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Mobile First. A New Application for a Leader in the DIY Industry

More Customers & Orders
High-Quality UX
Labor Costs

The Challenge

Leroy Merlin has been operating on the construction market since 1923, and the brand has already made its presence felt on four continents. It has been operating on the Polish market since 1994. The company’s mission is to make it easier for customers to realize their dream homes and gardens. The internet store,, offers over 63 thousand products for home and garden. 

Together with Unity Group, the customer introduced its first mobile applications on the Polish market, thus shifting the emphasis of the company's strategy to mobile first, in-line with global trends.

  • The organization decided on a complete re-design and lifting of the mobile channel, with an emphasis on high quality User Experience and upgrading it according to the latest trends and guidelines of Google.
  • The main goal of the project was to increase the number of access channels to the client's offer, with an emphasis on mobile users.
  • The priority was to enable browsing the rich database of 70 thousand products and placing orders anytime and anywhere, on the phone screen.

The Solution

  • Complete re-design and lifting of the mobile channel.
  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android, adapting the website to mobile devices.
  • Integration of e-commerce system with business processes of stationary stores .
  • The implemented project is based on React / React Native technology. The result of the work is a triple hybrid, which has significantly reduced labor costs and accelerated the publication of applications on the internet by 50%.
  • React Native allows the programmer to create fully functional mobile applications, using one codebase for two systems at once – iOS and Android.
  • The framework enables the use of hardware resources of mobile devices, allowing access to the user’s location, smartphone memory, camera and other functions offered by mobile operating systems.
  • Furthermore, the applications delivered for Leroy Merlin technologically separate the presentation layer from business logic. Communication with the backend and business logic of the system is carried out through REST API. Mobile solutions produced on this basis are characterized by high performance and small download size.

The Result

More Customers & Orders
Acquiring new customers through mobile channels – increasing the number of online orders.
High-Quality UX
Customer's feel consistent between web and mobile channels, as well as stationary stores. Significant UX improvement.
Maintaining SEO
URL compatible with the web version, despite technologically different web application.
Labor Costs
Significant reduction of labour costs and acceleration of application publication on the Internet.
Speed of Application Implementation
Fully functional mobile applications, using one code, for two systems at once - iOS and Android.
Performance Optimization
High performance and small size during download.

What We Learned

Along with the development of the application we actively responded to users' opinions about its subsequent releases. Such a step-by-step implementation of the solution on the market allows us to establish active communication with users and quickly introduce new functionalities reported by them. The high quality and innovation of the application was appreciated via a nomination of Mobile Trends Awards 2018 m-commerce category. 

The Technologies
/ Behind Solutions

E-commerce & M-commerce Website

Leroy Merlin

Designing and implementing a dedicated, extensive e-commerce system, and its mobile version.

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