000 Products in Omnichannel Model

Euroterm Polska

A commerce system ensuring smooth and failure-free cooperation of ordering, payment, logistics and assortment management systems.

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Our Solution
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